December 2021

No end in sight for lack of labor

There is no data available about the fact that our labor keeps decreasing, and there may not be for a decade or more. In the last three years, About 10,000 people a day on average retired in the U.S. Compare that to a little over 2,000 joining the workforce by turning working age (16), and you can easily see where the labor issues are. People are aging out of the workforce faster than the rate of people entering it.


But the U.S. should not feel like the Lone Ranger. People are aging out of the workplace virtually around the world. In fact, for most countries -- especially the U.S. -- "job creation" is no longer the most important factor for an economy. Particularly in the South, the region that has seen the toughest time since the Great Depression, job creation has been paramount. But that is no longer the case. Some years, the South creates as many new jobs as the other three regions combined.


We are now entering an era when our politicians stumping for office should literally slow the promotion of job creation and instead figure out how they are going to fill those jobs. There are well over 10 million jobs available in this country as of October and only 8.4 million people looking for work.


Also affecting the labor market in the U.S. -- 15 percent of the population was retired in 2010. In 2020, that figure rose to 20 percent.


So, what to do? Millions of economists say, "not much." The U.S. can increase legal immigration, which could result in reversing the trend, but for how long? Also, increasing legal immigration under President Trump literally gave it a bad name. His last year office, legal immigration -- we are talking about working visas -- dropped by 85 percent from over 1 million to 200,000.


Then again, a more productive workforce with the aid of automation and AI could help, too.


Did one Northwest Florida man cost the region Disney World?

In a fall article published by the Northwest Florida Daily News, that question was asked in the headline. The man's name is Ed Ball, who was the CEO of St. Joe Paper Company, which to this day owns a lot of land in North Florida (nothing like the amount it owned in the 1960s.) Walt Disney, the story goes, wanted to develop nearly 30,000 acres of land near Panama City. Walt Disney paid Ball a visit and some said the St. Joe executive kept Mr. Disney waiting outside his office for hours. According to former St. Joe CEO Peter Rummel, at the end of the day, Ball’s secretary simply handed Disney a note that read, “We don’t deal with carnival people.”


Retirees are ‘unretiring’ — and that’s good for the labor market

The “unretirement” rate, which measures those who switch from retirement to employment, has been accelerating, according to an analysis by Nick Bunker, an economist at Indeed. At a time when jobs cannot be filled by employers, people reentering the job market is positive news. Early retirements increased during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021. It may be just a matter of time before data shows that these workers are rejoining the workforce. Early retirements among older Americans were among the many labor distortions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to economists, as health risks and other factors led many to leave their jobs. But there’s an open question: Are these retirements permanent, or will these workers rejoin the labor force? U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data has shown that the October 2021 unretirement rate was 2.6 percent.


VEDP CEO Stephen Moret named president and CEO of Strada Education Network

Effective January 2022, Stephen Moret has been named president and CEO of Strada Education Network, a nonprofit social impact organization dedicated to improving lives by forging pathways between education and employment. For five years, Moret has led economic development at the Virginia Economic Development Partnership. Prior to that Moret was Secretary of Commerce at Louisiana Economic Development.


JPMorgan: Full global economic recovery in 2022

JPMorgan Chase is predicting 2022 will be the first year in nearly three years that will see a return to normalcy regarding the worldwide economy. The return to normalcy, according to the company, "is warranted by achieving broad population immunity and with the help of human ingenuity, such as new therapeutics expected to be broadly available in 2022.” The U.S.'s largest bank also predicted that there will be a strong recovery in 2022 based on robust spending by consumers and businesses.


Dallas-Fort Worth leads all markets in pay gains

In some cases, we have seen wages increase more than they have in decades, and Dallas-Fort Worth leads all markets in that department by a wide margin. The North Texas market also leads in job growth and in-migration among the nation's largest metros. Average weekly earning in North Texas rose 8.3 percent from October 2020 to October 2021, and 17 percent since October 2019, far higher than the state as a whole and the nation, and more than double the two-year gains in Austin, Houston and San Antonio.


More money sent to states from BP oil spill fund

In the fall, the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation announced that Alabama, Florida and Mississippi are receiving more than $103 million in BP oil spill settlement money for new and continued coastal projects. The money will be used to protect and restore species and habitats. The foundation’s Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund brings its total allocations across the five Gulf states to $1.6 billion.


South Carolina Ports again sets container record

For the ninth consecutive month, South Carolina Ports set its monthly record for containers handled in November. The increase is attributable to a rise in retail imports and cargo volumes at the Port of Charleston.


Demand for workers hits historic high in fall 2021

Businesses posted 11 million job openings in October, the Labor Department reported in the fall quarter. That is the highest number of job openings ever.


Specific type of coal seeing more mining permits

Southwest Virginia is one place in the U.S. where miners can dig for metallurgical or coking coal. The coal is not used by power plants, but is the type of coal essential for melting iron ore to make steel. There have been 17 applications for new mining permits or licenses to sell coal in Southwest Virginia. More than half of the metallurgical coal produced there is being exported overseas. The metallurgical coal is used in steel making, and as the global economy recovers from the pandemic, more steel is being produced.


A city is created in West Tennessee

Ford announced its plans in September to create Blue Oval City at the West Memphis I-40 megasite in Stanton, Tenn. The new "city" includes an investment of nearly $6 billion to make electric vehicles, including a next-generation electric Ford F-Series model. The city will also include, counting suppliers, up to 6,000 new jobs. Over $800 million has been earmarked in incentives for Ford in the deal. Earlier in 2021, Ford announced it had increased its planned EV investment to $30 billion by 2025.


Big battery plant in middle Tennessee on schedule

The construction of the Ultium Cells LLC battery plant in Spring Hill, Tenn., is on schedule as of the fall quarter, company officials announced. The 2.8 million-square-foot facility is a joint venture between General Motors and LG Energy Solution. GM operates a large assembly plant in Spring Hill. One of the models that will use the batteries is a new one called the Cadillac Lyriq luxury crossover, Cadillac’s very first all-electric vehicle. The project will create 1,300 new jobs.


Renewable energy just about quadrupled over the last 10 years

The Environment America Research and Policy Center announced in the fall that energy sources from solar and wind nearly quadrupled from 2011 to 2020 in the U.S. The report found that at the current growth rate, wind, solar and geothermal will meet current electricity demand levels by 2035.


U.S. automakers beg Biden administration to waive tariffs on components from China

All domestic and foreign automotive OEMs and suppliers have pleaded with the Biden administration to lift tariffs on a wide range of components from China, especially those for electric-car batteries. Many of the components are not made anywhere but in China. One of those products is artificial or natural graphite. Big suppliers with plants in the South, such as Magna and SK Innovation, are asking for respite from tariffs on all the myriad switches, sensors, motors and other parts that go into a vehicle.


Furniture makers in the South are thriving

We first wrote about this in 2010 when the word "reshoring" was invented. It wasn't too long ago -- about 40 years -- that the South saw its base industries (furniture, textiles and apparel) collapsing. But since the word "reshoring" was invented (a result of rising wages and operating costs in Asia), those industry sectors have grown steadily in the American South. But a receding workforce and difficulties importing parts from overseas are a problem. For now, though, companies in Mississippi and North Carolina — two of America's largest furniture manufacturing states — are seeing huge upswings thanks to strong demand and limited supply.


Entergy replacing aging natural gas plants in Mississippi

Louisiana-based Entergy is replacing some aging natural gas plants in the state of Mississippi with 1GW of renewable energy over the next five years. The renewable power would, as a percentage of Entergy, represent 17 percent of the total power generation. Currently it sits at 1 percent.


With feds help, Virginia says achievement of universal broadband will be completed by 2024

Before the pandemic, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam said universal broadband would be achieved in his state by 2028. But with federal COVID-19 relief funds, he moved the goal to 2024.


Norfolk Southern opens new Atlanta HQ

Gov. Kemp and Atlanta Mayor Bottoms officially cut the ribbon on Norfolk Southern's new headquarters in Midtown Atlanta. The railroad expects to house 800 workers at the new facility.


Renewable energy quadrupled in the U.S. in 10 years

According to the non-profit Environment America Research and Policy Center, the proportion of electricity the United States gets from solar and wind quadrupled between 2010 and 2020. At that rate, the analysis found that wind, solar and geothermal would meet current electricity demand levels by 2035.


Automotive manufacturing jobs lead job surge

Manufacturing job growth leaped in October as motor vehicles and parts manufacturers hired almost as many people as all other manufacturing sectors combined. In October, manufacturing added 60,000 jobs of the 531,000 jobs overall as the unemployment rate edged down to 4.6 percent. Automotive added 27,700 jobs as the electric vehicle market is just now really getting its legs under it.


In the hairball of supply chain networks, Port of Virginia stands out

The Virginia Port Authority's investments at Norfolk International Terminal and Virginia International Gateway paid off this year. The port in Hampton Roads avoided congestion issues that have plagued other ports. The port experienced best-in-class turn times in this fiscal year.


Virginia wind farm to cost $2 billion more

Dominion Energy's offshore wind farm on the coast of Virginia will cost about $2 billion more than expected, the Richmond-based utility reported in the fall quarter. Instead of the $7.8 billion initial cost, the 2.6-gigawatt Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) commercial project will cost approximately $9.8 billion.


Hyundai expects electric vehicle production to start next year

Korean automaker Hyundai will begin EV production on the Genesis GV70 EV at its plant in Montgomery, Ala., beginning in 2022. The assembly of electric vehicles in Alabama will be the first for Korean automakers. The company is also counting on proposed subsidies for electric vehicles produced on U.S. soil.


New Orleans to Baton Rouge industrial corridor has several locations that are hotspots for cancer risks

According to ProPublica, the 85-mile chemical corridor between Baton Rouge and New Orleans, an 85-mile-long region that environmental advocates have long called Cancer Alley, contains several hotspots where cancer risks are far above levels deemed acceptable by the U.S. The corridor is the largest hotspot for cancer-causing air in the country, followed by two areas in Texas.


Whoa! Exxon Mobil to help turn 50-mile-long Houston Ship Channel into carbon capture and storage facility

Oil and gas giant Exxon Mobil suggested this fall it could turn one of the largest climate-harming emissions areas in the world into a “carbon capture and storage” (CCS) area. The Houston Ship Channel is home to petrochemical plants, refineries, power companies and other heavy industries. Exxon is calling on industry and government to capture carbon dioxide at industrial plants in the channel, carry it away in pipelines and inject it deep under the floor of the Gulf of Mexico.


Kentucky tops record year in economic growth

For the first time ever, Kentucky has topped the $10 billion mark in economic development growth in a calendar year. As of mid-November, private-sector and expanded projects exceeded $10 billion for the first time. Through the first 10 months of 2021, economic momentum in Kentucky exceeded any other full-year totals for investment growth. Year-to-date, more than 110 private-sector, new-location and expansion announcements include nearly $10.3 billion in total planned investment that will create more than 15,235 full-time jobs over the coming years.


Near-shoring, on-shoring, move-it-where-you-sell-it is all the rage

As a result of the current difficulties in distribution, more and more CEOs are rewriting the supply chain network by relocating plants closer to suppliers and buyers. Input shortages and supply line bottlenecks are disrupting the availability and quality of just about everything.


For decades, Southern politicians were the most anti-union bunch. Is that changing?

This fall, U.S. workers have been striking by the tens of thousands. In fact, it has been decades since U.S. workers walked off their jobs in these numbers. Will this mean that slow-growing wages seen in the South, along with the strikes, are changing the Southern politico's view of unions?


Ford, a union company, settles in West Tennessee

In the fall quarter, Ford announced it will assemble electric vehicles and batteries at a massive site just east of Memphis. The nearly 6,000-job, nearly $6 billion deal with SK Innovation, along with a companion facility in Hardin County in Central Kentucky, will blaze a new trail when it comes to the automotive industry morphing into electric innovation. It remains to be seen if the facilities will become unionized.


Developed nations to use tariffs to tackle climate change?

Governments in developed nations, including the U.S. and those in Europe, are discussing ways to use tariffs on trade to cut carbon emissions. Policy makers are looking at tariffs on steel, cement and chemicals. In November, the Biden administration announced tariffs with the European Union to jointly curb imports of steel and other products that generate high levels of carbon emissions. An estimated one-quarter of global greenhouse gases are produced by goods that cross borders, according to a 2018 report by economic and environmental consulting firms KGM & Associates Pty. Ltd. and Global Efficiency Intelligence LLC.


Energy shortage has China binging off of LNG from the South

At the height of the trade war in 2019, China essentially ended the import of U.S. liquefied natural gas. While it had every right to resist the then-U.S. tariffs, China cannot live on its own energy production. But without the United States' help -- especially with much needed energy sources such as U.S.-mined and modified liquefied natural gas – the environment of China (the world's largest user of dirty fuels, such as coal) will be a disaster. China's energy shortage will not be solved any time soon; therefore the U.S. will remain its largest energy trading partner for now mostly through LNG exports from Louisiana and Texas.


Speaking of LNG. . .

Southwest Louisiana, in and around the Lake Charles region, has changed and changed forever. Over the last decade, Southwest Louisiana has led the nation almost every year in net job growth. Billions have been spent on facilities that export LNG throughout the world. The pipelines in and around the Houston and New Orleans area have been there for decades because that is where most refineries were built to support World War II. Everything has changed in Southwest Louisiana as LNG exports from that region continue to be the main and most important bridge fuel that burns far cleaner than coal for developed countries in the world.


Amid the computer chip shortage crisis, two big deals are announced in Texas.

The computer chip shortage continues as outdated chips -- some as old as 10 years -- are having to help supply the market. Two big deals announced in Texas this fall will eventually come to the economy's rescue. Texas Instruments announced it plans to invest up to $30 billion to build as many as four new semiconductor fabrication plants in Sherman, Texas. TI said it will begin construction in 2022 on the first two plants producing its 300-millimeter wafers used in everything from cars and trucks to industrial machinery. The plants could house up to 3,000 workers when complete. The other big semiconductor facility is by South Korea chip manufacturer Samsung Electronics Co. It will build a second chip facility in the Austin area in Taylor, Texas.


Is an Amazon-backed electric truck set for the Atlanta area?

While Fort Worth is a finalist for a $5 billion electric truck and SUV factory, it’s looking as if a site east of Atlanta may have the inside track on the big deal. The factory would include a new battery and vehicle assembly plant.


Is Toyota eyeing megasite in North Carolina for electric battery plant?

Rumors have it that Japanese automaker Toyota is eyeing the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite for a large electric battery plant to ramp up electric vehicle manufacturing in the U.S. The site is a 1,825-acre site rezoned for heavy industry located near the center of the state. No formal agreement has been reached.


Mazda to assemble midsize crossover SUV at new Alabama plant

In the fall quarter, Mazda unveiled the first vehicle it will assemble at the new plant it shares with Toyota. The new model will be called the CX-50 and will join Toyota's Corolla Cross, a smaller SUV that will also be built at the new plant. The $2.3 billion, 4,000-employee plant will be in full production sometime in 2022.


Honda marks 20 years of production at its Alabama plant

In November, Honda marked 20 years of production at its assembly plant in Lincoln, Ala. The plant has expanded numerous times with several different models, mostly light trucks. The Japanese automaker also makes V-6 engines at the $2 billion facility that houses about 4,500 workers.


Rural Alabama has seen growth of 3,000 jobs in 2020 and 2021

Rural Alabama's counties of less than 50,000 residents have seen a spike in job creation over the last 18 months. According to the Alabama Department of Commerce, in 2020 and the first six months of 2021, 40 projects that created over 3,000 new jobs landed in "targeted" counties. The combined investments will generate at least $1.5 billion in new capital investment.


Bekaert Corporation expanding Arkansas facility

Bekaert, a company that specializes in steel wire headquartered in Belgium, recently broke ground on the new 50,000-square-foot addition to its facility in Van Buren, Ark. The $8.4 million project will create 35 new jobs and help increase internet access to rural areas.


MasterBrand adding 464 new jobs in Kinston, N.C.

MasterBrand Cabinets will add hundreds of new jobs to its existing plant. The cabinet maker currently employs 800 people and will add 464 more workers by adding an additional shift.


Samsung chooses Taylor, Texas, for $17 billion chip-making factory

Samsung Electronics plans to build a $17 billion chip-making plant in Taylor, Texas, roughly 30 miles from its existing giant manufacturing hub in Austin. It’s a mega investment by the South Korean tech giant, as the Biden administration pushes for an expansion of U.S. semiconductor production.


Toyota West Virginia expands assembly plant in Buffalo, W.Va.

Toyota West Virginia plans to invest $240 million to expand its assembly plant and add a dedicated production line of hybrid transaxles in Buffalo. The new investment will allow workers there to diversify their skillset and play a larger role in Toyota’s future producing electric vehicles in North America.


Mondelez to spend $123 million on Virginia expansion

Earlier this year, Mondelez announced plans to close bakery plants in Atlanta and Fair Lawn, N.J., citing aging infrastructure and location challenges. Recently, the company announced it will expand its Richmond Biscuit Bakery in Henrico County, where it manufactures Ritz crackers, Chips Ahoy! cookies, Nilla wafers, Wheat Thins and Premium crackers. The company plans to create a high-speed, modern Oreo production line.


Nashville to get a $20 million delivery center

Global IT consulting company Capgemini will invest $20.1 million in Tennessee to build a new delivery center in Nashville. The investment is expected to create 500 jobs, with the possibility of growth leading to another 500 jobs.


Shaw Industries to expand in Aiken County, S.C.

Shaw, a global flooring provider, has announced plans to expand its operations in Aiken County. The $400 million investment will create more than 300 new jobs at the manufacturing facility, which creates fiber used to manufacture residential carpet. This location currently employs more than 600 associates.


Siemens Gamesa brings 310 jobs to Virginia

A global wind energy company will build turbine blades for the U.S.’s largest renewable energy project at a new factory in Virginia. Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy will lease more than 80 acres at the Portsmouth Marine Terminal near Norfolk to house its $200 million facility. The project is expected to create 310 new jobs. Siemens Gamesa is partnering with Virginia-based utility Dominion Energy on the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project — a wind farm that will be located 27 miles off the state’s coast — but the new facility will also supply turbine blades to other offshore projects throughout North America.


Tyson investing $355 million in Kentucky bacon plant

Arkansas-based Tyson Foods, the largest meat producer in the U.S., plans to spend $355 million to construct a new bacon processing facility in Bowling Green, Ky., that is expected to create 450 jobs.


Auto products maker establishing East Coast hub near Charlotte, N.C.

Kentucky-based Holley Performance Products, a manufacturer of high-performance automotive products for cars and trucks, will invest $12.3 million to establish its East Coast hub in Mooresville.


Gregory Industries building manufacturing campus in Athens, Ala.

Gregory Industries is adding 100 jobs with a new manufacturing plant in Athens. The Ohio-based company, which makes highway safety and other roll form steel products, will build the 325,000-square-foot facility for $30 million on more than 80 acres in the Elm Industrial Park.


NOVONIX investing $160 million Chattanooga, Tenn.

Most of the materials used to make batteries for electric vehicles come from Asia, but NOVONIX is about to change that. The company will invest $160 million and hire 300 workers for its new manufacturing facility called “Riverside Recharged” in Chattanooga.


Wood finishes maker bringing $19 million investment to Greensboro, N.C.

RPM Wood Finishes, which makes furniture coatings, has received approval for economic incentives to bring a $19.7 million “center of excellence” to Greensboro and create 53 full-time jobs.


Walgreens announces $30 million fulfillment center in Liberty, Mo.

Walgreens has announced a $30 million, 65,000-square-foot facility that will serve as a micro-fulfillment center dedicated to retail prescription orders. The new facility will bring an estimated 200 jobs to the area.


Enclosure manufacturer expanding in Scott County, Va.

A $7.2 million investment by an enclosure producer will create 30 new jobs in Scott County. VFP’s expansion there will allow the manufacturer to “produce larger concrete shelters and meet future demand in the market.”


Agape Care Group selects Spartanburg County, S.C., for new HQ

Agape Care Group, a hospice, palliative and pediatric care provider, has announced plans to expand its presence and locate the company’s corporate headquarters in Spartanburg County. The $3 million investment will create 76 new jobs.


Honeywell plans $154 million expansion of Baton Rouge plant

Honeywell said it will expand its plant in Baton Rouge, La., to increase production of a chemical used in foam insulation, refrigerators and air conditioners that has low global-warming potential. The expansion will create 23 new jobs.


BMW Manufacturing expands South Carolina presence with logistics center

BMW Manufacturing is expanding its operations in Spartanburg County with the construction of a new $100 million logistics center. The facility, which will be located on 120 acres, will enhance BMW’s logistics operations supplying parts to the company’s 7-million-square-foot factory in Greer, SC.


The largest label company in the world investing in North Carolina

CCL Label will construct a new manufacturing facility in Fuquay-Varina, N.C. In a move that will bring $29 million in capital investment and 150 new full-time jobs to the community, the company will purchase a town-owned business park site consisting of 32.28 acres and construct a 110,000-square-foot manufacturing facility for production and office operations.


Meel Corp plans North Carolina packaging-cold storage hub

Frozen food company Meel Corp will invest $5.7 million to relocate a production facility to Oxford, N.C. The project is expected to create 24 jobs in Granville County. The expansion will include a state-of-the-art packing and cold storage facility.


Barzan Aeronautical plans South Carolina manufacturing plant

Qatari-owned Barzan Aeronautical, an aerial intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems company, will invest $14.7 million to establish operations in Johns Island, S.C. The project is expected to create 34 jobs in Charleston County.


S.W.O.R.D. International plans manufacturing plant in Greenville, S.C.

S.W.O.R.D. International, a manufacturer of small arms and defense equipment, is relocating and establishing its manufacturing operations in Greenville. The $9.5 million project is expected to create 55 new jobs.


Online retailer becomes Texas city’s largest employer

Shop LC, a television shopping network and online retailer, will construct a 200,000-square-foot national headquarters in Cedar Park, Texas. The $50 million capital investment will create 1,000 jobs, making it Cedar Park’s largest employer.


Appliance manufacturer to build assembly plant in Georgia

Rinnai America Corp., a manufacturer of tankless water heaters, boilers and wall furnaces, is building a new assembly plant in Griffin, Ga. The project is expected to be completed in early 2022 and could employ as much as 150 people.


Nuclear manufacturer expands in Campbell County, Va.

BWX Technologies, a supplier of nuclear components and fuel to the U.S. government, will make a multimillion-dollar investment to create a manufacturing and research-and-development center in Campbell County. The facility is expected to create 97 jobs.


Conveyor belt maker doubling staff in Tangipahoa Parish, La.

Intralox, the Jefferson Parish-headquartered maker of conveyor belts used by companies like FedEx and Amazon, will add 425 jobs to staff a new assembly facility at its Hammond manufacturing plant, investing $60 million.


VP Racing Fuels expanding in Carroll County, Tenn.

VP Racing Fuels will expand its existing operations and establish a new location in Carroll County. The company will invest $14.2 million to expand its Huntingdon operations and acquire a new facility in McKenzie near the Carroll County Airport. The project will create 150 new jobs.


Meal delivery company will create 200 jobs in West Palm Beach

Ideal Nutrition will hire 200 more employees once it expands into a 43,000-square-foot facility in West Palm Beach.


Walmart will build two new facilities in Lancaster, Texas

Walmart has announced plans to build two new facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to support the retailer’s growing supply chain network. The 1,500,000-square-foot fulfillment center and 730,000-square-foot automated grocery distribution center, which will be among Walmart’s largest, will create approximately 1,000 full-time jobs.


Germany-based Aurubis plans Georgia recycling-smelting plant

Aurubis, a Germany-based recycler of copper and precious metals, will invest $340 million in a state-of-the-art recycling and smelting facility in Augusta. The project is expected to create 125 jobs.


Norfolk Southern opens new Atlanta HQ

Rail giant Norfolk Southern has opened its new 750,000-square-foot building that rests on a 3.4-acre campus in Midtown Atlanta’s Tech Square. The project will consolidate more than 3,000 jobs.


New Smucker’s facility will bring 750 jobs to Alabama

The J.M. Smucker Co. will invest $1.1 billion to build a new manufacturing facility and distribution center in the McCalla area of Jefferson County, Ala. Dedicated to the production of the company’s fast-growing Uncrustables sandwiches, the facility will create 750 jobs in the Birmingham region.


Texas Instruments chooses Sherman, Texas, for new $29 billion facility

Texas Instruments has announced plans to continue operations in Sherman through a new $29 billion production plant. The new 4.7 million-square-foot facility is expected to create an additional 3,200 jobs.


Avantive Solutions expands Tulsa presence with 375 new jobs

Avantive Solutions, a global technology and business process outsourcer (BPO), has announced the addition of 375 new jobs at its headquarters in Tulsa, Okla.


New beef processing facility headed to Warren County, Mo.

Warren County has been selected by American Foods Group as the planned location for a new state-of-the-art beef processing facility, pending final approval. Once established, the facility would create more than 1,300 new jobs and generate $1 billion in economic impact in the state of Missouri.


Biogen breaks ground on RTP gene therapy facility

Biogen has begun construction of its gene therapy manufacturing plant at its growing RTP campus in Durham, N.C. The company plans to invest $200 million in the plant and 90 new jobs will be created to operate it. 


86 Pearson Lane establishing new operations in Lexington, Tenn.

Startup company 86 Pearson Lane will establish new manufacturing operations in Lexington. The commercial heat exchanger manufacturer will invest $16 million and create 155 new jobs at its first location.


Frozen produce company creating 67 new jobs in Warren County, Va.

Nature’s Touch Frozen Foods, a supplier of frozen fruits and vegetables for Canada and the United States, will invest $40.3 million to expand in Warren County. The company will establish a 126,000-square-foot facility and will hire 67 new jobs.


Luxor Scientific expands in South Carolina

Luxor Scientific, a full-service clinical laboratory, plans to expand operations in Greenville. The $3.2 million investment will create 54 new jobs.


Amazon establishes fulfillment center in Stafford County, Va.

Amazon will launch a new 630,000-square-foot fulfillment center in Stafford County. The facility on the Northern Virginia Gateway site, designed to serve as one of the company’s East Coast hubs, is expected to create 500 new jobs.


$100 million Cerrowire Plant coming to Hartselle, Ala.

The multimillion-dollar Morgan Center Business Park in Hartselle (vacant since its first phase was completed a decade ago) will receive its first tenant when Cerrowire builds a plant there that is projected to create 131 new jobs. Cerrowire, which already has a plant in Hartselle, has announced plans to build a $100 million, 270,000-square-foot facility at the Morgan Center.


New FedEx facility coming to Dothan, Ala.

A new $57 million FedEx logistics facility that will create at least 200 new jobs is coming to Dothan. The 317,000-square-foot FedEx Ground facility will stand on a 70-acre site in the Sam Houston Industrial Park.


Camfil Air Pollution Control constructs plant in Jonesboro, Ark.

Camfil Air Pollution Control, a manufacturer of industrial dust- and fume-collection systems, has begun construction on its new $37 million manufacturing facility in Jonesboro. The project is expected to add 67 new jobs to an existing workforce of 237 people.


Thermo Fisher to build new facility in North Carolina

Thermo Fisher Scientific is adding to its North Carolina operations with a capital investment of at least $192.5 million in Orange County. The company will build a manufacturing facility in Mebane as part of its federal contract to work with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services “to ensure domestic supply of critically needed laboratory pipette tips.” The Mebane site is expected to create 150 to 200 jobs in manufacturing, engineering and business operations.


Celadon to invest $155 Million in Georgia

Celadon Development Corporation will invest more than $155 million in opening a North American headquarters and a state-of-the-art recycling and advanced manufacturing facility in Chatham County, creating 117 jobs in the Savannah area. This represents Phase 1 of Celadon’s major investment project in Georgia.


Performance Food Group will invest $80 million in Hanover County, Va.

Performance Food Group will invest $80.2 million to establish a sales and distribution center operation in Hanover County. The company, a leader in foodservice distribution, will construct a new 325,000-square-foot facility in Ashland, creating 125 jobs.


Microvast Holdings establishes Florida innovation HQ

Microvast Holdings, which manufactures lithium-ion battery solutions, has purchased an $11 million existing facility to locate its research, development and innovation center in Lake Mary, Fla. The project is expected to create 100 jobs over the next 5 years in the Orlando region.


Dr. Schneider Automotive plans Mississippi operation

Germany-based Dr. Schneider Automotive Systems, a supplier of manufacturing air ventilation systems and window frame trim, plans to establish operations in Baldwyn, Miss. The $22.5 million project is expected to create up to 400 jobs over six years.


Big Easy Bucha expands New Orleans operations

Probiotic drinks manufacturer and bottler Big Easy Bucha is expanding its production facility in New Orleans, La. The project is expected to create 50 new jobs.


American Peanut Growers Group to open facility in Seminole County, Fla.

Georgia-based American Peanut Growers Group (APGG) will invest $85 million in expanding operations in Florida, creating 90 jobs. In addition to expanding its current Donalsonville, Ga., shelling plant, APGG will open a new food processing facility on its 45-acre campus in Seminole County.


Billion-dollar project will create 400 new jobs in San Marcos area

Southern California-based Chem-Energy Corp., whose specialties include petroleum products, unveiled plans in November to invest more than $1 billion to build a solar power storage plant and a battery power storage plant in Caldwell County, Texas. The facilities will employ 400.


Software company heading to Louisiana capital city

A new software development center is locating in downtown Baton Rouge and creating 150 new direct jobs for Louisiana’s capital city. Most of the hires for Atlanta-based Rural Sourcing will work in website development.


Amazon adding three new Alabama sites

About 900 new jobs will be created as Amazon opens three new facilities near the Alabama cities of Montgomery, Huntsville and Birmingham. A 650,000-square-foot warehouse opening in Montgomery next year will provide more than 500 jobs as it receives products from vendors and sends them to fulfillment centers for shipment to customers.


S&W Foods plans new distribution center in Hammond, La.

S&W Wholesale Foods will spend $12 million to build a distribution center near Hammond that will create 30 jobs. Louisiana Economic Development estimates the distribution center will also create 150 construction jobs.


Helpware adding jobs across two Kentucky locations

Digital customer service company Helpware will add 300 jobs across an existing location in Montgomery County and a new office in Mercer County, with $500,000 in total investment.


Defense electronics company expanding to Charleston County, S.C.

Elbit Systems has announced plans to establish operations in Charleston County, creating approximately 300 new jobs. Elbit Systems is a provider of products focusing on the defense, homeland security, commercial aviation and medical instrumentation sectors.


Tiger Companies establishes South Carolina campus

Tiger Companies, a distributor serving the construction, surveying, home, office and medical products markets, has invested $10.8 million to establish a 255,000-square-foot operations center in Union, S.C. The project is expected to create 61 jobs.


Voyant Beauty expands Mississippi production center

Voyant Beauty, a manufacturer of beauty and personal care products, will invest $13.17 million to expand operations in Olive Branch. The project is expected to create 80 jobs.


Pitman Creek Wholesale opens Kentucky HQ center

Fishing lure manufacturer Pitman Creek Wholesale opened its fishing tackle production and headquarters facility in Lincoln County, Ky. The $15 million project is expected to create 60 full-time jobs.


Phillips 66 to shutter Louisiana refinery

The Alliance Refinery in Belle Chasse will shut down and be converted into a storage terminal, and many of the 900 people who work at the plant may lose their jobs. Phillips 66 has been trying to sell the plant since August, but heavy damage from Hurricane Ida was too expensive to repair.


Gun maker moves to Georgia in $100 million, 856-job deal

Gun maker Remington Firearms will move its headquarters from Ilion, N.Y., to Georgia, with plans to open a factory and research operation there. The company will invest $100 million in the operation in LaGrange, southwest of Atlanta, hiring 856 people over five years.


Smith & Wesson breaks ground on new HQ in Tennessee

Gun maker Smith & Wesson has officially broken ground on its new headquarters in Maryville, Tenn. The company will invest $125 million to make the move and create 750 new jobs.


Pall Corporation to hire 300 for South Carolina manufacturing facility

Pall Corporation announced it will hire 300 people to staff its new 220,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Duncan, S.C. The facility makes products that will be used in the creation and packaging of antibiotics and vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines.


Nemak expanding in Glasgow, Ky.

Manufacturer Nemak announced it will create 170 well-paying jobs with a $27 million expansion of its Nemak Kentucky operation in Glasgow to support future electric vehicle-related business. Nemak’s investment will support upgrades and new equipment at its facility there.


APEX Mattress Manufacturing establishing operations in Colleton County, S.C.

APEX Mattress Manufacturing recently announced plans to establish operations in Colleton County. The $1.9 million investment will create 50 new jobs.


Tampa Airport seeks 600 new workers

With passenger traffic inching up toward pre-pandemic levels, Tampa International Airport needs to fill more than 600 positions. Airlines, shops, restaurants, rental car companies and ground handling services, among others, are hiring.


Amazon to hire 500 in El Paso, Texas

Amazon is hiring more than 500 full-time positions ahead of the launch of its new El Paso fulfillment center. According to its website, a fulfillment center warehouse associate works a 10-hour shift, four days a week, with wages starting at $15 an hour.


SKC to invest $473 million in semiconductor plant in Georgia

South Korea’s SKC, a maker of plastic films, is set to invest $473 million to locate a semiconductor parts venture at its existing plant in Georgia. SK also is home to SK Innovation, which has invested $2.6 billion to put an electric-vehicle battery plant in Jackson County and plans to ramp up a second plant on the complex as demand grows.


Distributor plans Louisville, Ky., hub

Republic National Distributing, a distributor of wine and spirits, will invest $50 million to relocate its distribution center and sales office in Louisville. The company will construct a 289,000-square-foot warehouse and 38,000 square feet of office space there.


Justice mining resumes production in Kentucky

Several West Virginia coal companies with ties to Gov. Jim Justice plan to resume coal production at four surface mines in Eastern Kentucky, bringing 150 new jobs to the region.


Minnesota-based company investing millions in Bledsoe County, Tenn.

Virnig Manufacturing, headquartered in Minnesota, is investing nearly $12 million in its expansion into Pikeville, Tenn. The expansion will create 74 new jobs in Bledsoe County to fabricate skid steer and tractor attachments.


New manufacturer bringing 200 jobs to Morristown, Tenn.

An outdoor equipment company is moving some of its manufacturing from China to Morristown, creating at least 200 jobs and investing at least $20 million in the process. Greenworks Commercial makes battery-operated outdoor power equipment with lithium-ion batteries.


Tea company creating jobs in Mississippi

A tea company setting up shop in Clarksdale Miss., will create 60 new jobs. Ilex Organics is going to refurbish a shuttered 30,000-square-foot factory building there and open a processing facility.


Supplier of building products hiring 120 in South Carolina

Builders FirstSource, a supplier of structural building products, announced plans to establish operations in Yemassee. The $16 million investment will create 126 new jobs over the next five years. Builders FirstSource specializes in value-added components and services for the construction industry.


Central Motor Wheel of America opens 145-job expansion in Paris, Ky.

Central Motor Wheel of America recently held the grand opening of the expansion of its existing operations in Bourbon County. The automotive wheel manufacturer will add 145 new jobs.


LA firm to open Tulsa center

Los Angeles-based diagnostic imaging company RadNet announced plans to hire as many as 500 customer service coordinators at a new center in Tulsa, Okla.


Lodge Manufacturing expands Tennessee plant

American-made cast iron cookware manufacturer Lodge Manufacturing will invest $56 million to expand its facility in South Pittsburg, Tenn. The project is expected to create 239 jobs.


WestRock expands North Carolina facility

WestRock Company, a manufacturer of paper and packaging solutions, will invest more than $47 million to expand its manufacturing facility in Claremont, N.C. The project is expected to create 50 jobs in Catawba County.

November 2021

Toyota announces $461 million investment in Kentucky plant

Toyota is investing $461 million into its first U.S. plant in Georgetown, Ky., to add new technology, increase production flexibility and reduce its carbon footprint. The announcement does not include new jobs at the central Kentucky facility, but officials said 1,400 temporary jobs would be converted into permanent positions.


Guerilla RF confirms expansion plans In Greensboro, N.C.

Guerrilla RF, a wireless semiconductor company based in Greensboro, said it will expand its operations to a 58,970-square-foot facility in the city. Guerrilla RF is a wireless semiconductor company that provides circuits for the automotive, 5G infrastructure and cellular booster markets. The company expects to create 50 jobs with the $6 million capital investment.


Lockheed Martin adds 300 jobs In Greenville, S.C.

Lockheed Martin has announced the addition of over 300 new jobs in F-16 production at the company’s location in Greenville.


KAK Industry to open new facility in Missouri

Metal component manufacturer KAK Industry announced it will expand its operations by opening a manufacturing facility in Albany, Mo., investing more than $7 million and creating 30 new jobs. The new facility will help KAK Industry meet increasing demand for custom-made firearms parts.


Kawasaki Motors to open new facility in Missouri

Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. announced it will expand its operations in Missouri by opening a manufacturing facility in Boonville and creating more than 270 new jobs in the area. The new facility will help the company meet increasing demand for general purpose engines used in lawn and garden products.


Gov. Henry McMaster proposes $500 million investment in rural infrastructure in South Carolina

Governor McMaster was joined by state leaders to make a major rural infrastructure proposal that would provide $500 million in American Rescue Plan (ARPA) funds to revitalize South Carolina’s water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure. The proposal would modernize rural water systems statewide, providing safe drinking water and the infrastructure needed for economic development in rural communities.


Clarksville, Ark., gaining 125 new jobs

Arning Companies, a manufacturer of metal fuel canopies and custom awnings for restaurants and other businesses, announced plans to open a facility in Clarksville (Johnson County), investing over $5 million and creating 125 new jobs over five years.


Tyson Foods investing $355 million in new Western Kentucky facility

Tyson Foods will create 450 full-time jobs and invest $355 million in a new manufacturing facility in Bowling Green. The 400,000-square-foot state-of-the-art bacon plant is one of the largest investments and job-creation projects in Kentucky’s history, according to Gov. Andy Beshear, and the single largest investment in a new facility in Bowling Green.


GE Appliances to create 1,000 new jobs in Kentucky with $450 million investment

GE Appliances has announced plans to add more than 1,000 jobs at its sprawling Kentucky operations as part of a $450 million investment to boost capacity and launch new products. The Kentucky-based home appliances business did not offer specifics about its new product plans but signaled that part of the investment would be pumped into laundry, dishwasher and refrigeration lines at its Louisville production complex, known as Appliance Park.


Another Kentucky expansion

Financial services provider ARGI Financial Group will create 245 jobs in the years ahead with a $2.7 million investment. The company will grow its existing 54,000-square-foot headquarters in Jefferson County.


VF Corporation to expand in Henry County, Va.

VF Corporation, a global leader in apparel, footwear and accessories, has announced plans to create 82 new jobs and invest $10.2 million in Henry County. The company will use its 500,000-square-foot facility in Martinsville to increase distribution capacity. Virginia successfully competed with California and Pennsylvania for the project.


Tiger Companies to invest in Union County, S.C.

Tiger Companies, a national distributor of construction, surveying, home, office and medical products, plans to invest $10.8 million and create 61 new jobs in Union County.


Virginia to get America’s first offshore wind turbine blade factory

A $200 million wind turbine manufacturing facility is coming to Portsmouth, Va., bringing hundreds of jobs with it. Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy will build the first offshore wind turbine blade facility in the United States on an 80-acre section of the Portsmouth Marine Terminal. Siemens Gamesa was chosen by Dominion Energy as its partner for its Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Project, 27 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach. The new facility will produce turbine blades for offshore wind projects all over North America.


Vexus Fiber expands in Lubbock, Texas

Vexus Fiber, a fiber optic service provider in Texas and Louisiana, recently announced that it’s bringing its 100-percent fiber-to-the-home network to Lubbock. The expansion project will include the addition of 70 new jobs and over $1 million in capital investment.


ALPLA to build new facility In Kansas City, Mo.

ALPLA, which produces packaging systems, bottles, caps and injection-molded parts for a wide range of industries, recently announced it will break ground on a new manufacturing plant in Kansas City, creating 75 new jobs. The new facility will be the company’s fourth site in Missouri and the first dedicated to injection molding.


Two-million-dollar investment expected to create $250 million in private capital and 300 new jobs in West Virginia

A $2 million American Rescue Plan grant will help create 300 new jobs in Morgantown, according to U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo. The grant will be used for infrastructure needed to build a new beverage processing and packaging plant in the Morgantown Industrial Park.


PepsiCo hiring 150 in Dallas for new digital hub

Plano-based Frito-Lay’s parent company PepsiCo is building out a global, high-tech team of specialists, including 150 in a Dallas “digital hub,” to optimize everything from shipping and warehouse operations to sales and marketing. The New York-based company will hire at least 550 workers for the new team over the next three years.


MTC Logistics opens $61 million cargo hub in Mobile, Ala.

Baltimore-based MTC Logistics has opened a sprawling refrigerated cargo facility in Mobile, a $61 million project that will add 75 jobs. MTC broke ground in 2019 on what is now one of the largest distribution centers of its kind in the Southeast.


Market-research firm bringing 40 jobs to Wilmington, N.C.

Named by Forbes as one of the nation’s best startup employers, Suzy is establishing a technology hub in downtown Wilmington and bringing jobs paying an average of $120,000 a year with it. Suzy is a real-time market research technology firm.


France-based Plastic Omnium expands in Anderson, S.C.

Plastic Omnium, an automotive equipment provider, will invest more than $17.7 million to expand operations in Anderson. The project is expected to create 76 jobs. The expansion will allow the company to produce bumpers and tailgates for General Motors’ new Lyric electric vehicle.


Premier Health Consultants expands operations in Baton Rouge, La.

Premier Health Consultants will invest $1.5 million to expand its headquarters in Baton Rouge. The project is expected to create 50 administrative jobs to support the more than 85 urgent care clinics it operates across 10 states, including 45 locations in Louisiana.


Plum Creek Environmental expands Mississippi operations

Plum Creek Environmental, a manufacturer of waste and recycling containers and equipment, will invest $3 million to expand in West Point. The project is expected to create 50 jobs by the end of 2021.


Hundreds of new jobs headed to Edgefield County, S.C.

Wisconsin-based Generac Power Systems, a manufacturer of energy technology solutions and other power products, is expanding its footprint and operations at its facility in Trenton, S.C., which began operations in July. The company will spend up to $14 million adding a 200,000-square-foot distribution facility at its new plant.


Arthrex expanding in Anderson County, S.C.

Arthrex, an orthopedic technology innovator, plans to invest more than $100 million dollars and create 500 new jobs in Anderson County. The expansion will add a second manufacturing facility and an Electron-beam (E-beam) and X-ray sterilizations facility.


Packaging firm bringing 250 jobs to Northern Kentucky

Summit Packaging Solutions will locate its first Kentucky facility in Boone County, with an investment of more than $18.3 million that will create more than 250 jobs.


Citadel Brands establishing operations in Williamsburg County, S.C.

Citadel Brands, which specializes in promotional clothing and apparel, has announced plans to establish operations in Williamsburg County. The $7.5 million investment will create 116 new jobs.


Cumberland Mint breaks ground on Kentucky racing facility

Cumberland Mint celebrated the official groundbreaking of a new horse racing facility that is projected to create 213 full-time jobs for the Corbin-Williamsburg community. The joint venture between Keeneland and Kentucky Downs represents a $90 million investment into the Commonwealth’s booming tourism and horse racing economy.


Hillman plans 50 new jobs in Jax

Hillman Solutions, a supplier of hardware-related products, will unveil the completion of its state-of-the-art distribution center in Jacksonville, Fla., along with the creation of 50 new jobs.


IT consulting firm expanding HQ in Fairfax County, Va.

Intact Technology, a software consulting firm, will invest more than $700,000 to expand its headquarters in Fairfax County and create more than 40 jobs.


More than 400 new jobs coming to Chattanooga

Steam Logistics announced a $6.8 million expansion of its operations in downtown Chattanooga, Tenn. The third-party logistics company will also add 400 jobs to its workforce there.


New jobs coming to Cocke County, Tenn.

Another 200 jobs are coming to Cocke County following a major plant closure at Conagra. Ole Smoky Moonshine is looking to fill 200 jobs in a new storage and production facility coming to the area. The company has already hired 150 people and needs to hire 50 more.


Faurecia to expand operations in Spring Hill, Tenn.

An automotive components manufacturer will expand its operations, creating 171 new jobs in Spring Hill. Faurecia will invest $18 million to expand its existing facility there to increase manufacturing capabilities, specifically the production of door panel assemblies for several major OEMs.


Boeing breaks ground on new maintenance facility in Jax

Jacksonville, Fla., leaders celebrated a new era of restoring and repairing military aircraft near Cecil Airport. A new 370,000-square-foot complex will be home to a new Boeing maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) facility. Boeing’s CEO expects this to bring in more than 300 new jobs. The facility will hold eight hangars and plenty of office space.


Plastics recycler moves HQ from West Coast to East Texas

An Oregon manufacturer that turns recycled plastics into new packaging is relocating its headquarters to East Texas, where it’s investing $27 million to expand operations and create 231 jobs. D6 Inc. is making the headquarters move from Portland, Ore., to Sulphur Springs with the help of a $1.4 million grant from Texas’ deal-closing fund.


Trex to build Little Rock Port factory

Trex, a maker of decking, railing and outdoor items from recycled materials, plans to build a factory at the Port of Little Rock, creating 500 jobs in Arkansas. The company investment in the project will be $400 million.


Prospero Health bringing more jobs and HQ to Downtown Memphis, Tenn.

Home-based medical care company Prospero Health announced it will relocate and expand in a new downtown office on South B.B. King Boulevard. The company also promised to add 530 new jobs over the next five years. . .more than double the company’s original job commitment made in 2019.


Hello Bello cuts ribbon on new Waco diaper factory

Hello Bello, a diaper company co-founded by celebrities Kristin Bell and Dax Shepard, recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at its Waco-based facility. The diaper company will bring 100 new jobs to Waco, Texas, and more than 300 nationwide.


Gene therapy company creating 200 new jobs in Durham County, N.C.

Jaguar Gene Therapy will invest more than $125 million to build a facility in Durham County. The Illinois-based company will create 200 new jobs.


Walmart creating 400 jobs with new distribution center in Spartanburg County, S.C.

Walmart has announced plans to build a new, high-tech distribution center for fresh and frozen groceries in Spartanburg County. The $450 million investment will create more than 400 new jobs. The 720,000-square-foot facility, located in Lyman, marks Walmart’s largest grocery distribution center to date and will move two times more product than a traditional grocery distribution center.


German plastics manufacturer bringing jobs to Catawba County, N.C.

A German company that makes plastic components is bringing 133 jobs to Catawba County. Pöppelmann Plastics is investing more than $19.2 million to expand its manufacturing campus in Claremont.


Plastikon Industries plans Texas manufacturing center

California-based Plastikon Industries, an automotive manufacturer and supplier of interior components to companies such as Tesla and Toyota, will open a new facility in Kyle, Texas. The $13.6 project is expected to create 200 full-time jobs in the region.


ThredUp builds its largest distribution complex in Texas

ThredUp, an online resale platform for apparel, will invest $70 million to expand operations and build a distribution hub in Lancaster, Texas. The project is expected to create 2,000 jobs.


Global Concentrate expands Virginia operations

Global Concentrate, a supplier for fruit and vegetable juice, will purchase approximately 170 acres at the Pretlow Industrial Park in Franklin, Va. The project is expected to create 50 full-time jobs. The company will invest a minimum of $121 million to establish its largest processing operation in the United States.


Toyota Motor Manufacturing announces new production line for 2022 Tundra engines

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Alabama marked 20 years in Huntsville, Ala., by announcing that two new engines will be built at the Huntsville facility – a hybrid electric-powered twin-turbo V6 and a gas-powered twin-turbo V6, both of which will power the 2022 Toyota Tundra.


Hubbell Power Systems creating more than 70 jobs in Rocky Mount, N.C., expansion

Hubbell Power Systems, a manufacturer of electrical power products for utilities, will expand operations in North Carolina with an $8.9 million investment in the City of Rocky Mount. The company will add 73 new jobs there.


Louisiana lands largest carbon capture project in the world

Louisiana has landed the largest clean energy carbon sequestration project in the world, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced recently. Air Products will build a $4.5 billion complex in Ascension Parish to produce “blue hydrogen,” which uses natural gas to produce an alternative fuel with the carbon dioxide emissions captured and stored underground.


Richmond National Group will create 70 new jobs in Henrico County, Va.

Richmond National Group, a start-up specialty property and casualty insurance company, will invest at least $175,000 to establish its headquarters in Henrico County. It is expected to create approximately 70 new jobs over the next three years. 


Rug manufacturer opens shipping hub in Southern Dallas

A Dallas-based rug manufacturer has opened a huge new distribution center in Southern Dallas. Loloi Rugs’ new shipping center will bring 75 jobs.


Sugar alternative company creating 64 jobs in Albemarle County, Va.

Virginia sugar alternatives company Bonumose will invest $27.7 million to expand in Albemarle County in a partnership with The Hershey Co. to research and develop reduced or zero sugar chocolate products, creating 64 jobs.


Satellite maker brings 2,000 jobs to Florida

A manufacturer of space satellites is bringing a new factory to a spaceport development on Florida’s Atlantic coast in a move expected to create thousands of new jobs. Terran Orbital plans to spend more than $300 million to establish a 660,000-square-foot plant on Merritt Island in what he said will become “the largest satellite manufacturing facility in the world.”


Fujifilm’s new plant in Holly Springs, N.C., adding hundreds of jobs

Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies is joining the list of high-tech and life sciences companies choosing the Triangle. Fujifilm had already begun clearing 150 acres that will become the largest cell culture plant in North America. The facility will start by employing 725 people making an average salary of $100,000. The state will give Fujifilm Diosynth a $20 million grant over the next decade, but only if it meets hiring and investment goals.


New company bringing jobs to Muskogee, Okla.

A Minnesota-based company that provides technology hardware and digital lesson plans to schools across the country plans to establish a regional repair center and distribution hub at the Muskogee-Davis Regional Airport. Trafera plans to have 20 employees by the end of the year and “scale up to nearly 80 employees over the next three years.”


Manufacturing campus brings 700 jobs to Simpsonville, Ky.

A Louisville-based manufacturing company is expanding into Shelby County, creating 700 new jobs. Heating and air company KCC Manufacturing broke ground recently on a $200 million research and production campus in Simpsonville.


Renewable Energy Group breaks ground on $950 million expansion in Geismar, La.

Renewable Energy Group recently broke ground on the $950 million expansion project at its renewable diesel plant in Geismar. The project also adds more than 60 permanent jobs while adding 500 temporary construction positions.


Cisco plans $41 million office in Atlanta, hiring 700

Cisco says it will expand its presence in Georgia by opening a new 700-employee office in midtown Atlanta. The California-based tech giant is investing $41 million to open in a massive complex developed on land owned by Georgia Tech.


Southern Research investing in Birmingham campus

Southern Research has announced plans to invest in its campus on Southside Birmingham, Ala., hire more scientists, and expand its capacity to research illnesses like COVID-19. The company will invest almost $20 million in its Birmingham campus and create 50 new high-paying jobs there.


Arkansas biotech company adding jobs

A biotech company in Rogers, Ark., Pel-Freez, is expanding its operations and adding 31 new jobs. The company produces material like blood fractions, tissues and antibodies for biological research.


Prysmian Group plans $50 million investment In Marshall, Texas

Prysmian Group, which specializes in the production of electrical cable, is planning a $50 million investment in its Marshall, Texas, plant, including equipment upgrades and the addition of 75 jobs. Prysmian Group’s Harrison County plant is its largest plant in North America and is where the bulk of the region’s renewable energy products are made.


BASF finishes $70 million expansion in rural Georgia

Chemicals firm BASF held a ribbon-cutting event on October 6th at its Agricultural Solutions seed treatment production plant in Sparks, Ga., to mark the completion of a $70 million expansion project. The investment will enable the Germany-based company to increase production of its seed treatment system. About 30 jobs were created as a result of the investment.


Smith & Wesson headed to Tennessee

Gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson is moving its headquarters from Massachusetts to Blount County, Tenn., and bringing $125 million and 750 jobs with it. The company cites proposed state legislation targeting its products, while some elected officials say it’s more a case of corporate welfare and a better deal down South.


Solar company investment to create 500 jobs in Georgia

Solar technologies company NanoPV will invest more than $36 million to open a manufacturing and distribution facility in Americus, Ga. The investment is expected to create more than 500 jobs in Sumter County. NanoPV makes solar panels and related equipment.


E-waste recycling company to open first U.S. facility at Port of Savannah

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp recently announced that e-waste recycling company Igneo Technologies will invest $85 million in opening its first U.S. electronics recycling facility at the Port of Savannah. This is expected to create at least 150 jobs in Chatham County once Igneo is fully operational.


New $300 million Florida surgery center will create 600 jobs

AdventHealth recently opened its $300 million Tampa Bay, Fla.-based Taneja Surgery Center. The facility is one of the area’s largest medical projects ever completed.


Furniture maker expanding in Hickory, N.C.

McCreary Modern, a private-label manufacturer of residential furniture, is expanding its Maiden, N.C., manufacturing campus with a new 80,000-square-foot sewing operation. The new construction is in addition to expansions underway at the company’s nearby Maiden framing plant and woodworking plant in Lenoir. The two expansions and new sewing facility are expected to add 100 jobs to McCreary Modern’s 1,000-employee workforce.


HomeGoods’ new Texas distribution center could bring 1,000 new jobs

The massive HomeGoods Distribution Center is anticipated to break ground in late November in Fort Worth, bringing with it about 1,000 potential new jobs. The Massachusetts-based retailer’s new distribution center will span more than 1 million square feet and is estimated to cost about $80.3 million.


Alabama to gain hundreds of new jobs for U.S. missile defense

Defense firm Northrop Grumman plans to hire 500 more engineers in the Huntsville area to support America’s new Air Force-led defense against foreign nuclear missile attack. The Virginia-based company won a contract in 2020 worth nearly $14 billion to replace the country’s 60-year-old Minute Man missile defense system, which is prepared 24/7 to launch missiles against an attack on the president’s command.


ExxonMobil to build new plastic waste recycling facility in Baytown, Texas

ExxonMobil is set to build its first large-scale plastic waste advanced recycling facility in Baytown. The Irving, Texas-based oil and gas giant said the facility is the first step in its plans to build around 500,000 metric tons of recycling capacity globally over the next five years. The facility in Baytown, located about 26 miles east of Houston, is expected to begin operations by the end of next year. No word yet on the price tag of the plant.


USAA hiring 1,500 in San Antonio, Texas

USAA just announced an increase in the company’s minimum wage from $16 to $21 an hour – or $43,680 annually. In addition to the minimum wage increase, the insurance company also announced that it is looking to fill 2,600 positions – 1,500 of those positions will be located in San Antonio.


Mercedes adding hundreds of jobs in Alabama by year’s end

Mercedes-Benz U.S. International (MBUSI) plans to hire several hundred permanent production team members before the end of 2021 to meet growing demand for its vehicles and prepare for new milestones, especially the production of two electric vehicles – the EQS and EQE sport utilities – in 2022. MBUSI is opening an EV battery pack assembly facility on a second Alabama campus in Bibb County.


Nissan to upgrade Mississippi and Tennessee plants amid EV push

Japan’s Nissan Motor Company will spend about $700 million at two U.S. manufacturing plants to implement new technologies to make electric vehicles. The investment is part of a $1.2 billion global investment to make the automaker’s global factories more efficient, less polluting and ready to produce next-generation cars such as electric vehicles. The Nissan plants in Canton, Miss., and Smyrna, Tenn., are part of the ramp-up.


Seventy-million-dollar investment expands Glen Raven’s presence in South Carolina

Textile manufacturer Glen Raven will invest $70 million to expand in Anderson, S.C. The investment is expected to create 135 new jobs in Anderson County and add a distribution center to its operations.


Argents Air Express expands South Carolina operations

Argents Air Express, a logistics company, plans to expand operations in North Charleston. The $400,000 investment will create 35 new jobs and increase the company’s fulfillment and distribution capabilities in the Southeast.


Globe Metallurgical considers reopening plant in Selma, Ala.

Britain-based Ferroglobe recently announced that its subsidiary, Globe Metallurgical, is considering plans to restart its silicon metal facility in Selma. The two-furnace operation there poduces silicon metal, which is used to produce the silicon wafers for solar cells and electronic semiconductors. It’s also used to strengthen aluminum and as a raw material in a growing number of industrial and consumer products. GMI’s plans call for restarting one furnace at the Dallas County facility in December 2021, with hopes of restarting the second furnace by March 2022.


Tesla headquarters moving to Texas

Tesla will move its headquarters to Austin, Texas, following through on a threat Elon Musk made last year when tensions between the billionaire and California boiled over. Musk announced his decision in October. The shortage of affordable housing and long commute times are among factors limiting how much the company can expand in the San Francisco Bay area it’s called home for 18 years, he said.


SpaceLink expanding in Fairfax County, Va.

SpaceLink, a Tysons, Va.-based corporation providing data connections from Earth to satellites and other spacecraft, will expand and create 41 new jobs.


Samsung expanding again in Plano, Texas

Samsung is expanding its Plano regional office center again. In 2018, the South Korea-based electronics giant announced that it would move 1,000 workers to the Legacy Central business campus in Plano. Then in 2020, Samsung expanded the Plano office by another 75,000 square feet. The tech company now says it is spending nearly $ 11 million building 60,000 square feet of new offices.


Tyson investing $61 million in Mississippi expansion

Tyson Foods has unveiled plans to invest $61 million to expand its poultry plant in Vicksburg, Miss. The facility employs approximately 500 people, and the expansion will add another 50 jobs.


Italy-based meat producer opening in Virginia

Italy-based Veronesi, a producer of cured meats, will establish its first U.S. production operation in Rockingham County, Va. The project is expected to create more than 150 new jobs. The company also plans to explore the possibility of working with smaller Virginia farms for its American production needs.


Harbor Steel & Supply builds Bowling Green plant

Harbor Steel & Supply, a manufacturer of products for the steel and aluminum industries, will construct a 50,000-square-foot facility in the Kentucky Transpark in Bowling Green. The $8 million investment is expected to create 25 full-time jobs in the years ahead.


Williams Sonoma hiring thousands in Florida

Williams Sonoma is hiring 3,500 people within the next six weeks and the positions are work-from-home. They’re looking to hire people between Tampa and Miami, which are two of their biggest growing markets.


Life science giant bringing hundreds of jobs to RTP

North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park-based health IT and research company IQVIA has just opened a new 160,000–square-foot lab facility for its Q2 Solutions subsidiary. No financial information was provided, but the company anticipates creating close to 750 new jobs over the next decade.

Vexus Boats expands in North Arkansas

Vexus Boats will expand operations with a new facility in Flippin, Ark. Since opening its current facility there, the fishing boat company has seen exponential growth amplified since the start of the pandemic. The $4.2 million investment will also create 50 new full-time positions.


Industrial park planned for Moody, Ala.

A $125 million industrial park will begin taking shape in Moody later this year. Kelly Creek Commerce Park, a 172-acre development, could eventually be home to about 800 employees, according to an announcement. The plan is to create a technology-based manufacturing park similar to ones in Birmingham, Huntsville and Auburn.


Leprino Foods investing $870 million in Texas plant

Leprino Foods, a mozzarella and dairy ingredients manufacturer, will invest $870 million to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant located on 258 acres in East Lubbock, Texas. The project represents the largest single private capital investment announced since Lubbock Economic Development Alliance’s (LEDA) inception, and the 12th largest private capital investment project in Texas since the establishment of the Texas Enterprise Fund in 2003.


Nymbus moving HQ to Jax, will hire 673

Nymbus, a software developer for financial institutions, announced it will move its corporate headquarters from Miami Beach to Downtown Jacksonville, Fla. The company anticipates creating around 600 new jobs in the area.


PreZero expanding in South Carolina

PreZero, a recycling company, announced plans to expand operations in Oconee County, S.C. The $11.5 million investment will hire 32 to convert plastic and organic waste into valuable raw materials and commodities.


Sea Pro Boats expanding in Newberry County, S.C.

Sea Pro Boats is expanding its operations in Whitmire. The $3.7 million investment includes 50 new jobs.


New jobs coming to Goose Creek, S.C.

Flooring Services, a commercial and residential flooring company, is relocating its headquarters to the Crowfield Corporate Park in Goose Creek with a $4.4 million investment. The relocation will create 30 new jobs.


Louisiana medical marijuana expands to Ruston, La.

Louisiana’s largest medical marijuana producer is expanding its growing operation to Ruston, where LSU AgCenter partner Good Day Farm is putting a 225,000-square-foot warehouse into production. The company will begin moving plants from Baton Rouge into the warehouse after the facility gets the green light from the regulators.


GlaxoSmithKline relocating offices and hundreds of workers to Downtown Durham

GlaxoSmithKline is relocating its offices in Research Triangle Park to the American Tobacco Campus in downtown Durham, N.C., as the drug giant adjusts to changing demand for office space in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The space at the American Tobacco Campus (ATC) will accommodate about 650 employees at maximum capacity, about half of the company’s current workforce at the RTP facility. “This is a flexible arrangement that may see people in the new space some of the time and working from home some of the time,” a spokesperson for GSK said.


Manufacturer reshoring to Wythe County, Va.

Governor Ralph Northam announced that because the Commonwealth has committed $8.5 million to upgrade infrastructure at Progress Park in Wythe County, a major joint venture has committed to build a manufacturing operation that projects to employ 2,500 people. A joint venture between Blue Star Manufacturing and American Glove Innovations will invest $714.1 million to establish a nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) manufacturing facility and nitrile glove production operation in Wythe County’s Progress Park. The investment would represent the largest job creation in Southwest Virginia in a generation.


QSR Automations’ new HQ will create 30 jobs, relocate 130 in Kentucky

QSR Automations, a technology developer for the restaurant and hospitality industries, celebrated the opening of the its new global headquarters and tech campus, a $10 million investment that will create 30 new jobs and relocate 130 employees previously based across multiple facilities.


Gulfstream will create thousands of jobs in Savannah, Ga.

Gulfstream Aerospace has unveiled two new state-of-the-art aircraft to add to their fleet, the G400 and the G800, which will bring thousands of new jobs to the area. “The local jobs in Savannah that will be created by these airplanes is going to be in the thousands. We’ve hired about 3,000 people as I said so far this year. I think we have 2,000 jobs that are open right now, and as manufacturing continues to grow for the G700 and these two new airplanes, we’ll see job growth in Savannah,” said Mark Burns, President of Gulfstream.


Community Wellness Technology creating 445 at new facility in Danville, Ky.

Community Wellness Technology, a provider of remote patient monitoring and clinical health coaching services for the healthcare industry, is investing $3 million (with plans to invest up to $15 million) to establish a new facility in Boyle County, a project that will create 445 jobs during the coming years.


Mohawk Industries will invest $87 million to expand in Thomasville, N.C.

Mohawk Industries will create 87 new jobs and expand its Thomasville manufacturing facility. The company will invest $87 million to grow its laminate manufacturing facility there.


Special Aerospace Services plans production facility in Alabama

Colorado-based Special Aerospace Services (SAS), a tactical engineering company, is expanding its Alabama footprint and opening a production facility in the Cummings Research Park in Huntsville. The phased development will encompass up to two major buildings and a projected 30 high-technology jobs.

October 2021

Reshoring on track for record job migration to U.S.

According to the Reshoring Initiative, the U.S. (as of September) is on track to add a total of nearly 250,000 jobs from abroad in 2021. The data includes foreign direct investment — which was down dramatically in 2020 — so the "reshoring" data is skewed. Foreign direct investment, for the most part, has no relationship with reshoring. However, using the Reshoring Initiative's data, the projected jobs created in 2021 is 38 percent more than 2020, when 161,000 jobs were created either by reshoring or FDI.


Two huge Ford Motor deals

Ford Motor and battery supplier SK Innovation have planned to invest over $11 billion at two sites in the South, one in Kentucky and the other in Tennessee. The projects will produce electric vehicles and batteries. The two sites are the Memphis Regional Megasite and the Glendale Megasite in Hardin County, Ky. The Tennessee project will include a 3,600-acre campus, a supplier park, recycling center and a new assembly plant to build F-Series trucks. The two projects are expected to create almost 11,000 full-time jobs and are part of President Joe Biden's call for companies to onshore supply chains amid the global shortage of semiconductor chips and the logistics backlog that is being experience in the supply chain from foreign countries. The state of Tennessee invested more than $174 million on improvements at the Memphis Regional Megasite. Tens of millions have also been spent on the Glendale Megasite in central Kentucky over the years as well. That site came in second in the Hyundai site search that ended up in Montgomery, Ala., nearly 20 years ago. The joint venture on both sites will be called BlueOvalSK.


Raytheon opens new plant in McKinney, Texas

Raytheon Technologies, an aerospace and defense contractor, has opened a new 178,000-square-foot intelligent manufacturing facility at its McKinney campus. The company has also announced it will build a larger plant on the site by 2025. The two plants are expected to house over 700 workers.


Martinsville-Henry County, Va., is at it again

Germany-based Schock is setting up shop in Henry County, Va., one of the most successful rural locations in the South for economic development. The company manufactures all kinds of kitchen sinks. The $85 million deal will create 355 jobs.


Global automotive supplier Auria to expand in South Carolina

Auria Spartanburg has announced that it is expanding its plant in Spartanburg to meet growing demand. The $12 million deal will create 103 new jobs. The company makes flooring, acoustic systems and other parts for a variety of automakers.


Corning expanding in North Carolina

Corning is investing $150 million in optical cable manufacturing in North Carolina, initially adding 200 jobs in Hickory, N.C. This is just the latest Corning expansion in Hickory. The deal is part of Corning’s collaboration with AT&T Inc. to increase fiber network capacity to meet high demand and accelerate 5G deployment.


Software company to add over 100 jobs in North Carolina

Vantaca, a software-as-a-service provider, will add 104 new jobs in New Hanover County. The company is expanding in its hometown Wilmington.


Midtown Atlanta keeps the momentum going

Tech-heavy midtown Atlanta continues its string of massive tech deals in the fall of 2021. Visa announced last quarter they plan on occupying a 123,000-square-foot office at 1200 Peachtree Street and hiring 1,000 new employees over the next few years. The company’s new office facility is expected to open in 2022 with a focus on technology and client services.


Another tech deal, this one at Research Triangle Park

Fidelity Investments is bringing another 1,500 jobs to Research Triangle Park. The announcement means that Fidelity will employ a total of 2,500 in the Raleigh-Durham area.


Largest satellite facility in the world to be constructed at Florida's Space Coast

Terran Orbital announced in the fall that it will invest $300 million in Merritt Island on Florida's Space Coast. Florida's governor Ron DeSantis said the company’s move to Florida will create the largest satellite manufacturing facility in the entire world. The 660,000-square-foot facility will be able to produce more than 1,000 satellites a year and 1 million satellite components. The deal will create 2,000 jobs.


Thermo Fisher expands in Missouri

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced plans to expand its drug substance manufacturing facility in St. Louis County, Mo. The $82.5 million deal will create 169 jobs.


Auto parts supplier relocating to Texas site

Vehicle Accessories Inc. plans to relocate 315 manufacturing jobs and its $13.5 million annual payroll from Sunnyvale, Calif., and other locations to Mesquite, Texas. The company plans to combine operations in Sunnyvale, Buffalo (N.Y.), Toronto, Ontario and Magog, Quebec, to the new Mesquite location.  The relocation project will create 315 jobs.


Petcare firm adding jobs in Arkansas

Mars Petcare is investing nearly $120 million into its Fort Smith operation as pet food demand rises, capitalizing on earlier expansion plans and producing even more jobs. The company will add two new production lines and 140 new workers.


Modular home manufacturer to set up shop in rural South Carolina

Impresa Building Systems of Greenwood  will establish a new factory in Greenwood County, S.C., and create 180 jobs. The company will be making a $9 million investment.


Toyota celebrates 25 years in West Virginia

In the fall quarter, Japanese automaker Toyota celebrated a major milestone— the company has operated in Buffalo, W.Va., for 25 years. The company makes four- and six-cylinder engines there are well as transmissions and hybrid trans-axles.


Bourbon maker bringing jobs to Somerset, Ky.

Horse Soldier Bourbon is investing $200 million to bring bourbon and tourism dollars to Pulaski County, Ky. The deal will create 50 jobs.


Plastics manufacturer expanding in Virginia

Virginia Industrial Plastics is investing over $6 million to expand its plant in Rockingham County, Va. The deal will create 92 jobs.


International automotive manufacturer to open facility in Central Texas

The Greater San Marcos Partnership announced in the fall that Plastikon Industries will open a new factory in Kyle, Texas. The company supplies interior components to companies like Tesla and Toyota. The $13.6 million deal will create 200 jobs.


Oak barrel manufacturer chooses rural South Carolina for new plant

South Carolina Oak Barrel announced in the fall it will invest $6.8 million in a new plant in Bamberg County, S.C. The barrels will be used for whiskey and wine operations. The project will generate 122 new jobs.


Mining operation creating jobs in West Virginia

CS Global Group, which is based in Turkey, will located a barite mining and manufacturing operation in Moundsville, W.Va. The $10 million project will create 47 jobs.


Aerospace company to break ground on new plant in Virginia

Aery Aviation, a full-service commercial and government services provider to the aerospace industry, is breaking ground on a new 60,000-square-foot hangar facility at the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport. The $15 million deal will create 211 jobs.


1,000 jobs being created at historic Walter Reed Army Medical Center

The Children’s National Research & Innovation Campus is opening a new facility at Walter Reed in Northwest D.C. The deal will create 1,000 jobs.


Manufacturer to locate new plant in Central Texas

Knauf Insulation plans to open a new factory in McGregor, Texas. The $210 million project will create 151 jobs.


Financial services giant Charles Schwab adding hundreds of new jobs in Austin

Schwab and TD Ameritrade are adding jobs in the Texas capitol. Most of the 450 jobs are tech jobs such as software development.


Toyota again expanding its Alabama engine plant

Japanese automaker Toyota will be the exclusive North American producer of the twin-turbo V6 engine for the 2022 Tundra. The manufacturer said the twin-turbo V6 engine line represents a $288 million investment in Toyota Alabama operations and an added 450 jobs, bringing total employment to 1,800.


Moody's expanding in Charlotte

Moody’s Investor Services is expanding in Charlotte, taking up enough space in the South End to accommodate 500 employees. Employers will start occupying the new space in the first quarter of 2022.


Fintech startup approved for incentives outside of Austin

Moca Ventures, a fintech startup, has received final approval from the Bastrop City Council for an incentives agreement to help build a “Google-like” headquarters in the city located east of Austin. The project could create up to 700 jobs.


Vitamin maker to expand its manufacturing and analytical testing operations in Sugar Land, Texas

Bluebonnet Nutrition Corporation, headquartered in Sugar Land, will invest $18 million to expand its Sugar Land Business Park location and add 200 new jobs. It will be the company's third facility in Sugar Land.


Waitr bringing new jobs in Mississippi

Food delivery service company Waitr is expanding in the Hattiesburg, Miss., area. The company is looking for 200 new contract drivers.


Big deal in Middle Tennessee

Massachusetts-based Thermo Fisher Scientific announced it will establish an equipment manufacturing plant just east of Nashville in Lebanon, Tenn. The company will make bioprocess containers and fluid transfer assemblies that will be used by biopharmaceutical companies around the world to develop and produce vaccines and therapeutics. The $100 million investment is expected to create 1,400 jobs.


Arkansas company expands after expanding

Jonesboro-based Hytrol Conveyor Corp., a maker of conveyor systems, announced earlier in 2021 that it would add a second factory in Fort Smith, Ark. Initially 250 workers were to be housed at the plant. Now, the company has announced  it will expand by adding 100 new employees at its Fort Smith location.


REHAU announces another expansion in Cullman, Ala.

German auto supplier REHAU is expanding again in Cullman, Ala. In the summer, REHAU officials said they would spend $50 million at the Alabama plant for new equipment and tooling. REHAU's largest customer in Alabama is the Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa County.


Marine electronics maker to expand in East Alabama

Hummingbird is expanding its plant in Eufaula, Ala. Hummingbird, part of Johnson Outdoors, makes marine electronics including fish finders, multifunction displays, autopilots, ice flashers and cartography products.The deal will create 77 jobs.


Carvana creating jobs in Oklahoma

Auto retailer Carvana is investing in an inspection and reconditioning center in Oklahoma City that’s expected to bring more than 350 new jobs to the metro.


Drug therapy firm picks Raleigh over Durham and Atlanta

Gilead Sciences, the maker of breakthrough HIV, hepatitis C and cancer therapies as well as the COVID treatment remdesivir, has chosen Raleigh for a facility. The deal will create 275 jobs.


Interesting deal in Tampa

Genesis Systems, a developer of technologies that aim to solve global water scarcity, plans to establish its corporate headquarters and launch its first line of products in Tampa, Fla. The company plans to add 125 new jobs over the next five years.


Atlanta-based Earthlink bringing 285 jobs to Southwest Virginia

Internet provider Earthlink plans to hire 285 workers when it opens a $5.4 million customer care center in Norton, Va.


Manufacturer of farm equipment expanding its facility in North Carolina

Everything Attachments, a manufacturer of high-quality farm implements and tractor attachments, is expanding its plant in Conover, N.C. The $20 million deal will create 147 new jobs.


GenH2 establishes global HQ in Titusville, Fla.

GenH2, a leading developer of hydrogen infrastructure solutions and liquid hydrogen production, is locating its global headquarters in Titusville, Fla. The $35 million project will create 400 jobs.


Manufacturer expands in West Virginia

TeMa North America announced in the fall it will invest $7 million and add 15 jobs in Jefferson County, W.Va.


Life science firm Patheon expands in North Carolina

Life science firm Patheon, a subsidiary of Thermo Fisher, is adding nearly 300 jobs as it expands in Greenville, N.C. The company is investing $154 million.


Amazon adding 3,000 jobs in Kentucky

Amazon is adding 3,000 jobs in Kentucky at existing locations. The jobs are in addition to the 2,000 Amazon Air jobs at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG). The jobs will be added in Lexington, Shepherdsville, Erlanger and Hebron.


Metals manufacturer to invest more than $100 million in Virginia

Service Center Metals, a maker of aluminum extrusions, will invest more than $100 million to expand in Prince George County, Va. The project will create 94 jobs.


Auto supplier to establish first U.S. factory in Northeast Tennessee

Sungwoo Hitech America will place its first U.S. factory in Telford, Tenn. The company plans to produce bumpers, rear components, and side framing for a variety of automakers including BMW, Hyundai, Kia and Volkswagen. Approximately 115 jobs will be created.


New factory for Tyson in Virginia

Arkansas-based Tyson Foods announced it will open a new factory in Danville, Va. The $300 million plant will house about 400 workers.


Audi could build electric vehicles at Volkswagen's plant in Tennessee.

Audi's parent company is VW and the chances of the German automaker building EVs in Chattanooga are growing stronger every day. Audi shares the same all-electric architecture as the ID.4 model which it builds in Chattanooga.


Peanut plant slated for South Carolina

Premium Peanut is investing $64.3 million to establish operations in Orangeburg County in a move expected to create 130 jobs.


Bioplastics manufacturer to open plant in Savannah, Ga.

NANTRenewables, a subsidiary of NantWorks, will invest up to $29 million to build a manufacturing facility at SeaPoint Industrial Terminal Complex in Savannah. The venture will create 134 jobs.

September 2021

Could Audi build electric vehicles at VW plant?

German automaker Audi builds it EVs in Germany and Belgium. At some point it will need to build electric vehicles in the U.S. like everyone else, but it is unlikely for Audi to build a whole new plant with a facility in Mexico and its parent company VW already preparing for EV manufacturing. One clue suggests Audi, if it builds EVs in the U.S., would do it at parent company VW's plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. Audi shares the same all-electric architecture as the ID.4 — VW Group’s MEB platform — which would make production of the Audi Q4 e-tron quite possible in Tennessee.


Gap to hire 1,000 more at Nashville area distribution center

Gap continues to grow its 25-year-old distribution center in Gallatin, Tenn. The company is adding 1,000 jobs at the center.


Incentives approved to bring Samsung’s $17 billion plant to Taylor, Texas

Officials in the town of Taylor and Williamson County have approved incentives for a new Samsung Electronics $17 billion chip plant. The plant represents one of the largest foreign investments in U.S. history. Taylor is located just northeast of Austin where Samsung operates another chip plant.


Missouri cannabis industry adds more than 4,000 jobs in less than a year

According to a report this week from the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has to date issued some 4,584 state agent ID cards required to work at medical marijuana facilities.


Hytrol expands in Arkansas

Hytrol, a maker of conveyor systems used by Amazon, UPS and FedEx, is expanding it plant in Fort Smith by adding 100 jobs. The company is headquartered in Jonesboro, Ark. Hytrol is investing over $3 million in the deal.


Ascend West Virginia flooded with applications

Earlier this year, the state of West Virginia offered remote workers $12,000 in cash if they relocated there for two years. The state was flooded with applications. Called Ascend West Virginia, the talent attraction and retention program chose 53 people for its first class of remote workers moving to West Virginia. Those people chosen came from 21 states and other countries such as Germany. The first batch will receive $12,000 in cash, plus free outdoor recreation, the option to earn certifications through West Virginia University, and access to co-working space and networking opportunities.


VEDP "Supply Chain Optimization Program"

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership launched its Supply Chain Optimization Program, Gov. Ralph Northam announced in the summer quarter. The one-year program is designed to help Virginia businesses streamline their supply chain management. Participating businesses could receive a maximum of $10,000 in reimbursements for supply chain-related expenses, including consulting services, connections with experts and training sessions.


German auto parts supplier expanding again in Cullman, Ala.

German auto supplier REHAU plans to invest $50 million in expanding its plant in Cullman, Ala. The company is a major supplier to the Mercedes-Benz plant in Vance, Ala. REHAU will hire 150 workers in the deal.


Seven million Americans not working because of need to take care for homebound children

This summer, Census data showed that 7.5 million Americans are not working because they are taking care of children who are schooling at home. This issue is the biggest impediment to filling over 9 million vacant jobs.


Millions more square feet of space planned for North Carolina's Research Triangle

This has been a great year for biotech project activity in the Research Triangle. The Triangle currently has about 10 million square feet of biotech space, however, real estate analyst Newmark said this summer that there is up to 10 million square feet of new space under development. This summer Amgen reported it will invest $550 million in a new facility in the Triangle that will create 355 jobs.


Texas beating all states for California corporate relocations

According to Spectrum Location Solutions and Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, Texas is beating all other states for relocating headquarters coming from California. Texas captured 114 California corporate relocations from January 1, 2018, to June 30th of this year. That was 89 more than Tennessee captured, which had the second-most wins in that period. The Austin MSA won 57 during that time, the most of any Texas market.


China is also having labor issues

The U.S. economy is not the only large economy that is having a tough time finding labor. China, the second largest economy in the world, is also going through labor pains. Labor shortages are across the board, but manufacturing especially hard hit as factory owners struggle to fill jobs.


Nucor cancels Louisiana expansion of steel mill

Charlotte-based Nucor has abandoned its plan to invest $120 million in its steel manufacturing complex in Convent, La. The new facility would have made iron pellets.


The top trading partner of every Southern state

The U.S. is highly dependent — perhaps unsurprisingly — on Canada and Mexico for trade. The country’s top trading partner is Mexico, making up 14.8 percent of total trade. However, the country’s neighbors to the north and south are not the only trade partners that U.S. states rely heavily upon. Here are the top trading partners (exports) for each Southern state based on last year's totals:


Top export locations for each Southern state

                                             Value                 Percent of state exports

Alabama: China                 $3.1 billion        18.1 percent

Arkansas: Canada             $1.2 billion        22.1 percent

Florida: Brazil                     $3.5 billion        7.7 percent

Georgia: Canada               $5.1 billion        13.3 percent

Kentucky: Canada             $6.5 billion        26.5 percent

Louisiana:  China               $10.8 billion      18.1 percent

Mississippi: Canada           $2.1 billion        20.3 percent

Missouri: Canada            $4.4 billion        35.0 percent

North Carolina: Canada    $5.8 billion        24.7 percent

Oklahoma: Canada           $1.4 billion        27 percent

South Carolina: Germany$4.1 billion       13.5 percent

Tennessee: Canada         $5.8 billion        20.7 percent    

Texas: Mexico                    $8 9 billion        31.9 percent

Virginia: Canada                $2.7 billion        16.5 percent

West Virginia: Canada      $1.3 billion        28.3 percent

Source: Census Bureau


Thermo Fischer Scientific to establish new manufacturing facility in Wilson County, Tenn.

Thermo Fisher Scientific officials announced that the Massachusetts-based life sciences company will establish a new manufacturing facility in Wilson County that will lead to 1,400 new jobs. To date, Thermo Fisher has committed more than $100 million to build a new facility where it will produce containers and assemblies that are used globally by biopharma companies to develop and produce therapeutics and vaccines.


Bioplastics company opening facility in Savannah, Ga.

Bioplastics company NANTRenewables will invest up to $29 million to build a manufacturing facility at SeaPoint Industrial Terminal Complex in Savannah. This venture will create 134 manufacturing jobs in Chatham County.


American Trailer World creates 225 jobs in Franklin County, Ga.

American Trailer World has invested $20 million in expanding manufacturing operations at its Franklin County Carry-On Trailer facility. The company is hiring for all positions at the Lavonia facility to manufacture utility and specialty trailers. This expansion will create at least 225 jobs.


Vanderlande Industries expanding in Cobb County, Ga.

Netherlands-based material handling and logistics company Vanderlande will invest $59 million in expanding its North American headquarters in Cobb County. This expansion will create 500 new jobs in Marietta.


Medical tech company expanding in Gwinnett County, Ga., adding 1,200 jobs

Intuitive, a pioneer in robotic-assisted surgery and a global leader in minimally invasive care, will invest more than $500 million in its current campus in Gwinnett County, creating approximately 1,200 jobs in Peachtree Corners. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., Intuitive is the manufacturer of the da Vinci robotic-assisted surgical systems and Ion bronchoscopy system.


Tyson Foods chooses Virginia for $300 million operation

Tyson Foods will invest $300 million to establish a manufacturing facility in Cane Creek Centre, an industrial park jointly owned by the City of Danville and Pittsylvania County, Va. The project is expected to create 376 new jobs.


Nineteen-million-dollar investment bringing 200 jobs to North Carolina

Vitamin and dietary supplements manufacturer Nature’s Value will invest more than $19 million to expand into Winston-Salem, N.C. The investment is expected to create 183 jobs in Forsyth County, with the average annual salary for new positions being $57,669.


Parker Hannifin expands in Holly Springs, Miss.

Parker Hannifin is expanding its existing facility in Holly Springs. The project is expected to create 25 new jobs. The Holly Springs location manufactures all first-fit OEM assemblies for fuel, air and crankcase ventilation filtration products.


Elkay plans Olive Branch, Miss., distribution hub

Plumbing and water delivery products manufacturer Elkay Manufacturing is locating distribution operations in Olive Branch. The $3.22 million project is expected to create 25 jobs over the next two years.


Wellborn Cabinet launches $15 million expansion in Ashland, Ala.

Wellborn Cabinets has announced a $15 million expansion that will ultimately create more than 200 jobs at the company’s plant in rural Clay County. Wellborn is a family-owned maker of kitchen and bath cabinets that employs 1,300 people in Clay County.


Prism Maritime building two more facilities in Chesapeake, Va.

A company that provides support services for the U.S. Navy is expanding its operations in Chesapeake with a $4 million investment, bringing 166 new jobs to the area. Prism Maritime provides services for the military and commercial maritime industry, including engineering and research.


Italy-based Grupporeco establishes factory in Lenoir County, N.C.

Global manufacturer of household appliance components, Grupporeco, will invest $28 million and create 110 new jobs in Kinston, N.C. The company’s new subsidiary, RECO U.S., will build its first manufacturing facility for dishwasher components in North America.


Walmart to hire 20,000 supply chain workers

Walmart is looking to hire 20,000 permanent workers for its distribution and fulfillment centers, trying to fill some of the most high-demand jobs in retail as the pandemic continues to disrupt the global supply chain. The average pay for its supply chain employees is $20.37 an hour.


Martinrea expansion means more than $31 million investment in Kentucky

Martinrea Hopkinsville, a Tier 1 automotive supplier of lightweight structures and propulsion systems, will expand its presence in Christian County, Ky., with an investment of more than $31 million that will create 33 jobs.


Wipro Limited opens Arkansas delivery complex

Wipro Limited, a global information technology, consulting, and business process services company, will open a new delivery center in Sherwood, Ark. The company expects to hire up to 400 employees with this $3 million investment.


Thoroughbred Aviation Maintenance opens HQ in Lexington, Ky.

Thoroughbred Aviation Maintenance (TAM) has opened its new headquarters operation at Blue Grass Airport in Lexington. The $800,000 project is expected to create 47 full-time jobs over the next three years. TAM maintains and services all commercial flights in Lexington.


KBR is expanding in Alabama, adding 160 jobs

Houston-based defense contractor KBR plans to expand its operations in Huntsville, Ala., with a new headquarters facility. The expansion means the addition of more than 160 jobs to provide engineering, scientific and technical services to the defense and aerospace industries at KBR’s new location just outside Redstone Arsenal.


Steel processor to build in Blytheville, Ark.

Majestic Steel plans to build a service center and processing facility on the Nucor Hickman steel production campus in Blytheville. The 515,000-square-foot facility will create about 225 jobs.


Mohawk expands production in Thomasville, Ga.

Mohawk Industries is growing its Thomasville manufacturing facility, creating 50 new jobs with an expanded 275,000-square-foot manufacturing area.


Planet Direct to create 100 new jobs in Manassas, Va.

Planet Direct, a direct mail production company, has moved into new headquarters in Innovation Park just outside Manassas, where it plans to create 100 jobs.


India-based tech company plans Tennessee operations center

India-based IGT Technologies will invest $3.9 million to expand its operations in Knoxville. The project is expected to create 200 new jobs, and will include an inbound call center and a technology development center.


New Walmart distribution center in the Charlotte region to add more than 500 jobs

Walmart plans to build a distribution center that will bring more than 500 full-time jobs to the Charlotte region. The 1-million-square-foot fulfillment distribution center will be located in Troutman in Iredell County.


LDG Multifamily expanding Kentucky operations

Affordable-housing developer LDG Multifamily will expand its Louisville operations with up to $10.75 million in investment to purchase and renovate a new headquarters, creating 50 jobs.


PowerHouse Recycling will create 50 jobs in North Carolina expansion

PowerHouse Recycling will create 50 new jobs and invest $5 million in an expansion in Rowan County, N.C. PowerHouse has invested in a new facility and is hiring truck drivers, e-commerce testers, e-commerce procurement and warehouse labor.


Chapin International to create 200 jobs in Kentucky

Chapin International, a manufacturer of compressed air sprayers, plans to add 200 full-time jobs with an expansion of its recently opened Rockcastle County facility and a new location in Boyle County, two projects totaling nearly $16.7 million in new investment.


Primal Pet Group expands Texas manufacturing facility

Primal Pet Group, which makes cat and dog foods, has begun construction on the $31.6 million expansion of its manufacturing facility in Abilene, Texas. The project is expected to create roughly 130 jobs.


Sungwoo Hitech locating first U.S. manufacturing operations in Washington County, Tenn.

Sungwoo Hitech will invest $40 million to locate its first U.S. manufacturing operations in Telford, Tenn. The Korean automotive supplier will create 117 new jobs to manufacture metal stamped components -- bumpers, rear components and side framing -- for customers including General Motors, Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen and BMW.


Milwaukee Tool adding another Mississippi facility

Wisconsin-based Milwaukee Tool is expanding its presence in Mississippi once again by leasing a facility in Clinton to grow its operations. The manufacturer of heavy-duty power tools will invest more than $7 million with the expansion. The announcement is part of the company’s commitment to create 1,200 jobs in the state.


Bigelow Tea investing $53 million in Jeffersontown, Ky.

Bigelow Tea will relocate and expand in Jeffersontown with a $53 million investment that will create 31 jobs. Bigelow will construct a 334,000-square-foot operation near its existing facility.


Likewize creating 500 jobs in Texas

Likewize, a global tech protection company formerly known as Brightstar, has opened a new fulfillment center in Flower Mound that is expected to create 500 new jobs. Likewize is also relocating its headquarters to Southlake, along with the fulfillment center near the DFW airport.


Coca-Cola bottler plans Baton Rouge expansion

Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED, headquartered in Birmingham, Ala., is considering a $42 million investment to expand its bottling facility in Baton Rouge, La. The proposed project would create 15 new jobs.


New steel plant coming to Meade County, Ky.

Eddie Kane Steel Products plans to construct a $4.8 million steel processing facility in Meade County, Ky. The project is expected to create 25 jobs.


Cypress Creek Renewables plans South Carolina solar project

Cypress Creek Renewables plans to grow operations with a new solar project in Anderson County, S.C. The company has taken the first steps to invest up to $68 million in a 50-megawatt solar facility.


ReliaQuest moving 600 jobs to new Tampa HQ

ReliaQuest, one of the largest cybersecurity companies in the Tampa area, will move 400 employees into its new 120,000-square-foot headquarters in the Water Street development early next year and will hire another 150 to 200 by the end of the year.


Miami’s Crypto Capital continues to grow

Okcoin, one of the world’s fastest growing cryptocurrency trading platforms, announced the opening of its Miami office that will also serve its growing customer base in Latin America. The San Francisco-based company said it will be hiring 100 additional jobs.


New solar company plans 75 jobs in Oklahoma City

EightTwenty, a new energy services company, announced plans to establish a headquarters in northeast Oklahoma City and to create 75 jobs over the next two years.


TELUS creating 1,200 jobs in Charleston County, S.C.

TELUS, a company that provides multilingual digital IT solutions, is opening a new facility in North Charleston. The initial investment of $3.4 million will create approximately 1,200 new jobs by 2022.


Texas company investing $6 million in Bibb County, Ala., plant

Houston’s CEMEX USA has pumped $6 million into Bibb County with its new Brierfield plant (RM USA Aggregates) to produce construction aggregates. It is close to CEMEX’s existing Ready Mix USA concrete operations in Tuscaloosa, Vance and Alabaster.


Tampa airport hopes to fill 950 positions

Tampa International Airport held a hiring day in August to fill more than 950 positions in a variety of fields including retail, rental car, maintenance, airline support, janitorial and more.


Spectra Laboratories opens new facility in Southaven, Miss.

Fresenius Medical Care’s Spectra Laboratories has opened a new renal lab services facility in Southaven, Miss. Plans for the facility were announced two years ago. This laboratory will create more than 300 jobs in the area over the next couple of years.


Waste Management creating 330 jobs with Tupelo expansion

Waste Management is adding 330 remote jobs in Mississippi, investing about $660,000 in the project for equipment and workstations enabling employees to work from a remote location.


Green Dot Corporation relocating HQ to Texas

Fintech firm and U.S. provider of prepaid debit cards Green Dot Corporation will relocate its corporate headquarters from Pasadena, Calif., to Austin, as it adopts a permanent remote working model. Like other tech firms, Green Dot has embraced the shift to remote working forced by the coronavirus pandemic, which has reduced the need to maintain large headquarters in expensive cities.


Woodgrain investing $17 million in Virginia expansions

In Virginia, Woodgrain will invest nearly $9 million to expand its operations in Smyth County and invest more than $8 million to purchase and expand the former Independence Lumber sawmill in Grayson County. The moulding and trim manufacturer will create 100 new jobs, save 80 existing jobs, and increase purchases of Virginia-grown forest products.


Oklahoma airpark becoming logistics hub

Under a $124 million development plan, a significant portion of the Ardmore Industrial Airpark in Ardmore, Okla., will become an international, state-of-the-art multimodal logistics facility. The newly developed Global Transportation & Industrial Park of Oklahoma (GTIP) includes more than 200 acres of shovel-ready and build-to-suit land.


Packaging manufacturer announces $80 million investment in South Carolina facility

Pregis, an Illinois-based manufacturer of protective packaging materials, will establish a new $80 million facility for its blown film extrusion operations in upstate South Carolina. The facility will create 120 new jobs for workers in Anderson.


New fintech center bringing 700 jobs to Sandy Springs, Ga.

Deluxe Corp. has opened its FinTech and Customer Innovation Center in Sandy Springs, where it will eventually employ more than 700 workers with an average salary of $91,000. The company is investing more than $12 million in the project.


AECOM moves HQ from L.A. to Dallas, Texas

Multinational infrastructure consulting firm AECOM — a driving force behind projects including high-speed rail and the proposed hyperloop in Texas — will relocate its global headquarters to Dallas from Los Angeles. An undisclosed number of corporate executives will make the move to the company’s existing Dallas office, joining more than 1,200 employees already in the state.


Another tech company heads to McKinney, Texas

Xcelerate Auto, a fintech company that focuses on electric vehicles, has relocated its headquarters from Frisco, Texas, to McKinney. Xcelerate provides funding support and other products to emerging electric vehicle manufacturers.


Plant-based food/drink manufacturer coming to Dallas-Fort Worth

Another company that produces oat milk has revealed plans for a production facility in Midlothian, Texas. SunOpta’s new facility will create up to 185 high-paying manufacturing and management jobs


Aerospace startup opens HQ in Tennessee

A startup developer of next-generation aerospace components will establish its headquarters in East Tennessee. Whisper Aero, formed last year by the former director of Uber’s air taxi division, plans to build electric thrusters for drones, aircraft and electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing vehicles. Whisper has raised $7.5 million to date. The headquarters project in Crossville, Tenn., will create 47 jobs.


Harger expands North Carolina operations

Harger, a supplier of electrical protection equipment, will expand its current operations in Fairmont, N.C. The company’s $3.2 million investment in Robeson County is expected to create 20 jobs.


Modular building enterprise bringing 200 jobs to Fulton County, Ga.

Advanced Modular Structures, a modular building enterprise affiliated with Atlanta-based real estate developer The Integral Group, will create 200 jobs and invest more than $14 million in a new manufacturing facility in unincorporated Fulton County.


Power tech startup invests $21.5 million in North Carolina HQ

A San Francisco-based power technology company, Smart Wires, has picked North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park in Durham as the site of its new global headquarters. The project is a $21.5 million investment.


Steel fabricator investing $21 million in Cleveland County, N.C.

Steffes, a manufacturer of equipment for the oil and gas, power and industrial sectors, plans to invest more than $20 million in a new factory in western North Carolina. The plant in Shelby, N.C., is expected to create 130 jobs.


Uber acquires Texas-based logistics tech company

San Francisco-based Uber announced that it plans to spend $2.25 billion to acquire Transplace, a Frisco, Texas-based logistics technology company.


Amazon announces 10th fulfillment center in Tennessee

Amazon will bring a new fulfillment center and 500 new jobs to Clarksville, Tenn. The new 1-million-square-foot facility is expected to launch in 2022.


Top Edge Components announces $2.9 million investment in Anderson County, S.C.

Top Edge Components, a subsidiary of Yoder’s, will invest $2.9 million to establish a facility to build wooden floor and roof trusses in Townville. The investment will create 25 new jobs.


Ocean Aero moving to Gulfport, Miss.

Ocean Aero, manufacturer and service provider of ocean-going autonomous underwater and surface vehicles, is relocating its manufacturing operations and headquarters from San Diego, Calif., to Gulfport. The project is a $4.65 million corporate investment and will create 45 jobs.


Expansion to bring hundreds of new jobs to Jackson County, Miss.

Superior Optical Lab is expanding its production and distribution center at the Sunplex Industrial Park, which is between Ocean Springs and Gautier, Miss. The $10 million expansion will grow their eyeglass manufacturing facility by more than 31,000 square feet. “Depending on how much we expand past this, the growth pattern will be 100, 200, maybe 300 employees,” said Superior Optical President and CEO Derek Bodart.


Precision Textiles opens 100-employee manufacturing facility in North Carolina

To better serve its customer base in the high-growth mattress industry, Precision Textiles has signed a lease for a new 160,000-square-foot, 25-acre campus in Troy, N.C. The facility — once a textiles production plant that serviced the automobile industry — is Precision Textiles’ first domestic manufacturing facility outside its New Jersey headquarters. The workforce of 100 at the facility will include new employees as well as staff from the company that previously operated the plant.


Crump Group to create 160 jobs in North Carolina

The Crump Group will locate its first U.S. production facility in Nash County, N.C. The Canadian manufacturer of pet treats will create 160 jobs and invest $13.2 million to outfit a new manufacturing and distribution center there.


Arconic investing over $100 million in Tennessee expansion

Aluminum manufacturer Arconic will invest more than $100 million to expand its operations in Blount County, Tenn. The project will support expanded capacity for manufacturing industrial and can sheet and bring 200 new jobs to Arconic’s Alcoa facility, where the company has operated for more than 100 years.


DHL delivers jobs in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky

DHL eCommerce Solutions will fill more than 200 new positions at its Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky (CVG) distribution center. In addition, at the beginning of 2021, the company raised its hourly wages in CVG by approximately 30 percent, with starting pay ranging from $20.50 to $22.00 per hour.


Ostara expands to Missouri

Ostara will bring 40 new, high-paying jobs to the St. Louis region and make a $25 million capital investment in the establishment of a Crystal Green® fertilizer production facility in St. Louis, Mo. The facility will be the company’s largest in the U.S.


Patton Logistics Group expands Virginia operations

The Patton Logistics Group will invest $11 million to expand its trucking, logistics and warehousing operation in Pulaski County, creating 63 jobs. This expansion will include a trucking operations and maintenance center that will provide the infrastructure to support a future investment in electric trucks.


New Amazon facility for Coral Springs, Fla.

Amazon will open a new delivery station in Coral Springs Commerce Park, a project that will create 200 local jobs. Amazon purchased the property for $3.5 million but did not say when the facility would open.


Shenandoah Growers’ indoor farm bringing 50 new jobs to Anderson County, S.C.

Construction is beginning in Anderson County to make way for Shenandoah Growers’ indoor biofarm. The 100,000-square-foot facility will grow leafy greens and bring 50 jobs to the area.


McDonald’s hiring thousands in Central Florida amid worker shortage

McDonald’s announced it is opening up 650 new positions in Orlando and 5,000 across Central Florida in an effort to get more people to work this fall.


Tech firm GovOS moving HQ to Austin

GovOS, a company that provides digital tools for local governments, is moving its headquarters to Austin from Dallas, hoping to grow its operations by tapping the city’s high-tech talent pool. Its goal is to have 100 employees by the end of the year.


MD7 moving HQ to Allen, Texas

Ireland-based MD7, a mobile infrastructure consultancy, will relocate its corporate headquarters from San Diego, Calif., to Allen, Texas. The project will create 218 new jobs and more than $6.8 million in capital investment.


New medical center breaks ground in Whitley City, Ky.

Officials gathered recently in McCreary County to break ground on Cumberland Family Medical Center’s new First Choice medical complex in Whitley City, which will create approximately 50 new jobs.


New Corrigan OSB facility in Polk County, Texas

Corrigan OSB will establish a new production facility in Polk Count. The company is a subsidiary of RoyOMartin, a wood-products manufacturing and timber-management company headquartered in Alexandria, La. The project will create 50 new jobs and $211 million in capital investment.


PepsiCo to create 180 jobs in Poinciana, Fla.

In a move that nearly happened in 2019 and had been rumored to resurface this year, PepsiCo has formally announced plans to build a $180 million, 355,000-square-foot mega-fulfillment center that could employ 180 people in the Poinciana area of Osceola County.


Oatly will employ more than 100 in Fort Worth, Texas

Oatly, the world’s first oat drink maker, will employ more than 100 once it enters its new Fort Worth manufacturing center.


Kentucky logistics company will add 155 new jobs

Lexington, Ky.-based Quality Logistics, doing business as Longship, has opened its new office in Fayette County, a $4.3 million investment creating 155 jobs. Established in Lexington in 2012, Longship is a third-party logistics provider specializing in shipping fresh, frozen and dry products.


Amazon opens its $1.5 billion air hub in Kentucky

After more than four years of planning and construction, the Amazon Air Hub in northern Kentucky will serve as the central hub for Amazon Air’s U.S. cargo network. The $1.5 billion air hub is a major milestone for Amazon Air, which launched in 2016.


Amazon-backed Rivian in talks for $5 billion Texas plant

Rivian Automotive, the electric-vehicle startup backed by Amazon, is in talks to invest at least $5 billion to build a factory near Fort Worth. The facility would be able to produce 200,000 vehicles a year and would create at least 7,500 jobs by 2027.


Amazon selects Tallahassee, Fla., for robotics fulfillment center

Amazon has announced plans to bring a new 630,000-square-foot robotic fulfillment center to Leon County and is expected to open in 2022. The project will generate 1,346 full-time jobs and 2,256 construction jobs and represents a $200 million investment by Amazon.


Accudraft establishing operations in Aiken County, S.C.

Accudraft Finishing Systems, a global finishing systems company, announced plans to establish operations in Aiken County. The $4.7 million investment will create 42 new jobs. Accudraft makes finishing systems and paint booths for the automotive, aircraft, marine vessel and railcar industries.


Interfor reopens sawmill in DeQuincy, La

Interfor Corporation, a wood products company, plans to invest up to $8 million to revive the idled Georgia Pacific sawmill near DeQuincy. The project is expected to create 170 jobs. Interfor recently acquired the Georgia Pacific facility, which was idled in May 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


$40 million steel plant planned for Madison, Ala.

Three companies are collaborating on a $40 million factory in Madison to supply needed steel components for auto manufacturers. Madison Metal Processing will begin later this year supplying steel blanks – the precursor for automotive surface body parties – for Mazda Toyota Manufacturing in Huntsville, as well as other automotive suppliers. The factory will hire about 40.


New Coal operation bringing hope to Wyoming County, W.Va.

Plans are moving forward with a project to open a metallurgical coal mine and prep plant in Wyoming County. Consol Energy first announced in 2019 plans to open a mine just outside of Mullens by 2021. The project was delayed because of the pandemic, but is now moving forward, according to a representative from the company. The coalmine, along with a prep plant, is expected to open by 2022, employing up to 150 people.


Canadian manufacturer heading to Greenville, S.C.

MECART, a leader in cleanroom environments and a manufacturer of modular buildings, will invest $2 million to establish operations in Greenville. The company plans to create 50 jobs.


BILSTEIN GROUP expands plant in Bowling Green, Ky.

German-owned steel processor BILSTEIN GROUP has begun construction of a $17.8 million expansion at its campus in the Kentucky Transpark in Bowling Green. The project is expected to create 120 full-time jobs and increase production of cold-rolled steel strips.


Manufacturer to invest $1.25 million in Winchester, Va.

Winchester-based Evolve Manufacturing, a producer of composite productions and reproductions, will invest $1.25 million to enlarge its plant in Frederick County, creating 84 jobs. The company is expanding its Evolve Stone line.


$130 million manufacturing facility coming to Opelika, Ala.

An investment of $130 million is coming to Opelika by way of a new manufacturing facility for Hanwha Cimarron, a producer of filament-wound carbon fiber tanks and pressure vessels relating to the aerospace, marine, drone, rail, and gas transport industries. The investment will create 261 jobs for the Lee County city.


Pratt Industries expands plant in Albany, Ga.

Corrugated packaging company Pratt Industries will invest more than $18 million to expand its corrugated box converting plant in Albany. The project is expected to create 30 jobs.


Amazon announces first fulfillment center in St. Lucie County, Fla.

Amazon has announced plans to open a fulfillment center in Port St. Lucie. The site, which is anticipated to launch in 2022, will create more than 500 full-time jobs that pay at least $15 per hour.


$120 million data center planned for Auburn, Ala.

A firm founded by Auburn businessmen is planning to create a $120 million data center there. AUBix is building the 40,000-square-foot facility just off the campus of Auburn University.


Diode Dynamics builds HQ in St. Charles, Mo.

Automotive LED lighting manufacturer Diode Dynamics is constructing a 70,000-square-foot headquarters facility on 10 acres in St. Charles. The project is expected to create 36 new jobs and the company will move all of its existing employees from Earth City, Mo.


Oldcastle APG expands plant in Clarksville, Tenn.

A manufacturer of concrete building and hardscape products, Oldcastle APG, will invest $10.2 million to expand operations in Clarksville. The project is expected to create 45 new jobs.


R.A. Jones to upgrade Kentucky facility

R.A. Jones & Co., a designer and manufacturer of packaging equipment, will upgrade its Kenton County facility with a $2 million investment that will create 20 high-wage jobs.


Whisper Aero to locate HQ in Cumberland County, Tenn.

Whisper Aero will establish new operations and locate its headquarters in Crossville. The technology startup is focused on developing the next generation of quiet, electric thrusters for drones, aircraft, and eVTOLs (electric vertical takeoff and landing) and will create 47 new jobs over the next five years at its Crossville headquarters.


Amgen to invest $550 million in North Carolina biologics facility

Amgen plans to build a new biologics production facility in in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park. . .a $550 million project that will create 355 jobs. Amgen is a biopharmaceutical company that pioneered the use of recombinant DNA technology four decades ago to become a global leader treating a wide range of diseases.


Consolidated Machine and Welding expands in Missouri

A metal fabrication shop that provides state-of-the-art laser technology for customized products, Consolidated Machine and Welding, will expand its facility in Hannibal, Mo. The $4.3 million project is expected to create 30 new jobs.


Firestone breaks ground on Kentucky project

A global auto parts supplier has broken ground on a $51 million project adding 250 jobs at a rural Kentucky plant in an expansion tied to auto industry plans to ramp up electric vehicle production. Firestone Industrial Products was joined by state and local officials as construction officially began on the expansion in Williamsburg, Ky. The project is largely geared toward producing air suspension systems for electric vehicles.


AITX Railcar Services expands in Brookhaven, Miss.

Railcar leasing and repair services provider AITX Railcar Services will spend $23.36 million to expand its operations complex in Brookhaven. The project is expected to create 75 jobs.


Soft-Tex International opens Sugar Land, Texas, manufacturing plant

Soft-Tex International, a producer of bedding and home comfort products, has opened its new 170,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Sugar Land. The project is expected to create 150 jobs in 2021.

August 2021

American companies want to hire lots more immigrants

With labor tough to find, American companies and foreign companies operating in the U.S. want to hire many more immigrants. But work visas, such as H-1Bs, H-2As and H-2Bs, were artificially reduced in the Trump administration and there are just not enough to go around. They are so much in demand that the government has been using a lottery to award H-1Bs and H-2Bs. The only visa not capped is the H-2A visa for farm workers, which has grown 60 percent in the past four years.


For fiscal 2022, the government received 308,613 petitions for the treasured H-1Bs in the capped program. H-1Bs fill in gaps in science, technology and math mostly for technology companies. For fiscal 2022, the government received 308,613 petitions for H-1Bs, but only 28 percent were awarded the visa. Two-thirds of petitions got a visa in 2014.


Companies need an expansion of the visa program now. There are about 9.5 million unemployed Americans and 9.2 job openings in May, the most in one month ever. But we are getting to the point where labor is nonexistent. More people retired than were born in half the states in the U.S. last year. The aging population will need more healthcare workers and personal aides, and immigrants have historically filled those roles. Plus, as workers age out and are not replaced, the burden is placed on Social Security and Medicare funds. We just need more people and immigration is a natural answer.


Mississippi centralizes workforce training

Mississippi spends $350 million a year in state and federal funds on workforce and job training. But those efforts are done through a dozen agencies. Mississippi has never had a single main source for training its workforce. . .until now. Gov. Tate Reeves has formed Accelerate Mississippi to be its primary workforce training agency.


Global shortage of computer chips has effect on the Southern Auto Corridor

The pandemic has created disruptions in the supply chain, especially the computer chip industry. Experts estimate that automakers in the U.S. will assemble 1 million fewer vehicles because of the dearth of computer chips. This in turn has created inflation in both used and new cars.


Amazon-based electric vehicle start-up Rivian announces it will build another assembly plant

In the summer quarter, electric vehicle start-up Rivian said it would build another assembly plant. The company has raised $10.5 billion to date and is currently building its first plant in Illinois.


U.S. economy back to pre-COVID levels

Fueled by government aid of over $5 trillion, the size of the U.S. economy has now surpassed its pre-pandemic level. The April-to-June quarter saw a 6.3 percent annual growth rate


Study says fast internet nationwide could add $160 billion to U.S. economy

A new study released by the Aspen Economic Strategy Group attempted to estimate what nationwide high-speed internet could do to boost labor productivity, especially in rural areas. The expansion of internet services is part of President Joe Biden's infrastructure plan.


U.S. may be losing population soon

One of the economy's greatest threats is cuts in work visas for immigrants and a 10-year fertility slump. In half of all states last year, more people died than were born. The U.S. population grew for the year ending July 1, 2020, at 0.35 percent, the lowest in the nation's history. U.S. population could shrink, which would be the first time on record.


$500 million in sawmill investments in Louisiana

More than half a billion in sawmill investments are planned in Louisiana to harvest fast-growing pine to hardwoods. The projects are based on higher lumber prices.


Toyota celebrates 10 millionth Camry at Kentucky plant

Toyota’s first wholly owned vehicle plant in North America, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK) in Georgetown, recently produced its 10 millionth Camry. Toyota also celebrated 35 years of operating the plant.


Commission approves millions for South Alabama Megasite

The Growing Alabama Commission recently approved improvements at the South Alabama Mega Site in Baldwin County. The $5.5 million is for rail improvements, including a rail spur to a CSX mainline.


Dallas is the nation's top commercial investment market for first half of 2021

Through the first six months of this year, Dallas saw almost $13.4 billion in commercial property deals. That's 43 percent more than in the same period a year ago. Dallas retained the top real estate spot it gained last year during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report by Real Capital Analytics.


Volkswagen Chattanooga ending sedan assembly to concentrate only on SUVs

Volkswagen is dumping the Passat sedan production at its Tennessee plant. The plant is readying for all SUV production and a massive effort at electrifying all its vehicles in Chattanooga.


Tonnage record set at Port of Corpus Christi

The Port of Corpus Christi ended June 2021 with a new record quarter and a record first half of the year, moving nearly 80.5 million tons of cargo in the first six months of 2021. The Port’s first-half 2021 total tonnage yielded a 4.7 percent increase over the same period in 2020, largely due to a 72 percent year-over-year increase in liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, a 42 percent year-over-year increase in agriculture commodities, and a 3.6 percent increase in crude oil exports.


Virginia begins aggressive $700 million plan for universal broadband by 2024

The Virginia Commonwealth will invest $700 million of federal funds to provide universal broadband to its residents by 2024. It is the most aggressive and comprehensive universal broadband plan by any state.


Kentucky has built the largest budget surplus in its history

In the summer quarter, Gov. Andy Beshear announced that the Kentucky economy has grown hot and that the Commonwealth is ending the 2021 fiscal year with a general fund surplus of over $1.1 billion. The figure is the highest in Kentucky history. General fund receipts saw a 10.9 percent increase to $12.8 billion.


Virginia named CNBC's top state for business for the second straight year

CNBC Top State for Business this year is Virginia for the second consecutive year. Virginia beat out North Carolina and Texas.


Virginia-based credit union adds 300-job mortgage office in Irving, Texas

Virginia-based PenFed Credit Union has leased 30,000 square feet in Irving to expand its local operations. “PenFed is expanding our mortgage origination and servicing businesses in Texas, and we’re eager to hire up to 300 new originations and servicing team members in Irving,” said Lee Wardlow, PenFed’s senior vice president of mortgage servicing. PenFed previously added to its Texas workforce in 2019 with a 500-job financial service center in San Antonio.


Kaiser Aluminum relocating HQ to Williamson County, Tenn.

Kaiser Aluminum officials announced that the company will relocate its corporate headquarters from Foothill Ranch, Calif., to Franklin, Tenn. The producer of specialty aluminum products for aerospace, automotive and other industries will invest $3 million and create 80 jobs in Franklin.


Kairos Power establishes Tennessee reactor

Kairos Power, a nuclear engineering company, will invest $100 million to establish a low-power demonstration reactor called Hermes at the East Tennessee Technology Park in Oak Ridge, Tenn. The company plans to create 55 jobs.


Red River Foods plans facility in Henrico County, Va.

Red River Foods, a U.S. supplier of premium specialty snacks headquartered in Richmond, will invest $16.5 million to establish a warehouse and processing facility for tree nuts, seeds, and dried fruits in Henrico County. Virginia successfully competed with Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania for the project, which will create 60 new jobs


Fruit of the Loom creating 50 jobs in Bowling Green expansion

Fruit of the Loom, a Bowling Green-based clothing company, is expanding its existing distribution center in Warren County, Ky., and creating 50 jobs.


Biopharma will hire 300 in Raleigh, N.C.

Gilead Sciences, which focuses primarily on antiviral drugs, will open new office spaces in Raleigh. The company, headquartered in California, will hire 300 positions there.


Huge deal for Henderson County, Ky.

Pratt Paper will build two new facilities in Henderson County. The $400 million investment will result in 321 new jobs. “It is so great to be here in Henderson for what I can verify is the largest single investment and economic development announcement in the last 25 years,” said Gov. Beshear.


New manufacturing plant coming to Augusta, Ga.

PureCycle Technologies has reached an agreement with the Augusta Economic Development Authority to build a facility at a 200-acre location in Augusta Corporate Park. The new plastic recycling plant is expected to bring 80 to 100 jobs.


Charlotte-area beverage hub scores another big deal

Another global company plans to create 220 jobs and invest $383.8 million at the new beverage manufacturing hub in Concord, N.C. Ball Corp., an aluminum beverage packaging company based in Colorado, will join Red Bull and Rauch at The Grounds at Concord, the former Philip Morris cigarette manufacturing site near Charlotte Motor Speedway. Red Bull and Rauch recently announced plans to build a 2-million-square-foot beverage manufacturing site, adding more than 400 jobs and investing $740 million by 2027.


California company opening manufacturing site in Fort Worth, bringing 140 jobs

EJ Lauren, a California-based upholstery company, has announced plans to expand operations and open a manufacturing facility in Fort Worth. The move will create up to 140 full-time jobs within the first year of operations.


Life science companies expanding and adding jobs

Pantheon Biologics, a subsidiary of Massachusetts-based Thermo Fisher Scientific, is hoping to fund a 58,000-square-foot expansion in its Berkeley, Mo., facility with $85 million in Chapter 100 bonds. The development will include two more manufacturing suites and expand site capacity and manufacturing capabilities. It also expects to create 169 new full-time jobs by 2025.

Scripps Research is discussing a merger of its Jupiter, Fla.-based biomedical operation with the University of Florida’s academic health center’s research division. Scripps expanded into Florida in 2003 on a 30-acre campus next to Florida Atlantic University (FAU). Florida granted Scripps $310 million to open a lab in Florida, and Palm Beach County added $269 million.

Massachusetts-based Thermo Fisher Scientific is expanding operations in Austin, Texas, with plans to create more than 300 jobs in Central Texas. In the past year, its South Austin campus had added more than 130 jobs to manufacture its TaqPath COVID-19 detection kits. The current site added about 10,000 square feet to its manufacturing facility and is expected to add another site east of the existing campus, with 125,000 square feet of manufacturing space for COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. 


Amarillo City Council approves agreements expected to create 230 jobs, $8 million in payroll

North Heights Linen Service will hire 100 new full-time employees over five years, averaging $1 million in new payroll over that time period. 

Torkworx, a company that is expanding its wind turbine services division to Amarillo, will hire up to 80 employees, with the company expecting to hire 15 full-time employees in 2021. 

Roberson Cartridge, which manufactures brass cartridges for firearms, will hire an additional 50 full-time employees over a five-year period.


Kval establishes plant in Hutto, Texas

Kval, a California-based manufacturer of advanced door machinery, will open a production facility in Hutto. The project is expected to create 80 jobs over the next three years.


AeroSafe Global bringing 100 jobs to Olive Branch, Miss.

AeroSafe Global will be adding a branch to Olive Branch in the I-22 Logistics Park. The $2.5 million corporate investment  will create 100 jobs. In Olive Branch, the company will produce components used to protect critical cold chain medical and clinical shipments.


Forty-three jobs and $19 million for Georgetown County Airport in South Carolina

Georgetown County, S.C., announced that engineering firm Sherpa 6 and its aviation wing, Sherpa Air, will open new facilities at the Georgetown County Airport that will create 43 high-paying jobs. The company will invest $19 million.


Distribution company bringing 200 jobs to Laurens County, S.C.

Malouf Companies, which warehouses and distributes home furnishings and other consumer products, plans to establish operations in Laurens County. The $47.2 million investment will create 240 new jobs.


Virginia Diner investing in its gourmet peanuts

Virginia Diner is set to invest over $4.5 million to nearly double the production of its iconic gourmet peanuts. The iconic landmark has been known for its restaurant on Route 460 in Wakefield, Va., since 1929, along with its line of gourmet peanuts, peanut brittles and other candies.


FedEx hiring at new Port St. Lucie facility

FedEx is looking to fill multiple positions for its new regional sortation facility in Port St. Lucie, Fla. The company needs 28 managers and maintenance technicians for its 245,000-square-foot facility under construction there.


California company moving HQ to Durham, N.C.

Smart Wires, a power technology startup from San Francisco, is moving its headquarters to Durham and bringing 250 jobs to the city. The decision comes after the company was approved for a Job Development Investment Grant worth $2.8 million and $125,000 worth of incentives.


POLYWOOD will expand in Person County, N.C.

POLYWOOD, a manufacturer of outdoor furniture made from recycled plastics, will expand its operations in Person County to create 300 jobs over five years. The company will invest $61.6 million to build additional capacity at its manufacturing and distribution center in Roxboro.


Stik-Pak Solutions cuts the ribbon in Franklin County, Va.

Stik-Pak Solutions, a contract packaging firm, recently held a ribbon-cutting on an expansion creating 52 new jobs in Franklin County. The company’s $10 million investment includes a 50,000-square-foot building as well as new equipment.


Packaging company bringing 120 new jobs to Anderson County, S.C.

Pregis, a global manufacturer of protective packaging, announced plans to establish operations in Anderson County. The $80 million investment will create 120 new jobs.


Half a billion invested in Louisiana sawmills

Developers are on track to build $557 million of sawmill projects in Louisiana. The newest is a $240 million sawmill planned in Bienville Parish by a joint venture between Ruston-based Hunt Forest Products and privately held Canadian timber business Tolko Industries Ltd. The mill will employ about 60 people when operations begin in the first half of 2023, and 130 people when it is operating at full capacity. The companies plan to use local timber to produce 320 million board feet of lumber annually from 1.3 million tons of trees.


Disney moving 2,000 jobs from California to Florida

Walt Disney Co. announced plans to move approximately 2,000 jobs from California to Florida and will reap a nearly $580 million tax break in the process. The company’s plan is to build a campus near the Lake Nona community in Orlando, Fla., to house positions currently maintained near the studio’s main Southern California campus.


UT, UK to spearhead $50 million advanced manufacturing project for army

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, the University of Kentucky, and the U.S. Army have announced a new five-year, $50 million advanced manufacturing project aimed at developing the next generation of military equipment. The project will not only enhance military capabilities but also contribute to civilian applications and workforce training that will spur economic development in key industries in the region, including aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and energy production.


Biometric tech company moving to Franklin, Tenn.

Integrated Biometric Technology (IBT), a fingerprinting technology company, has announced it’s moving its headquarters to Franklin. The company is investing $2.3 million in Williamson County and will create more than 140 jobs.


BRN sleep products establishing operations in Orangeburg County, S.C.

BRN Sleep Products, a manufacturer of bedding products, announced plans to establish operations in Orangeburg County. The $4.3 million investment will create more than 300 new jobs.


Grey Ghost Bakery expanding in Charleston County, S.C.

Grey Ghost Bakery, a made-from-scratch cookie company, announced plans to expand operations in Charleston. The $395,000 investment will create 25 new jobs.


Federal construction contractor relocates HQ to Orlando

Conti Federal Services, a federal construction and engineering contractor, has chosen to move its headquarters from New Jersey to Orlando. The company plans to hire more than 40 new, high-wage jobs in the region.


New Way Trucks expanding in Mississippi

Recycling and refuse equipment manufacturer New Way Trucks is investing $4 million and creating at least 120 jobs as it expands production. New Way Trucks announced in October 2019 that it would locate operations in the former Wolverine Tube building in the Booneville/Prentiss County Industrial Park. There, employees manufacture refuse trucks for the collection of waste.


DataRobot opens Morgantown, W.Va., satellite office

As a part of its quest to “democratize AI,” tech company DataRobot has opened a satellite office in Morgantown with hopes of expanding the company’s reach in the Mountain State. The Boston-based artificial intelligence company has 25 positions posted for the Morgantown location, with average salaries in the six-figure range.


Solar company establishing operations in Barnwell County, S.C.

Barnwell PV 1, a solar solutions company, has announced plans to establish operations in Snelling. The developer of renewable energy generation facilities is investing $75 million into the project.


American Airlines plans Charlotte Airport expansion

American Airlines will open three new gates at Charlotte Douglas International Airport by the end of the year with plans to hire hundreds of new employees this year and next.


New sugarcane biofuel plant commits to Iberia Parish, La.

Hundreds of jobs are now officially heading to Iberia Parish. Delta Biofuel has committed to a $70 million fuel plant following final approval of a significant tax exemption. The company is purchasing leftover dry pulp, known as bagasse, from four Acadiana sugar cane mills that will be processed into fuel pellets for energy production. The facility will create around 162 direct jobs.


Expansion bringing 40 new jobs to Charleston County, S.C.

Your Crawlspace (YCS) is bringing 40 new jobs to the Charleston County area with a planned expansion. The company will invest $4.6 million. YCS is a family-owned company that creates vapor barrier systems.


Glen Raven selects Warren County, N.C., for major expansion

Glen Raven, a provider of performance textiles with widely recognized brands including Sunbrella®, will create 205 new jobs as it expands operations in Warren County. The company will invest up to $82 million in North Carolina.


New warehouse to create hundreds of jobs in North Mississippi

A massive new warehouse is under construction in Hernando, Miss. Although there has been some pushback from locals, Associated Wholesale Grocers plans to create hundreds of new jobs when its warehouse opens in 2023. The 1.2-million-square-foot facility could bring more than 500 jobs.


Arkansas company expanding to provide rural internet

Bekaert, a steel wire production facility in Van Buren, Ark., is expanding its operations to help with the Federal Communication Commission’s plans for getting internet to rural areas. Bekaert Van Buren will grow its production with a 50,000-square-foot expansion estimated to cost the company around $8.4 million, creating 35 new jobs.


Vi-Jon expanding operations at Smyrna, Tenn., plant

Vi-Jon will be expanding operations in Smyrna, investing $45 million and creating 64 new jobs in Rutherford County. Vi-Jon produces personal care products including the nation’s second largest brand of hand sanitizer under the Germ-X label.


Southeast Texas plant completes expansion

Team Industries, which moved to Southeast Texas in 2008 and makes piping for various industrial customers, recently completed a multimillion-dollar expansion at its Port Arthur facility. The expansion could also mean the addition of dozens of jobs.


Chewy creating 1,200 jobs in Wilson County, Tenn.

A pet products company will establish a new regional e-commerce fulfillment center in Mt. Juliet that will create 1,200 jobs. The fulfillment center will be Chewy’s first in Tennessee.


Deli Star HQ coming to St. Louis

Deli Star Corporation, a family-owned manufacturer of prepared meal proteins and deli solutions, will locate its new headquarters in St. Louis, Mo. The new facility represents more than $99 million in capital investment and will bring 475 jobs to Missouri. This new 104,080-square-foot space will replace the previous plant in Fayetteville, Ill., that was damaged in a fire in January.


Dollar General distribution center opens in Walton, Ky.

Dollar General has opened a new distribution center in Walton. The 630,000-square-foot, $65 million investment will create 300 distribution and private-fleet jobs.


Barr Co. plans $10 million expansion in Arkansas

Window and door manufacturer Harry G. Barr Co. of Fort Smith is planning a $10 million expansion that could create 100 jobs. The facility where the company makes its WeatherBarr products is at capacity, so the expansion will allow Barr Co. to meet continued demand from the residential housing construction market.


Dentsply Sirona expanding in Charlotte, N.C.

Dentsply Sirona is investing more than $10 million in Charlotte to establish an innovation center focused on dental research and new product development.


Roofing manufacturer adding jobs in North Carolina

The Metal Specialist, a fabricator of custom metal roofing, is building a $3 million headquarters and manufacturing facility in Duplin County, N.C. The project will bring 33 new jobs.


Auto supplier adding 150 jobs in Elizabethtown, Ky.

Metalsa is hiring to fill at least 150 new positions after expanding its Elizabethtown plant to handle new products for electric vehicles. The Tier 1 auto supplier currently produces frames and other parts for the Ford Expedition, Navigator and F-150. Now, the facility is also going to make frames and battery trays for Ford and RIvian electric vehicles.


Home security company bringing 250 jobs to Henrico County, Va.

SimpliSafe, the producer of self-installed home security systems, is investing $3 million to establish a new customer service center in Henrico County. The company plans to hire 250 people to staff it.


Plastics company returning to Pulaski County, Va.

A Pulaski County maker of plastic processing components that closed in 2016 is returning and bringing new jobs to the area. Xaloy is moving from Ohio back to Virginia and will reopen in its former facility. The company will invest $1.75 million in its 30-acre site, creating 35 new jobs.


More than 245 manufacturing jobs coming to GE Appliance Park in Louisville

A recently announced expansion and $60 million investment will bring hundreds of new, full-time jobs to Louisville’s GE Appliance Park. The investment includes the production of high-end refrigerators and a conversion to a refrigerant with a lower global warming potential, according to a release from the company.


United Airlines promises 3,000 new jobs in Houston

In June, United Airlines announced the biggest aircraft purchase by an airline (270 new planes) in more than 10 years. Those new planes mean new jobs in Houston. . .the Houston hub will remain a pivotal part of the airline's plans. The new planes mean nearly 3,000 of those jobs will be based at Bush Airport.


SpaceX to build rocket engine factory near Waco, Texas

Detailing the plan in a series of posts on social media, Elon Musk says that SpaceX will break ground soon on a rocket engine factory near Waco. The facility, which will be in McGregor, will be the aerospace company’s second rocket engine manufacturing facility and will produce Raptor 2 engines for use in Starship launch vehicles. The new facility will produce roughly 800 to 1,000 rocket engines per year, or about two to four engines per day, making it the highest output and most advanced rocket engine factory in the world.


Engineered belts manufacturer expands in Georgia

Megadyne Group has revealed plans to relocate its U.S. engineered belt business from Cumming, Ga., to Buford, Ga. — a move that will double its manufacturing operations. The Ammega Group member is a manufacturer of engineered belts used in automation and robotics.


Nestlé to invest $100 million in South Carolina expansion

Food and beverage manufacturing giant Nestlé USA is about to expand its frozen foods factory in South Carolina. The company plans to spend $100 million at its plant in Gaffney to boost output of frozen entrees under the Stouffer’s and Lean Cuisine brands. The expansion is expected to create about 160 new jobs.


MaxLife Industries adding 55 jobs in Rowan County, N.C.

MaxLife Industries announced it will create 55 new jobs while expanding its existing footprint in Rowan County. MaxLife, a producer of building enclosure products, is leasing a 46,000-square-foot warehouse space that will serve as the company’s second manufacturing facility plant and customer service headquarters.


Alabama Power moves forward with Butler County solar facility

Alabama Power recently received approval for a large-scale Butler County, Ala., solar project that can generate enough electricity annually to power almost 15,000 homes. The solar installation is expected to create about 250 construction jobs and generate more than $6 million in tax revenues for Butler County and the city of Greenville over the project’s life.


Battery charger maker moves HQ from Chicago to Fort Worth

Schumacher Electric Corp., a company that makes batteries and battery chargers, is moving its headquarters from Chicago to Fort Worth, Texas, with plans to add 100 new jobs to its current 150-person workforce.


Zeiss Vision Care cuts ribbon on HQ in New Hebron, Ky.

Zeiss Vision Care cut the ribbon recently on its new U.S. headquarters in Hebron. The grand opening completes a multi-year $20 million construction project at Zeiss’s existing Hebron facility, which will create about 75 full-time jobs.


TD Bank bringing 250 jobs to Jax

More than 250 jobs are coming to the Jacksonville, Fla., area over the next two years. TD Bank will open a customer service and operations center in Deerwood North that will add about 200 of those jobs early next year.


New $34 million brewery headed for South Carolina

Peak Drift Brewing Company is the name of the huge brewery and mixed-use development underway in the former Stone Manufacturing Facility in Columbia, S.C. The $34 million brewery is expected to open in late 2022, and will be the largest brewery in South Carolina.


Angel’s Envy plans $8.2 million expansion to Louisville distillery

Louisville-based craft distiller Angel’s Envy is expanding. The company said it plans to add 13,000 square feet to its downtown facility and create 20 new jobs.


South Carolina Ports breaks another record

South Carolina Ports celebrates its strongest fiscal year on record for containers handled at the Port of Charleston. SC Ports handled 2.55 million 20-foot equivalent units (TEUs) at Wando Welch Terminal, North Charleston Terminal and Hugh K. Leatherman Terminal in fiscal year 2021 (which ended June 30). Vehicles remained a strong business segment, up 27 percent compared to the prior year.


Blue Origin announces a hiring blitz at Alabama rocket engine plant

Blue Origin has announced a hiring blitz seeking more than 80 skilled machinists and welders to begin building the reusable rocket engines it will produce at its giant $200 million plant in Huntsville, Ala. The company wants to hire those “who are passionate about the company’s mission to lower the cost of access to space,” a company news release said.


Alabama’s Wayne Farms desperate for workers

Between the prepared chicken and sausage production plants in Decatur and Albertville and the harvest site in Decatur, there are over 500 jobs available at Wayne Farms Alabama facilities. The company just bumped up hourly pay rates to help fill hundreds of open positions in Decatur and is now offering sign-on bonuses of $1,500 in an effort to entice applicants.


Danish company adding to its Bayport facility

Haldor Topsoe will build a hydro-processing catalyst plant at its existing Bayport production site in Pasadena, Texas. The plant will increase production of Topsoe’s TK catalyst family, while moving toward the Danish company’s goal of being the world’s leader in carbon emission reduction technologies by 2024. According to sources, Haldor Topsoe plans to invest $11 million.


News 9 will move/invest in downtown OKC

Griffin Communications will move its News 9 studios, newsroom and corporate headquarters into the Century Center building in Oklahoma City, Okla., spending more than $26 million to buy the building, including $10 million in renovations. The company plans to bring nearly 200 jobs downtown.


Online fashion company spending $100 million on Georgia warehouse

British online fashion and beauty retailer ASOS is investing $100 million to automate its warehouse in Union City, Ga., south of Atlanta. ASOS initially invested more than $40 million in the warehouse which opened in 2018. The company said it would create an unspecified number of new engineering and software development jobs.


Ceramics business expanding in Asheville, N.C.

East Fork Pottery, a Buncombe County handmade ceramics business founded in 2010 and centered in Asheville, just announced plans to invest $2.4 million in its operations. In addition to upgrades, the company will add over 50 new jobs.


Liberty Storage expanding in Rowan County, N.C.

Liberty Storage Solutions, which started in a barn in Rowan County, has outgrown its 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Mocksville and has purchased 33 acres nearby to expand. The company will invest $8 million and expects to create 50 new jobs to design and build everything from simple storage buildings to elaborate man-caves and chic she-sheds at its headquarters/manufacturing facility there.   


Last Step Recycling establishing operations in Chester County, S.C.

Last Step Recycling, an automotive shredder residue (ASR) company, announced plans to establish operations in Chester County. The $46.4 million investment will create 50 new jobs.


Spirit Fitness to expand Jonesboro, Ark., operations

Spirit Fitness, a company that builds residential and commercial fitness equipment, has announced plans to expand its operation in Jonesboro with the addition of a new facility in Craighead Technology Park. When complete, Spirit’s $10 million investment will create approximately 40 to 50 new jobs.


Alabama FBI Innovation Center breaks ground

Architecture firm HKS and Clark Construction Group have broken ground on the FBI Innovation Center in Huntsville, Ala. The Innovation Center is located at Redstone Arsenal where the FBI is building a 243-acre campus.


Sink manufacturer to expand in Robeson County, N.C.

Elkay Manufacturing, a sink manufacturer, will invest $5.5 million to expand operations in Lumberton, creating an additional 20 jobs. Elkay will become the first tenant in the Lumberton/Robeson County I-95/I-74 Industrial Park.


Pete’s Indoor Greenhouse breaks ground in Peach County, Ga.

Pete’s, a California-based indoor greenhouse, will soon bring fresh food and jobs to Middle Georgia. Pete’s broke ground recently on three acres of land at the Robins International Industrial Park. The company’s goal is to expand to 24 acres.


Construction begins on $20 million logistics hub in Baldwin County, Ala.

Imperial Dade, a distributor of food service packaging and janitorial supplies, recently kicked off construction of its $20 million facility in Loxley, Ala. The company plans to create 55 jobs.


Camgian Microsystems adding 25 jobs in Starkville, Miss.

High-tech research and development and product development company Camgian Microsystems is adding 25 jobs as it expands. In March, the company was awarded a $6.9 million contract with the U.S. Army to develop a next-generation intelligent system for detecting and defeating unmanned aerial threats to U.S. military forces.


Smart USA Co. to establish U.S. headquarters in Nashville

London-based retirement technology company Smart USA Co.  will locate its U.S. headquarters in Nashville. The company will create 128 new jobs and invest $2.2 million in its Davidson County operations over the next five years.


Drake Software opening call center in Haywood County, N.C.

Drake Software, a software provider for tax professionals, will be opening a call center in Waynesville. The company will add 40 new jobs in Haywood County over the next three years, with an additional 20 jobs by 2026, according to a news release sent out by the county.


Mattress company bringing 80 jobs to South Carolina

Solstice Sleep Products, a wholesale mattress company, announced plans to create 80 new jobs in Marion County, S.C.


Conner Logistics relocating HQ to Somerset, Ky.

Conner Logistics, a third-party logistics provider, has announced plans to relocate its corporate headquarters from California to Kentucky with a starting investment of $1.3 million, creating 20 full-time jobs in Pulaski County.


Viking Metal creating jobs in Philadelphia, Miss.

Metal fabricator Viking Metal has located manufacturing operations in Philadelphia. The project is a $908,000 corporate investment and will create 15 jobs.

July 2021

New United States Postal Service vehicle plant in Spartanburg, S.C., to house over 1,000 new jobs

Oshkosh Defense will invest $155 million to locate a plant that will produce the next generation USPS delivery vehicle. The company will assemble zero-emission battery electric vehicles and fuel-efficient low-emission internal combustion engine vehicles that will replace existing USPS delivery trucks. The plant will be built in Spartanburg, S.C., and create more than 1,000 jobs.


EV battery maker expands big plant in Chattanooga, Tenn.

NOVONIX, a maker of materials for the batteries used in electric vehicles, announced a nice deal in Chattanooga, Tenn., this summer. The company is investing $160 million and adding almost 300 jobs in the expansion, which will for the most part support Volkswagen's manufacturing of electric vehicles at its plant in Chattanooga.


Big EV automotive deal in rural Oklahoma

It has been reported by more than one media property that a site in Oklahoma came in second for the massive truck plant that Elon Musk and Tesla is locating in Austin near its airport. The second-place prize may be electric car manufacturer Canoo. The startup EV maker announced plans to build a $400 million plant at the MidAmerica Industrial Park, located in Pryor, just East of Tulsa. The deal, as announced, will create 2,000 jobs. The site, a former military base, is unique in that it is over 9,000 acres. Canoo Canoo execs cited Oklahoma’s “energy-forward initiatives” as a major factor in its decision to locate the “mega microfactory.”


Freshly to open new Georgia distribution center

Prepared meal delivery service Freshly is locating a new $52 million distribution center in Clayton County, Ga. The 289,000-square-foot center will house 665 workers.


Company to rebuild Louisiana chlorine plant

KIK Consumer Products’s BioLab division will rebuild its chlorine plant in Westlake, La., near Lake Charles. The plant was damaged in 2020 by Hurricane Laura. The company will invest $170 million in the deal that will create 82 jobs.


High-tech sawmill operation slated for North Carolina

Roseburg Forest Products will invest $200 million in a new sawmill operation in Halifax County, N.C. The deal will create 137 new jobs.


Semi-trailer and equipment manufacturer to open plant in Kentucky

Fruehauf plans to locate a facility in Bowling Green, Ky. The $12 million deal will create 288 jobs.


Mattress maker expanding in Georgia

Purple Innovation (“Purple”), will expand its facilities in Henry County, Ga. The project will create 500 jobs.


Manufacturer expanding in rural Tennessee

Barrette Outdoor Living, a maker of fencing products, is investing $33 million in its plant in Bulls Gap, Tenn. The project will create 162 new jobs.


New pork and poultry processing facility slated for Kershaw County, S.C.

Prestage Farms is investing $150 million in a new pork and poultry operation in Camden, S.C. The project will create 292 jobs.


Door manufacturer to locate new facility in South Carolina

Masonite International, a manufacturer of interior and exterior doors, will locate a new operation in York County, S.C. The project is expected to generate 220 jobs.


United Airlines expected to expand in Northern Virginia

United Airlines is expected to grow its workforce in the Washington, D.C., region by up to 3,000 workers. Nearly all of those workers are expected to be hired at United's hub at Virginia's Dulles Airport.


F-22 fighter jet training division to relocate to Virginia

The U.S. Air Force is relocating its F-22 Raptor training unit from Florida’s Eglin Air Force Base to Virginia's Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Hampton. The unit was displaced by Hurricane Michael at its former home at Tyndall Air Force near Panama City. The relocation will bring about 2,300 people to the Hampton Roads region.


Port of South Carolina's Leatherman Terminal earns "project of the year"

South Carolina Ports’ Hugh K. Leatherman Terminal has earned the 2021 South Carolina Project of the Year by the South Carolina Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). The Leatherman Terminal’s Phase One project represented a $1 billion investment and can work the biggest ships calling on East Coast ports. The terminal saw its first customer in the spring of this year.


Big auto parts company expands in Tennessee

Martinrea announced in the summer quarter that it will expand its facilities in Robertson County, Tenn. The auto parts manufacturer will invest $40 million and hire 97 in the deal.


Yet another distillery adding jobs in Kentucky

E.J. Curley & Co. is investing $5 million to open a new distillery in Jessamine County. Ky. The distillery will be located at Camp Nelson, the same site as the original E.J. Curley & Co. operation, which started in the late 1860s. The project will create 52 jobs.


Louisiana company expands

Continental Structural Plastics is expanding its plant in Northwest Louisiana in Sarepta. The company will invest $13 million and add 65 jobs.


Henry County, Ga., continues its run of deals

After earning recognition in the spring issue's SB&D 100, Henry County, Ga., has continued its run of deals in 2021. Pregis, a leading manufacturer of protective packaging, is investing $14 million to open a plant in Henry County. The project will create about 230 jobs.


Plastics manufacturer adding jobs in rural Georgia

InFlex, a manufacturer of plastic produces, announced in the summer it will invest $8 million in its operations in Bacon County, Ga. The project will create 100 jobs in Alma, Ga.


Metal fabricator expands in Texas

Z Modular, a manufacturer of steel-framed modules that are used on larger buildings, is expanding its plant in Killeen, Texas. The company plans to add 100 employees to the 200 it has there now.


Rolls-Royce’s MTU Aiken County, S.C., is expanding

Rolls-Royce’s MTU has announced it will make a $17 million investment in its plant at its MTU Aiken manufacturing facility in Graniteville, S.C. The deal will add 20 new jobs at the plant to remanufacture and overhaul used engines.


California aerospace company relocates to Southeastern North Carolina

Precision Swiss Products, a manufacturer of aerospace parts, is relocating its headquarters and operations from California to the International Logistics Park, an 1,100-acre site located in both Brunswick and Columbus counties in Southeastern North Carolina. The $9 million deal will create 125 jobs.


Financial services firm hiring more than 1,000

Charles Schwab is hiring more than 1,000 after moving its headquarters to Westlake, Texas, earlier this year. Schwab and TD Ameritrade merged earlier this year and now the company has hired thousands in the Dallas area.


Graphite products plant to be built in Alabama

Westwater Resources, doing business as Alabama Graphite Products, will build a graphite processing plant in Coosa County, Ala., the company announced this summer. The graphite is used in the making of batteries for electric vehicles. The $80 million project will create 100 new jobs, but the mining of the mineral will result in a $124 million investment in its second phase.


Nestlé Purina PetCare announced large expansion

Nestlé Purina PetCare will invest $182 million to expand its plant facilities in King William County, Va.


North Carolina-based IT company slated to invest in South Carolina

Epsilon Inc., a North Carolina-based information technology firm, is locating an operation in Greenville, S.C. The almost $3 million investment will create 145 jobs.


North Carolina governor signs executive order on offshore wind

In the summer quarter, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper issued an executive order announcing a goal of developing 2.8 gigawatts of offshore wind energy resources by 2030, and eight gigawatts by 2040. The governor also reported that the development of offshore wind energy in North Carolina could create 85,000 new jobs and $140 billion in capital expenditures along the Atlantic Coast by 2035.


Electric golf cart manufacturer to expand in South Carolina

Star EV, an electric golf cart manufacturer, is expanding in Greenville County, S.C. The company also makes off-road vehicles. The nearly $9 million investment will create 50 jobs.


Tornado-damaged lumber mill being rebuilt in Northwest Florida

Creighton Sounds will restore a lumber mill facility that was damaged by a tornado in Century, Fla., located just north of Pensacola. The $15 million project is expected to create 80 new jobs, although the company has not yet released details on the nature of manufacturing that will take place in the facility.


Amazon expands Houston tech hub

Amazon announced in the summer it will expand its tech hub in Houston. The deal calls for 150 tech jobs.


Fidelity continues hiring spree in DFW

Financial services firm Fidelity is hiring another 500 workers at its Westlake, Texas Campus over the next three months. The Boston-based company employs over 6,000 in North Texas.


Big deal for rural Russellville, Ark.

Americold, a food processor, announced this summer that it will invest $84 million in an expansion of its Russellville, Ark., plant. The deal will create 30 jobs.


Bottling company announced deal in Kansas City

California-based Niagara Bottling is locating a new beverage facility in Kansas City, Mo. Niagara Bottling will invest $156 million in the deal and hire about 100.


Flooring manufacturer to create 58 jobs in Patrick County, Va.

Canadian-based Prolam, a manufacturer of hardwood floors for commercial trucks and trailers, is planning to invest $12.8 million in Patrick County to establish its first U.S. manufacturing operation. The project will create 58 new jobs.


Woodgrain Millwork to expand in Georgia

A Lee County (Georgia) manufacturer is investing $10 million into expanding operations, which will lead to 150 new jobs in the area. Woodgrain Millwork, with manufacturing operations in Lee and Sumter counties and a distribution facility in Gwinnett County, employs over 375 people across the state.


Goldman plans new Dallas campus

Goldman Sachs is on the hunt for a new office campus in Dallas that could become the Wall Street bank’s largest presence in the U.S., outside of its Manhattan headquarters. Executives are in advanced talks with developers as the firm scouts for expanded space in North Texas.


Over 100 Goldman Sachs bankers migrating to Florida

Working from home is no longer an option at Goldman Sachs, so more than 100 key Goldman Sachs employees are reportedly poised to migrate from the firm’s New York headquarters to a new office in Palm Beach, Fla.


Amazon to open new delivery station in League City, Texas

Amazon is planning a new 180,000-square-foot delivery station in League City to speed up deliveries for customers around Galveston County.


KC Logistics invests $12 million in Athens, Ala.

KC Logistics is set to invest $12 million in a new project that will bring around 100 jobs to Athens. The company will transport seats from TBAKI to Mazda Toyota Manufacturing.


GE Appliances expands in Selmer, Tenn.

General Electric Appliances has announced another expansion that will bring more than 30 new jobs to McNairy County. “We involved a multi-million-dollar investment into the factory, but we also added valuable jobs to the city,” said Kristi Saathoff, GE Appliance’s Senior Director of Commercial AC.


Flex-N-Gate expansion to create 91 jobs in Rockford, Tenn.

Flex-N-Gate in Rockford will grow its workforce by 91 new jobs. The automotive parts supplier is investing $5.5 million to upgrade and expand its manufacturing facility and increase production of its lighting materials.


Copper foil manufacturer expanding in Kershaw County, S.C.

Denkai America is investing $14 million to expand its Kershaw County operations in a move expected to create 10 jobs. The company manufactures electrodeposited copper foils for printed circuit board, industrial and energy storage applications. Electrodeposited copper foil is a key component in lithium-ion batteries, which power electric vehicles.


Delta Biofuel proposes $70 million renewable fuel plant in Jeanerette, La.

Delta Biofuel is evaluating Iberia Parish for a planned $70 million renewable fuel plant. The facility would produce biomass fuel pellets made from residual sugarcane fiber, known as bagasse. If located in Louisiana, Delta would create 126 new jobs.


Cybersecurity training center coming to Southern Mississippi

Downtown Biloxi has been selected for a new training facility for high-tech, high-paying computer jobs. University of Southern Mississippi’s School of Computing Sciences and Computer Engineering and Mississippi Coding Academies are working with Biloxi to bring the new facility to South Mississippi. Future locations are also planned on the Coast.


Duke Energy begins construction on largest solar plant in Surry County, N.C.

Duke Energy continues to expand solar power in North Carolina with construction starting on its 22.6-megawatt Stony Knoll Solar power plant. Once completed, it will be the largest solar plant in Surry County. . . the facility will power the equivalent of 5,000 homes The plant will be located on 195 acres in Dobson, N.C.


Hispanic foods maker hiring 200 jobs at new Texas plant

A Los Angeles-area maker of Hispanic cheeses, dairy beverages and chorizo has broken ground on a Texas factory that is expected to add 200 jobs when it opens next year. Cacique has begun construction on a new 200,000-square-foot facility in Amarillo that will produce dairy products for nationwide distribution. The $88 million factory is expected to open in the fall of 2022.


Elon Musk’s Boring Company is hiring in Austin, Texas

The Boring Company is currently hiring for 20 positions in the Austin area. The company constructs “low-cost transportation, utility and freight tunnels,” with the goal of making transportation quicker and safer by creating a network of tunnels that alleviate traffic and congestion.


Queen Wood Products expanding in Allendale County, S.C.

Queen Wood Products, a subsidiary of Queen Horse Bedding, announced plans to expand operations in Allendale County. The $6 million investment will create 19 new jobs. Queen Wood Products is a family-owned and -operated business that specializes in providing wood shavings for barn stalls.


Amazon to build solar farm in Mississippi

Amazon has announced plans to build a solar farm in Scott County, Miss., and in at least 10 other states, including Arkansas. The project is part of a company launch of new renewable energy projects to decarbonize business operations and reach net-zero carbon by 2040.


AppHarvest breaks ground on two massive indoor farms in Kentucky

AppHarvest has begun construction on two massive greenhouses in Central Appalachia in Eastern Kentucky. The Somerset farm (30 acres) will grow strawberries. The Morehead farm (15 acres) will grow leafy greens. AppHarvest, which is building huge, high-tech greenhouses in Kentucky to grow vegetables and fruits, wants to have 12 sites by the end of 2025, and the new locations near Somerset and Morehead will put the company nearly halfway there.


Software developer Omicron coming to Northwest Louisiana

Chicago-based software developer Omicron Technology Solutions is heading to Shreveport, La. Omicron focuses on three industries: transit management, identity management and student information software. An initial 15 to 20 jobs will be created.


Sterlite Technologies creating 120 jobs in Kershaw County, S.C.

Sterlite Technologies has announced plans to establish operations in Kershaw County. The $23 million investment is expected to create 120 new jobs. The company specializes in network software.


Volvo invests $118 million to produce electric car in South Carolina

Volvo Cars says the company will invest $118 million into its plant in Ridgeville to build the fully electric Polestar 3 vehicles. The Polestar 3 is the third vehicle scheduled to be built at the South Carolina plant. This expansion brings the total Volvo Cars investment in South Carolina to more than $1.2 billion.


Spectrum begins hiring 900 for El Paso call centers

The 929 jobs Charter Communications plans to add in El Paso, Texas, by the end of 2023 for its Spectrum arm will offer good wages -- $20 per hour -- and chances to advance in a nationwide company, El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser said after a news conference announcing Spectrum’s expansion.


High-speed Dallas-to-Houston train moves forward with $16 billion contract

Texas Central, the private development company for the bullet train that would connect North Texas with Houston, signed a $16 billion contract recently with Webuild, an engineering and construction company based in Milan, Italy. Construction supplies are projected to cost $7.3 billion, and the project’s construction will last six years. The total infrastructure cost of the rail is estimated to be $20 billion, according to Texas Central. The 240-mile high-speed rail would run from Dallas to Houston in 90 minutes, with a stop in the Brazos Valley, between College Station and Huntsville.


Ammunition maker breaks ground on two West Virginia facilities

Five years after plans were first unveiled, a major rifle ammunition manufacturing complex is officially under construction in West Virginia. Ranger Scientific has broken ground on two different production facility projects. One will overhaul former high school grounds in Montgomery, W.Va., while the other will establish a new facility in nearby Dickinson, W.Va.


MHIRJ to expand in Bridgeport, W.Va

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Regional Jets (MHIRJ) will soon expand its presence at North Central West Virginia Airport with the construction of two new hangars totaling more than 100,000 square feet. The $19.1 million project could bring as many as 800 jobs to the area, including 300 positions during the construction phase.


Altec adding 100 jobs in Mounty Airy, N.C.

Altec Industries has announced expansion plans at its Mount Airy location. The firm, a provider of products and services to the electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, lights and signs, and contractor markets, says it will add 100 jobs to its existing operation, as well as invest more than $9 million in both the present facility and a new 100,000-square-foot building it will construct.


Housewares company opening new distribution facility in Fayette County, Tenn.

Helen of Troy Limited announced a new distribution operation in Fayette County, expecting to create 350 jobs. Helen of Troy -- designer of brand-name housewares, health and beauty products -- plans to develop a 2 million-square-foot facility in Gallaway.


Textile company invests $15 million in Union County, S.C.

Standard Textile Co., which specialized in hotel bed sheets until the pandemic began, and then flipped to garments for healthcare workers, is investing $15 million to expand its Union County operations. The investment is expected to create 45 new jobs to produce both products.


New automotive supplier coming to Greenville County, S.C.

A Michigan-based auto supply company, Gissing North America, will bring 116 new jobs and an $18 million dollar investment to Greenville County. The company will produce overhead, interior, exterior and cargo management components.


Performance Foodservice expanding Florence County, S.C.

Food-service distributor Performance Foodservice announced plans to expand operations in Florence County. The $11 million investment will create 150 new jobs.


Generac expanding in Edgefield County, S.C.

Generac Power Systems, a power and technology company, is expanding its plans for operations in Edgefield County. As a result, 300 more jobs will be created.


Company relocating to Boone County, Ky.

A maker of steel structures for greenhouses and awnings is relocating to Walton, Ky. MAB Fabrication, based in Ohio, is investing $7 million and creating 24 full-time jobs in Walton.


New Amazon robotics facility for Baton Rouge

Amazon recently announced the company’s latest robotics fulfillment center in Louisiana, with over 1,000 jobs and a $200 million capital investment coming to Baton Rouge. The development will also generate 800 construction jobs.


Amazon pledges $75 million to develop 800 affordable housing units in Nashville

Amazon recently announced a commitment of $75 million for developers to create affordable homes in Nashville. Eight hundred homes will be built on private land, and the investment is part of Amazon’s $2 billion Housing Equity Fund to preserve and create over 20,000 affordable homes through below-market loans to housing partners, traditional and non-traditional public agencies, and minority-led organizations. Music City is one of three cities hosting the company’s new headquarters, where Amazon hopes to infuse communities with cash and support over the next five years.


Manufacturer to locate HQ in Olive Branch, Miss.

Edelbrock, a manufacturer of specialty auto parts for the aftermarket, will soon be locating its headquarters in Olive Branch, creating 200 new jobs in the process.


CommScope creating 100 new jobs in Hickory, N.C.

CommScope is creating more than 100 new jobs at its two Catawba County plants. CommScope is a global network infrastructure provider company based in Hickory.


Lotus Bakeries expanding in Alamance County, N.C.

Snack producer Lotus Bakeries will expand operations in North Carolina with an investment of at least $62 million and the addition of 90 jobs in the City of Mebane.


Carlotz expanding in Richmond, Va.

CarLotz, the nation’s largest consignment-to-retail used vehicle marketplace, will expand its headquarters in Richmond, creating 192 new jobs.


Dark Storm Industries relocating from New York to Florida

Dark Storm Industries will relocate to Titusville, Fla., and expand its advanced manufacturing facility. Dark Storm is a firearms manufacturer currently located in New York. The project is expected to create 50 new jobs and a capital investment of $3 million.


Semperit relocates HQ in Georgia

The Semperit Group will open a new manufacturing facility for rubber gaskets and relocate its current North America headquarters and distribution warehouse to Newnan, Ga. The project will create 70 new jobs and a $9 million investment.


German industrial company building U.S. HQ in Gaston County, N.C.

KNOLL America, a supplier of conveyor and filtration systems, plans to build its U.S. headquarters in Gaston County with a $7.8 million investment. The project will create 31 new jobs.


Gallo Winery to build new plant in South Carolina

The E.&J. Gallo Winery will build a new plant in South Carolina. The $423 million production facility and distribution center in Chester County is expected to create 496 new jobs over the next eight years.


Montgomery, Ala., breaks ground on $50 million whitewater park

Announced in 2019, the 120-acre park will employ about 640 people during construction and eventually create 125 jobs. An economic impact study estimated the attraction should draw about 300,000 visitors to Montgomery each year, with ongoing operations expected to generate more than $35 million.


Austin-area transportation company expands HQ and doubles workforce

Hyliion Holdings, which designs, develops and sells electrified powertrains for semitrucks, is enlarging its headquarters in Cedar Park, Texas. The multimillion-dollar expansion will be able to accommodate the addition of 300 employees


Fairfax County, Va., lands Starkist headquarters

StarKist, a well-known provider of seafood and chicken in the United States, will invest $3.6 million to relocate its headquarters operations from Pittsburgh to Fairfax County. Virginia successfully competed with Maryland for the project, which will create 83 new jobs.


Beauregard Parish getting $160 million lumber mill

Canada-based forest products company Canfor plans to build a $160 million lumber mill near DeRidder in Beauregard Parish, the first facility Canfor has built in Louisiana. The mill will create 130 direct jobs.


Semiconductor wafer jobs coming to Missouri

Semiconductor manufacturer GLOBALFOUNDRIES and silicon wafer manufacturer GlobalWafers have signed an agreement expand production in O’Fallon, Mo. The long-term agreement includes $210 million in capital expenditures to expand GWC’s facility, creating more than 75 new jobs.


Frito-Lay is bringing 160 new jobs to Rosenberg, Texas

Frito-Lay has announced a $200 million investment at its Rosenberg site. The project will provide 160 new jobs. The facility currently employs more than 750 full-time associates.


Cummins adding jobs in South Carolina

Cummins Turbo Technologies, which manufactures diesel, natural gas, electric and hybrid powertrains, is investing $10.7 million at its North Charleston facility. The project will create 250 new jobs there.


Ingalls to add 3,000 jobs in Mississippi

A day after announcing it had secured a Navy contract worth more than $700 million, Pascagoula’s Ingalls Shipbuilding announced it would be adding 3,000 full-time jobs.


Plug Power to build green hydrogen plat in Georgia

Plug Power plans to build a green hydrogen production plant in Camden County, Ga., as part of its commitment to establish the first North American green hydrogen supply network. Plug Power is investing $84 million in the facility, which is expected to create at least 24 jobs.


Frozen Food Express Transportation Services plans Missouri logistics hub

Temperature-controlled transportation and warehousing provider Frozen Food Express Transportation Services will invest nearly $6 million to expand with a new transportation and logistics facility in Butler, Mo. The company plans to create nearly 60 jobs in the region.


Headquarters relocating from California to Alabama, bringing 816 jobs

Shipt founder Bill Smith’s newest creation is coming to Alabama. Landing, the nationwide membership network of fully-furnished apartments, is relocating its headquarters from San Francisco to Birmingham. The company also plans to create 816 new full-time jobs.


Ship repair facility to create 119 new jobs in Norfolk, Va.

Lyon Shipyard is investing $24 million to expand its operations in Norfolk. The expansion is expected to add 119 new jobs.


New QTC service center in San Antonio, Texas

QTC Management will establish a new operational service center in San Antonio. QTC provides health exams in all 50 states for veterans, federal employees and the commercial industry. The project will create 252 new jobs and more than $3 million in capital investment.


Gov. Edwards announces final decision on ExxonMobil refinery in Baton Rouge

Gov. John Bel Edwards recently announced ExxonMobil’s final investment decision for more than $240 million in capital improvements at the ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Refinery. The projects will help retain 1,300 existing jobs at the refinery, create more than 600 construction jobs and ultimately provide more than 20 full-time jobs for graduates of the North Baton Rouge Industrial Training Initiative, a program spearheaded by ExxonMobil in 2012 to provide no-cost, fast-tracked industrial training for community residents.


Antonline’s growth continues in Atlanta

Antonline, an online reseller of gaming and computer technology, announced plans to expand with a new warehouse and office space located 30 minutes outside of Atlanta, in Acworth, Ga. With an initial $12 million investment, Antonline acquired a manufacturing facility that will double as both a warehouse and office space. The company plans to put an additional $8 million into an expansion and is currently hiring for more than 50 positions.


Nephron Pharmaceuticals is expanding its footprint in Lexington County, S.C.

Nephron Pharmaceuticals is investing more than $100 million in Lexington County, creating 250 new jobs in the Midlands. The company recently announced the opening of Nephron Nitrile, a plant that will produce medical-grade nitrile gloves.


North Carolina-based ESC Brands is investing in Bluefield, W.Va.

The company is beginning Phase 1 of a three-phase plan that will eventually include a new 200,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and the creation of 300 jobs. ESC Brands specializes in the development of antiviral and antimicrobial products


Advanex Americas relocating to Robertson County, Tenn.

A spring manufacturer whose products are used in everything from ball point pens to space stations is relocating its headquarters to Middle Tennessee and investing $17 million in Robertson County. Advanex is moving its headquarters from Cypress, Calif., to White House, Tenn., and will create 102 new jobs.


Simple Logistics Solutions to establish new operations in Nashville

Simple Logistics Solutions (SiLo) announced that it will establish operations in Nashville, creating 92 new jobs and investing $712,000 in its headquarters. SiLo is a new freight broker.


North San Antonio’s new $60 million food warehouse cooks up new jobs

Dallas-Fort Worth-based Cold Creek Solutions announced plans for a massive food refrigeration warehouse in North San Antonio. The warehouse is estimated to cost $60 million and will provide storage for 45,000 pallets of frozen or refrigerated products. According to the company, the new facility will create between 100-250 jobs.


Glass manufacturer to create new jobs in Beaufort County, S.C.

A glass manufacturer will be opening a new facility in Beaufort County this year. The $3.1 investment from Materials Research Group is expected to create 27 new jobs.


Frauenthal Gnotec announces 82 new jobs for Laurens County, S.C.

Frauenthal Gnotec announced in June it will invest $8.2 million to establish operations in Fountain Inn and expects to create 82 jobs. The Swedish manufacturer of metal components for the automotive industry will expand production into an existing 68,500-square-foot facility there.


East Tennessee manufacturer adds 200 jobs

A manufacturing plant in Alcoa is increasing its production. Arconic, a manufacturer of aluminum products, says it has added 100 people to its workforce and is hiring an additional 100 to fulfill contracts to make beverage cans.


Intertape Polymer Group adding 100 new jobs in Blythewood, S.C.

Intertape Polymer Group (IPG), a manufacturer of a variety of packaging materials, has announced plans to expand operations in Richland County. The investment of more than $20 million is expected to create approximately 135 new jobs over the next five years.


Seventy-three new jobs coming to York County, S.C.

SouthWood Corporation, a provider of signage products and services, has announced plans to establish operations in Rock Hill. The $6.4 million investment will create 73 new jobs.


Bull Moose Tube bringing 50 more jobs to Steel Dynamics’ complex in Sinton, Texas

Missouri-based manufacturer Bull Moose Tube said recently it plans to build a pipe mill on the Steel Dynamics campus near Sinton, Texas. The company plans to hire 50 to produce hollow structural section steel and sprinkler pipe steel there.


Seating manufacturer bringing 100 jobs to Franklin, Tenn.

A South Korean manufacturer plans to bring 100 jobs to a new Franklin stamping plant. Daechang Seat Company manufactures metal seat components for Subaru, Hyundai and Kia.


Brewery hiring 300 for massive facility in Columbia, S.C.

Mark Anthony Brewing is nearing completion of a new $400 million state-of-the-art brewing and production facility in Columbia. Now the company needs to hire 300 people for one of the largest breweries built in the U.S. in more than 25 years.


Facebook spending tops $1 billion in Huntsville, Ala.

Facebook announced recently that its ongoing expansion in Huntsville will top $1 billion in capital investment. The social media giant also said that once the expansion is complete, it will employ more than 200 at the 2.5 million-square-foot campus.


Century begins expansion in Berkeley County, S.C.

Century Aluminum is expanding its Moncks Corner operations with a $60 million investment expected to create 100 jobs in the next few years.


U.K. manufacturer coming to Dan River Region of Virginia

A manufacturer of plastic and metal components for the aerospace and defense sectors will invest $6.4 million to establish its first U.S. operation in Cyber Park, jointly owned by the City of Danville and Pittsylvania County. The company, which will operate in the U.S. as Making Everything Possible LLC, will create 45 new jobs.


Mattress maker to open another South Carolina factory

A manufacturer of foam mattresses and pillows will establish a second factory in South Carolina. MLILY USA is opening a 300,000-square-foot facility with 150 workers in the Charlotte suburb of Rock Hill.


Siemens’ South Carolina plant expansion adds 180 jobs

Germany-based manufacturing conglomerate Siemens announced that it has finished a three-year, $36 million expansion of its facility in Roebuck, S.C., that pushed its headcount there to more than 500. The Spartanburg County factory makes critical products for the electrical grid.


Another manufacturer moving to Danville/Pittsylvania, Va.

Walraven will invest $7.15 million to relocate its U.S. headquarters and manufacturing operation from Cadillac, Mich., to the Danville-Pittsylvania County area, creating 46 jobs. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Walraven makes installation systems such as pipe hangers and in-wall solutions for plumbing and mechanical applications.


Mohawk adding yarn production at Alabama plant

Mohawk Industries plans to introduce yarn production at its Roanoke manufacturing facility, creating 130 jobs in Randolph County, Ala.


Revol Greens expands to Texas

Revol Greens, a Minnesota-based producer of greenhouse lettuce, has plans to locate a new a manufacturing operation in Temple, Texas. The company plans to construct a 40-acre advanced greenhouse as part of an investment representing over $110 million. The company will also hire 150 for the facility.


Australian manufacturer opens first U.S. plant in Texas

Australia-based Wagners Composite Fibre Technologies will establish a new manufacturing facility in Parker County, Texas. The project is expected to create 304 new jobs. Wagners CFT makes fiberglass sections for use in bridges, boardwalks and marine infrastructure.


Trachte plans expansion at Alabama facility

Trachte Building Systems is planning an $11.5 million expansion of its Lamar County plant, which will create 70 jobs over the next three years in Vernon, Ala. The Wisconsin-based manufacturer of steel self-storage systems announced plans to expand its Roof Mart facility in northwest Alabama.


Cimarron Trailers adding 40 new jobs in Chickasha, Okla.

Cimarron Trailers, a manufacturer of aluminum trailers and stock boxes, announced plans to add 40 employees to its facility in Chickasha. The company, which primarily serves the equine industry, currently employs 132.


New $200 million San Antonio plant promises hundreds of jobs

Brooks, the South Side development in San Antonio, was recently the site of a ribbon-cutting on a new $200 million facility, promising to bring 300 more jobs to San Antonio. The massive 315,000-square-foot plant is home to Cuisine Solutions, a company that makes entrees and other menu items for restaurants, airlines and retail businesses across the globe. Cuisine Solutions currently employs about 200 people at Brooks and plans to increase that number to 500.


QVC expands in Florence County, S.C.

QVC, the home shopping network, is expanding its fulfillment center with a $27.5 million investment that is expected to create about 360 new jobs. QVC has been operating in the Palmetto State since 2007.


Medical scribe company expanding to Bryan, Texas

A medical company that planted roots in College Station back in 2019 is expanding and moving locations to Bryan. Skywriter MD plans to hire 100 to work in its virtual medical scribe service supporting healthcare systems in Brazos County and across the country.


Advocado to add 100 new jobs in St. Louis, Mo.

Advocado, an advertising technology company, announced it will add more than 100 high-paying jobs in St. Louis. The company began in 2017 as a startup with just seven employees. The new jobs will provide an average annual wage of more than $81,000.


Project Excalibur revealed in North Carolina

Aeronautical Systems Incorporated (ASI), a provider of engineering, manufacturing and MRO services for military platforms, will invest $5.6 million to expand its manufacturing services in Craven County, N.C. The investment is expected to create 30 new jobs over five years.


Missouri’s poorest region getting a boost with $75 million in investments

Missouri’s poorest region is getting an economic boost, with a $50 million peanut processing plant being built in southeast Missouri’s Kennett. Jonesboro-based Delta Peanut held a late May groundbreaking ceremony for the facility, which will create at least 50 new fulltime jobs. Construction is also set to begin soon on a new $25 million hospital in Kennett. The new hospital will have 49 beds and a 24-hour emergency room. The former Twin Rivers Medical Center in Kennett closed in 2018.


Firefly Aerospace adding 680 jobs in Cedar Park, Texas

Firefly Aerospace, a Cedar Park-based rocket maker, is expanding its operations in the suburb north of Austin and adding more than 600 jobs, with the help of $4.3 million in taxpayer-funded incentives. Firefly is among an emerging group of launch providers that serves the small satellite market.


Firestone to add 250 jobs in Whitley County, Ky

Firestone Industrial Products plans to create 250 full-time jobs in Williamsburg with a $50 million expansion of its automotive air springs manufacturing plant.

June 2021

Whoa! Number of available jobs sets record

Remember from 2015 to 2018 the U.S. had over 7 million jobs available and virtually no takers? Back then we were averaging about 150,000 jobs created per month, or about 1.8 million jobs gained per year. No one seems to be focusing on the real root of this problem -- massive cuts in immigration and the fact that 20- and 30-year-olds do not believe they can afford children. Population and fertility rates are at all-time lows in the U.S. the last several years. So, where are we now? Today, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that there are 8.1 million jobs available. That is the highest total on record.


Proposed LNG export terminals in Louisiana could capture tons of greenhouse gases

Arlington, Va.-based Venture Global LNG will use advanced technology to capture greenhouse gases from its export terminals in Louisiana that it plans to build. Already there are several active LNG terminals in Louisiana, including the giant Cheniere terminal in Southwest Louisiana. Other billion-dollar deals are in play, and Venture Global LNG is planning its carbon capture efforts at all new LNG export facilities.


Major firms using incentives to lure workers back to the office

Companies such as Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs are offering lots of perks to get their employees back to the office. In-office companies such as law firms, banks, asset managers and tech companies are trying hard to bring their employees back to their leased or owned properties, but remote work has become the norm in the last 18 months. The companies are offering free meals and other incentives to bring labor back onsite.


Majority of small businesses expect revenue to grow this year

According to a report by Bank of America, 60 percent of small businesses expect their revenue to increase over the next 12 months (as of spring quarter). Just 34 percent of those same businesses thought revenue would increase this time last year.


GM will support UAW at its two new battery plants

In May, General Motors announced it will support union efforts to organize at the two U.S. electric vehicle battery factories that it’s building in Ohio and Tennessee with its joint-venture partner Ultium LLC. The union is working to create a wage of about $31 per hour at the two plants.


Florida tech growth advancing

According to a study done by CompTIA, the state of Florida will add a net gain of 16,000 jobs this year in the tech sector. Most of the jobs will come from the IT sector where demand for those jobs has grown by 190 percent in the past five years.


Virginia taking up rural jobs act

Sen. Mark Warner is heading up an effort in the Commonwealth of Virginia to expand the New Markets Tax Credit that will set aside $1 billion for communities in the state with less than 50,000 people. Rebranded as the Rural Jobs Act, the incentives will give rural communities in the state -- particularly those in Southwest Virginia -- a leg-up when it comes to job creation.


Hyundai to invest billions in electric vehicles in the Southern Automotive Corridor

South Korean sister automakers Hyundai and Kia will invest $7.4 billion in their electric vehicle transition in the U.S., the companies announced in the spring. Hyundai operates its only U.S. plant in Montgomery, Ala., and Kia operates its only U.S. plant 80 miles away in West Point, Ga.


Charlotte-based Bank of America raising wages to $25 an hour

Charlotte-based Bank of America announced this spring that it will raise its minimum hourly wage to $25 by 2025. The massive bank (the second largest in the country) just completed a plan to raise employee wages to a minimum of $20 an hour.


Nissan begins assembling new Pathfinder Pathfinder model at Tennessee plant

Japanese automaker Nissan began the assembly of its new 2022 Pathfinder SUV model at its plant in Smyrna, Tenn. The first model rolled off the assembly line in May with its powertrain being built nearly in Decherd, Tenn. More than 7,000 workers are housed at the plant in Smyrna, east of Nashville.


Move over natural gas; move in batteries

The proliferation of natural gas in the fracking frenzy that has been happening over the last 15 year is waning. Coal power plants have been replaced by natural gas-fueled plants, and that transformation hasn't even come close to completing. Yet, there is a new power source in town -- battery storage charged with wind and solar energy. Vistra Corp., one of the largest owners of natural gas power plants, announced this spring it is investing $1 billion in battery storage.


Nashville, the latest "it" city may have seen its best days

In the spring quarter, Oracle announced it would bring 8,500 jobs to Nashville's downtown riverfront. It is one of the South’s most impressive economic development announcements in history. Nashville also is the latest major market in the South to become an "it" city joining Atlanta, Dallas, Charlotte and others. But there is a problem in Nashville, one of the nation's fastest growing cities. The Institute for Truth in Accounting recently ranked it one of the country’s five worst “sinkhole” cities, with $22,000 in debt per resident. Its bonded debt has increased by more than $1.25 billion in 10 years. Much if not all of the city's reserve funds have been spent and new property tax increases have been passed to fill in the financial gaps. The state has even considered a state takeover of the city's finances. What goes up, must come down.


"Tidal wave of women" left workforce

According to a new study published by the journal, Gender & Society, a "tidal wave" of women left the workforce in September of 2020 when school typically would have started for the year. The research showed that women over the age of 20 left their jobs as a result of their children being forced to stay home and participate in virtual learning. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 865,000 women dropped out of the labor force in September, four times the number of men.


Birth rate in U.S. lowest in more than 40 years

The birth rate in the U.S. fell 4 percent in 2020 to about 3.6 million babies. It is the sixth straight annual decline and the lowest since 1979 according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Census: Austin is America's fastest growing city

In the spring quarter, the U.S. Census Bureau released its “New Vintage 2020 Population Estimates Available for Nation, States, Counties and Puerto Rico Commonwealth." The fastest growing metro areas in the U.S. in 2020 were Austin; Boise; Lakeland, Fla.; Fayetteville, Ark.; and Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Fla. Making the top 10 in the South included Raleigh, North Port-Sarasota, and Charleston, S.C.


Apple's North Carolina deal could garner $1 billion in incentives

Apple's announcement this spring that it will set up a billion-dollar campus that will house 3,000 workers in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina is expected to garner $845 million in tax breaks over the next 40 years. When local incentives are included, the total is close to $1 billion in incentives to the tech giant.


U.S. trade deficit hits record high

The U.S. trade deficit raged to a record $74 billion in March. Imports rose more than 6 percent as did exports. The improving U.S. economy drove purchases of imported goods. The deficit is the gap between what the U.S. buys from abroad and what it sells to other nations.


West Virginia Is offering remote workers $12,000 to move there

West Virginia, the South's smallest state in terms of population, launched a program to recruit remote and self-employed workers. The state is offering $12,000 and a free, year-long pass for outdoor activities for those who relocate to the state for at least two years.


South Carolina Ports opens new terminal

The South Carolina Ports welcomed the first vessel to the Hugh K. Leatherman Terminal for the first time in the spring quarter. The terminal is the first container terminal to open in the United States since 2009.


IRS head says tax cheats cost U.S. $1 trillion per year or more

In the spring quarter, IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig told a U.S. Senate panel that tax cheats -- including large corporations -- have created a tax gap of uncollected taxes of about $1 trillion a year. Rettig cited cryptocurrencies and foreign-source income as well as abuses of pass-through structures as the reasons for the taxes not being collected.


Spring quarter brings third-largest U.S. monthly deficit on record

Sure, the U.S. Treasury has been printing money more so than any time in U.S. history as trillions are being invested into the economy. It is already showing. In March, the U.S. spent $927 billion, more than double the level of March 2020 as a result of the Biden financial rescue plan. Also in March, the federal government spent $660 billion more than it collected in tax revenue. That figure was eclipsed only by April and June 2020 numbers under the Trump administration when the U.S. approved even larger levels of emergency spending.


Hyundai's Alabama plant helps company to best ever sales month in March

South Korean automaker Hyundai's sales soared 153 percent over March 2020 sales to over 72,000 vehicles, its best U.S. month ever. Hyundai's only U.S. assembly plant is in Montgomery, Ala.


Auto battery deal saves 2,600 Georgia jobs

Electric vehicle parts competitors SK Innovation (SKI) and LG Energy Solution (LGES) have reached an agreement in an ongoing dispute on trade secrets that will preserve 2,600 jobs in Northeast Georgia. The U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) ruled in favor of LGES on Feb. 10, after the company accused SKI of stealing 22 of its trade secrets. The ruling banned SKI from importing battery parts and components for 10 years, with some exceptions. SKI has agreed to pay LGES $1.8 billion in lump-sum payments and royalties. Both companies agreed to withdraw pending litigation and not seek enforcement of patent or intellectual rights for 10 years.


Elon Musk recruits employees at new Austin plant via Twitter

Entrepreneur Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla, took to Twitter in April to recruit employees at the new Gigafactory that will build Tesla's first cybertruck near the airport in Austin, Texas. Musk wants to recruit 10,000 employees to the new facility, twice what was originally announced.


Elon Musk wants to create city at South Texas rocket launch base

Not too long ago, Elon Musk and his SpaceX startup chose a site near Brownsville, Texas, to launch rockets, and land them. The private spaceflight company has already launched large rockets in tests so far in Boca Chica, Texas, a beachside community that is so tiny, other than in the summer, only a few dozen homes are occupied. Now Musk would like to create a community in Boca Chica. He tweeted in April, "“Please consider moving to Starbase or greater Brownsville/South Padre area in Texas & encourage friends to do so! SpaceX’s hiring needs for engineers, technicians, builders & essential support personnel of all kinds are growing rapidly.” So remember the "company town" where you had textiles and apparel company-owned homes and stores? Well, today, Elon Musk is trying to build a town based on space called "Starbase."


There is a new richest person in Texas

Move over Alice Walton of WalMart. . .Elon Musk, who has recently moved to Austin, is now the richest person in Texas. Musk made a highly publicized move to Austin last year from California. Much of Musk's newest developments are now in Texas with his Gigafactory in Austin to the Starbase rocket launch area in Boca Chica, Texas on the beach near Brownsville.


Virginia first state in the South to legalize marijuana

Virginia lawmakers in the spring quarter legalized marijuana, the first state in the South to do so. Under the law, adults 21 and older will be able to use and grow marijuana, beginning in July The state will also launch a legal and regulated market with tax revenues going toward education and equity initiatives as well as addiction treatments and public health services.


Southern Kentucky county to expand super successful industrial park

Bowling Green and Warren County have issued a $46.5 million bond to help pay for the expansion and development of the Kentucky Transpark by the Inter-Modal Transportation Authority (ITA). The initial Kentucky Transpark was comprised of approximately 700 acres and serves as home to 19 private companies and three educational facilities that employ over 2,600.


BP's new, massive offshore oil platform arrives in Texas

British Petroleum's 27-story, floating semi-submersible oil drilling platform, one of the largest in the world, arrived near Corpus Christi in the spring quarter after a 16,000-mile trip. The new platform is part of BP's $9 billion initiative to extract oil from the Mad Dog 2 oil field about 200 miles south of New Orleans. The platform will operate in 4,500 feet of water and will house hundreds of workers.


U.S. factory activity strongest since 1983

In March, U.S. manufacturers grew at a faster pace than at any time since 1983. As the pandemic wanes and government aid dollars flow freely, manufacturers were full steam ahead as spring began. The Institute for Supply Management gave its measure of factory activity a score of 64.7 percent in March, the highest in 37 years.


Raytheon CEO say Biden corporate tax plan will reduced the company's investments

Raytheon CEO Greg Hayes, in a speech to the Economic Club of Washington, D.C. in the spring quarter, said that President Biden's corporate tax increases, infrastructure plan and other initiatives to raise revenue will reduce investment by the aerospace and defense giant by about $1 billion a year. Hayes said that Raytheon spends about $5 billion a year on R&D and other expenditures, and if the corporate tax rate is raised from 21 percent to 28 percent, it would cost the company about $1 billion more in taxes.


Consumers spent $900 billion more online in 2020

While the pandemic was raging worldwide, consumers spent $900 billion more as they stayed at home according to a report by the MasterCard Economics Institute. While people were stuck at home, nearly every online retailer saw its online sales improve. E-commerce made up $1 out of every $5 spent on retail globally in 2020, according the report. In 2019, it was $1 out of every $7 spent.


U.S. emerges in spring as largest contributor to the world's economy

In March, the Labor Department showed that the U.S. gained 916,000 jobs. About the same time, the U.S. ascended as the No. 1 economic engine in the world based on GDP. It's the first time since 2005 that the U.S., not China, has been the No. 1 country fueling the world's economy.


State of Georgia buys megasite near Savannah

When looking to locate in the U.S., Volkswagen and Volvo checked out the megasite in Bryan County, Ga., near Savannah. Both passed, even though officials there thought they had landed Volvo, which eventually chose a site near Charleston, S.C., in Berkeley County. Volvo has now expanded several times at its facilities in Berkeley County. Now, the 2,284-acre Bryan County megasite has been purchased by the Savannah Harbor-Interstate 16 Corridor Joint Development Authority. The strategic purchase of the Bryan County Mega-Site is the largest in Georgia state history, according to a press release from the governor's office.


Whirpool announces a major expansion in Tulsa, Okla.

Whirlpool announced it is investing $15 million into its factory in Tulsa, where the company produces freestanding and slide-in ranges under the Whirlpool, Amana, Maytag, KitchenAid and JennAir brands. The expansion will also mean the addition of 150 jobs there.


New Boston Whaler factory opens in Florida

Brunswick Corporation and Boston Whaler recently held a groundbreaking ceremony ahead of the reopening of its 225,000-square-foot Flagler County manufacturing facility. The expansion will bring more than 400 jobs to the local economy.


Orange Park, Fla., getting an even better medical center

On the heels of a recent $126 million expansion, Orange Park Medical Center has announced a $34 million multi-phase expansion, creating over 80 new jobs. The latest expansion includes the construction of two new inpatient units and a new intensive care unit.


L’Oréal to add 45 jobs with $12 million expansion of North Little Rock plant

New York City-based L’Oréal USA announced in May that it will invest more than $12 million to expand its plant in North Little Rock, Ark. The project is estimated to add 45 jobs to the 350 jobs at the plant.


SIBO GROUP to invest $2.6 million in new Virginia operation

SIBO GROUP, a Slovenia-based manufacturer of closure solutions for tubes, containers and other packaging systems, will invest $2.6 million to establish its U.S. corporate headquarters and a new manufacturing operation in Harrisonburg, Va. The new facility will create 24 new jobs.


Four projects, 500 new jobs with $273 million investment for Kentucky

Gov. Andy Beshear recently announced four economic development projects that collectively will create over 500 new jobs in Kentucky with a $273 million investment:

Wieland North America plans to create 75 jobs with a $100 million copper recycling facility in Shelby County. The announcement comes less than four months after Wieland made public its plans to locate its new North American headquarters in Louisville with an $8.8 million investment, a project creating 75 jobs.

Firestone Industrial Products will create 250 jobs in Williamsburg with a $50 million expansion of its automotive air springs manufacturing plant. The company currently employs more than 500 people.

Canada-based Kruger Packaging is expected to invest $114.2 million to establish a state-of-the-art packaging manufacturing operation in Hardin County, creating at least 150 jobs in the coming years. This represents the company’s first corrugated box plant in the U.S.

Startup bourbon producer Jackson Purchase Distillery will upgrade a long-idled facility and create 30 jobs as part of the company’s plans for a new $8.76 million distilling operation in Fulton County.


Manufacturer bringing 79 new jobs to Hopkinsville, Ky.

EZ-ACCESS will begin manufacturing operations later this summer, creating 79 jobs and over $5 million in capital investment. The company makes a variety of ramps and lifts.


Aerospace engineering firm expanding in Fauquier County, Va.

SPARC Research, a provider engineering services in advanced missile and rocket propulsion, will invest $2.5 million and create 16 new jobs in expanding its operation in Fauquier Count. The company will establish a new 20,000-square-foot office and manufacturing facility on 4.5 acres near its current location in Warrenton.


DHL adding 250 jobs at CVG

Because of the skyrocketing demands for shipped goods across the world, DHL Express is adding 250 jobs and boosting wages at its North American superhub at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.


Four Lubbock companies announce combined 500 new jobs

Four Lubbock, Texas-based companies are planning to expand, creating over 500 jobs and investing a combined $11.4 million in capital:

SIMFLO, a leader in the vertical and submersible turbine markets, is expanding its current facility and constructing a new testing facility in Lubbock, which will be one of the largest test pits in North America. SIMFLO will invest $5 million and create 12 jobs.

VXI Global Solutions designs and supports customer engagement platforms. The company is creating over 350 new jobs.

Tech company Starnik Systems, headquartered in Lubbock, is expanding with a capital investment of $5 million, and will bring 75 new jobs to the area.

CEV Multimedia, which produces instructional materials for students and teachers, announced the creation of 89 new Lubbock-based jobs, and a $229,555 investment.


Mohawk expands in Roanoke, Va.

Mohawk Industries is growing its Roanoke manufacturing facility by expanding into yarn production there, creating 130 jobs. Originally a carpet-backing operation, the Roanoke facility will now house yarn conversion operations as well. In total, the location will employ approximately 300 people once the new positions are filled.


West Coast tech company revs up Austin workforce with 130 new jobs, a provider of artificial-intelligence-powered, voice-to-text transcription services, is revving up its presence in Austin. The company announced in March that it is expanding its Austin workforce with the addition of 130 employees.


Update: Amazon begins hiring 2,000 new jobs at CVG

Amazon has announced that it has begun hiring for jobs at its $1.5 billion air cargo hub at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, where it plans to create 2,000 new positions. The jobs -- loading and unloading aircraft and sorting packages -- will pay at least $17.50 per hour and include a signing bonus of $2,000.


Snow Joe adding 70 new jobs in Rowan County, N.C.

Cordless and electric tool maker Snow Joe, together with its complementary brands Sun Joe and Aqua Joe, announced it is expanding in Rowan County. Based in New Jersey, Snow Joe is adding a second shift and hiring for up to 70 new jobs at its Salisbury facility.


Magna Mirrors bringing 300 new jobs with $31 million factory build in Duncan, S.C.

Magna Mirrors has announced construction of a new $31 million, 170,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Duncan. The facility is expected to employ 300 people to produce high-tech vehicle mirrors with cameras and sensor technology.


Trucking company bringing 136 new jobs to Cherokee County, S.C.

Kerns Trucking, a regional transportation and logistics company, announced plans to establish its corporate headquarters in Cherokee County. The $7.9 million investment will create 136 new jobs.


CARsgen chooses Research Triangle for new facility

CARsgen Therapeutics Corporation, a biotech company specializing in cancer medicines, will create approximately 200 jobs and invest $157 million in Durham, N.C. The Research Triangle biomanufacturing site will be its first North America.


Global insurance firm moving HQ to Orlando

AssuredPartners, one of the country’s largest insurance brokerage firms, is moving its headquarters to downtown Orlando, Fla., and plans to bring with it at least 100 new high-paying jobs.


California-based company bringing jobs to Fluvanna County, Va.

California-based Stewart Tool Company will invest $9.1 million to establish its first East Coast manufacturing operation in Fluvanna County. The company will renovate the former Kloeckner Metals facility in Troy. Virginia successfully competed with Maryland and Pennsylvania for the project, which will create 22 new jobs.


M.C. Dean announces Phase 2 of $25 million expansion in Caroline, Va.

Tysons-based M.C. Dean Inc. announced recently it has entered the second phase of its $25 million expansion, breaking ground on an 84,000-square-foot modular manufacturing facility at its Center for Innovation and Industry in Caroline County. Expected to open this fall, the electrical engineering firm’s facility in Caroline County will be home to ModularMEP, M.C. Dean’s line of modular electrical buildings.


Credit Karma expanding in Charlotte, N.C., with 600 jobs

Credit Karma announced that it is expanding its operations in Charlotte, adding 600 new jobs and investing $13 million to transform its existing operations into an East Coast Headquarters.


Korean automotive manufacturer opening first U.S. facility in Jackson County, Ga.

Duckyang, a supplier of automotive battery modules and energy storage systems to SK Battery America, will invest $10 million in opening its first U.S. manufacturing plant in Braselton, Ga. The new facility will create 285 jobs in Jackson County.


SunCoke Energy to invest $50 million in Buchanan County, Va.

SunCoke Energy, the largest independent producer of high-quality coke for blast furnace steel production in the Americas, will invest $50 million in its manufacturing operation in Buchanan County to refurbish and upgrade the facility to enable the production of foundry coke. Virginia successfully competed with Ohio for the project, which will retain approximately 100 jobs.


Poultry operator adding 290 jobs in Little Rock, Ark.

Arkansas-based Custom Craft Poultry is opening a new poultry processing plant in Little Rock. The company has repurposed the former Odom’s Tennessee Pride sausage plant and invested nearly $10 million in the project. It is expected to create 290 new jobs.


Amazon has begun hiring 1,000 jobs for new facility in Mt. Juliet, Tenn.

Amazon has started hiring for more than 1,000 full-time jobs at its new robotics fulfillment center in Mt. Juliet. The facility will use robotics technology to pick, pack and ship smaller items to customers across the region. Amazon has projected up to 3,000 jobs for the Mt. Juliet facility.


Freezer manufacturing facility creating new jobs in Georgia

IC Biomedical, a producer of cryogenic freezers, will make a multi-million dollar investment in opening an advanced manufacturing facility near Cartersville. As demand for medical-grade freezers continues to surge, the facility will deliver more than 80 jobs to Bartow County.


FanDuel bringing 900 jobs to new Atlanta tech hub

Mobile gaming site FanDuel has announced plans for a tech hub, with anticipated 900-plus jobs, in Atlanta. The proposed 68,000-square-foot operations center will host hundreds of high-paying jobs focused on software engineering, information technology and product development.


ID.Me bringing 500 jobs to its new Tampa office

Virginia-based is opening a new office in Tampa, Fla., and will bring 500 jobs with it. The digital security firm, which is headquartered in the Washington, D.C. suburbs, says it hopes to hire employees for the new office by the end of this year.


Steel manufacturer expands to Newport News, Va.

IndieDwell is expected to invest over $2 million to build its first East Coast manufacturing facility in Newport News. The expansion is expected to add 220 new jobs. IndieDwell states that its mission is to “manufacture healthy, durable, energy efficient, sustainable modular housing to help solve the affordable housing crisis.”


Amazon reveals new Alabama warehouse and 500 jobs

Amazon announced plans to open a 1-million-square-foot fulfillment center in Huntsville, a project that will create more than 500 jobs. The company said the facility will be built near the new Mazda Toyota vehicle factory that’s under construction west of Huntsville in Limestone County.


Domtar to expand Georgia manufacturing facility

Pulp supplier Domtar Corporation will invest more than $60 million to expand its manufacturing operations in Jesup, Ga., delivering 75 additional jobs to Wayne County.


Food distributer adding 40 new jobs in Duplin County, N.C.

Governor Roy Cooper announced eGourmet Solutions is expanding in Duplin County, adding 40 new jobs and investing $500,00. The company is an online temperature-controlled logistics and supply chain company.


Siemens completes $36 million expansion in South Carolina

Siemens’ industrial manufacturing facility in Spartanburg, S.C., has completed a three-year expansion, adding more than 180 new positions and 52,000 square feet to one of the company’s key manufacturing hubs.


Bigtime boat manufacturer launches in Craven County, N.C.

White River Marine Group is acquiring Hatteras Yachts, and will target 500 jobs in Craven County. New Bern The company is investing $35 million and will modernize the New Bern plant.


Aluminum can maker expands in Winston-Salem

Ardagh Group, a supplier of infinitely recyclable metal and glass packaging, will add 94 new jobs in Forsyth County. The company will invest at least $195 million to expand its current beverage can metal manufacturing facility in Winston-Salem.


New airline coming to Norfolk, Va., creating 116 jobs

Breeze Airways, a new U.S.- based airline providing low-cost, nonstop service to mid-size markets, will invest $5.2 million to establish an operations center at Norfolk International Airport. The company plans to hire 116 staffers.


Breeze Airways landing at NOLA Airport

The addition of Breeze Airways to the New Orleans airport is expected to create 261 jobs there. The new airline will make a capital investment of $6.6 million, and flights are set to begin in July.


New peanut facility coming to Missouri

Fifty million dollars will be invested in the creation of the Delta Peanut processing facility, which will be owned by farmers. The facility will create 50 new jobs, with the manufacturing jobs earning an average wage of $38,250.


Foam firm reopening long-vacant Texas manufacturing plant

Future Foam, a company that specializes in polyurethane foam products, will renovate and begin manufacturing at the former Apex Tool Group plant (empty since 2015) in Garland, Texas. The $3 million project is expected to create 104 jobs.


New Tennessee solar farm will light up the Facebook data center

A new $140 million solar farm in Shelby County, Tenn., is to power Facebook’s data center in Gallatin. The Tennessee Valley Authority recently announced a partnership with Facebook and energy company RWE Renewables that will build a 150MW solar facility near Millington.


Walgreens warehouse coming to Memphis

Walgreens is bringing a new warehouse to Memphis, Tenn., along with 200 new jobs. The $30 million high-tech drug warehouse in Oakhaven is expected to increase the speed of packages to stores, to lockers for pickup and directly to customers’ homes.


Tortilla equipment manufacturer plans 210 jobs in Maury County, Tenn.

A California-based company that specializes in equipment to make tortillas is investing $30 million to set up shop in Tennessee and create 210 jobs. J.C. Ford Company plans to create the jobs over five years at the new facility in Columbia, Tenn.


Roadtec rebranding and expanding in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Roadtec (rebranding as ASTEC) will expand its operations in Chattanooga. The company, which manufacturers just about everything you need to build roads, will invest $6.2 million and hire 128 new jobs in Hamilton County.


Hydro-Gear bringing 300 jobs to Carroll County, Tenn.

The company that makes transmissions for outdoor power equipment has announced plans to expand its operations in Tennessee with a new facility that will bring 375 jobs with it. Hydro-Gear will invest $10 million to locate in Huntingdon, Tenn.


WebstaurantStore bringing 100 new jobs to Chatham County, Ga.

WebstaurantStore, a supplier to food service professionals, will open a distribution center in Chatham County, creating more than 100 jobs. The company also has two facilities in Albany, which employ more than 350 Georgians.


Conveyor belt manufacturer creating 83 jobs in Buford, Ga.

A company that produces lightweight conveyor belts is expanding its operations with a new plant in Buford. Ammeraal Beltech is expected to create 83 new jobs with the plant – a $19 million investment by the company.


Cabinet maker creating 125 new jobs in Lawrenceville, Ga.

A Texas-based cabinet manufacturer is expanding and relocating to Gwinnett County after acquiring a Lawrenceville-based company. Republic Elite’s relocation to Lawrenceville, after the acquisition of Windsor Kitchen and Bath, is expected to create 125 new jobs there.


EV charging giant opening HQ in Atlanta

A Netherlands-based supplier of charging stations for electric vehicles, Heliox, will set up a North American headquarters in Atlanta, hiring 70. North America is expected to become the largest market for e-mobility in the next 5 years.


Mississippi sawmill adds 43 jobs

Hankins Lumber in Grenada, Miss., is adding new sawmill operations, Hankins Timbers, to its existing business enterprise. The project is a $12.5 million corporate investment and will create 43 jobs.


Global manufacturer opening a new site in Rock Hill, S.C.

Mattress, pillow and sleep accessory company MLILY USA plans to open a new 300,000-square-foot manufacturing site in Rock Hill by late June. It will grow to employ 150 people.


Troy Industries relocating to Clarksville, Tenn.

Firearms manufacturer Troy Industries will relocate its headquarters and manufacturing operations from West Springfield, Mass., to Clarksville, Tenn., in part because of the “changing climate” for gunmakers. The move represents an investment of $7.2 million and the creation of 75 jobs over the next five years.


Silicon Valley 3D tech firm relocates to Chatham County, N.C.

PolarOnyx, a California-based 3D manufacturing company, recently relocated to Chatham County from Silicon Valley, and has now purchased an existing building that will accommodate the production and workspace needs for the company and its employees. The company declined to designate a specific job creation target.


Red Hats for 500 new employees

IBM acquired Raleigh-based Red Hat two years ago for a whopping $34 billion.

Now, the company plans to hire more than 500 new associates, concentrating on adding staff in the Triangle area of North Carolina and in Boston. The new talent will help develop products to meet the emerging edge computing needs of its clients.


Tergus Pharma opens new HQ in Durham, N.C.

Tergus Pharma, a company that develops and makes topical pharmaceutical products, opened its new headquarters in Durham in May, bringing with it almost 150 new jobs.


Hytrol to add 100 jobs in Fort Smith, Ark.

Hytrol Conveyor Company is looking to hire an additional 100 plus employees for its facility in in Fort Smith.


KPMG adding 350 jobs in Orlando

The Big Four accounting firm, KPMG, plans to add 350 jobs to launch what it is calling the Capability Center at its campus in Orlando, Fla. The new facility will serve as a hub for tax and advisory services.


PACCAR Parts breaks ground on Louisville distribution center

PACCAR Parts, a distributor of aftermarket parts for heavy- and medium-duty trucks, trailers, buses and engines, broke ground in May on a $52.2 million, state-of-the-art parts distribution center in Louisville. The investment is expected to create 80 full-time jobs.


Kentucky glass plant getting $45 million from Apple

Apple is strengthening ties to Corning’s plant in Mercer County, Ky., announcing it will award another $45 million to support Corning’s work to supply glass for the tech giant’s iPhones and other devices. This latest investment will expand Corning’s manufacturing capacity and “drive research and development,” according to Apple.


Ahlstrom-Munksjö building second facility, creating 51 jobs in Madisonville, Ky.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö, which manufactures fiber-based materials, will build a second facility in Madisonville with a $70 million investment expected to create 51 jobs. The new facility will house a glass fiber tissue production line to make luxury vinyl tiles and vinyl sheet materials.


Amazon creating 1,000 jobs in Northwestern Louisiana

Amazon has planned a 650,000-square-foot fulfillment center in the northwestern Louisiana city of Shreveport. The development will generate $200 million in capital investment and add more than 1,000 jobs to the local economy.


Consulting company HQ lands in Tysons, Va., will create 900 jobs

Guidehouse, a management consulting company, will invest $12.7 million to establish a global headquarters and create 900 jobs in Tysons. The new campus will house more than 1,550 employees when at full capacity,


Amazon bringing $100 million distribution center to Johnston County, N.C.

Amazon is planning another major expansion in the Triangle, with a $100 million distribution and fulfillment center in the works for Smithfield in Johnston County.

The warehouse will create 500 jobs paying at least $15 an hour.


Drax to build pellet plants in Arkansas

Drax Group, a sustainable biomass production and supply company, will begin constructing the first of three new “satellite” pellet plants in Arkansas. The first plant will break ground near a West Fraser sawmill in Leola, Ark., in June. The company will begin construction on two more plants in other locations in the coming months. In total, Drax will invest $40 million in the state, creating approximately 30 new jobs.


Chicken coop company returns to North Carolina

A custom chicken coop manufacturer is returning to North Carolina with plans to create hundreds of new jobs. Carolina Coops was founded in Durham in 2009. As it expanded, it opened in upstate New York. Now, a $2.1 million investment will bring a new manufacturing location to Butner. Carolina Coops will create 147 new jobs over the next three years in Granville County. By 2026, the company expects to have created as many as 500 new jobs.


AMPAC expanding in Petersburg, Va.

AMPAC Fine Chemicals plans to grow its Petersburg manufacturing facility, investing $25 million and creating 156 jobs, Gov. Ralph Northam announced recently. AMPAC is a manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients.


Online lender creating 265 jobs in Knoxville, Tenn.

An Illinois-based online lender and loan processing firm will open a West Knoxville call office and training center. Lending Solutions Inc., (LSI) will create 265 jobs to open the center.


Biotech company bringing 300 jobs to Richmond, Va.

California-based Aditxt Therapeutics plans to invest more than $31 million to establish its first immune system monitoring center in the city. The new facility will also be adding 300 new jobs to the Virginia Bio+Tech Park.


Building supplier adding 235 jobs in Iredell County, N.C.

JELD-WEN, the manufacturer of windows and doors, will create 235 jobs in Iredell County. The company will invest $7.9 million in Statesville to establish a new production facility for its VPI Quality Windows.


JRD Systems Distribution Center creating hundreds of jobs for Eastern Kentucky

Software developer JRD Systems recently broke ground on a new 200,000-square-foot distribution center in the Greer Industrial Park in Laurel County. The project means 200 jobs for the area.


Doosan Bobcat investing $70 million in Statesville, N.C.

Doosan Bobcat North America, a global leader in the compact equipment industry, announced plans for a $70 million expansion of its Statesville manufacturing facility. The company plans to construct an additional 580,000-square-foot manufacturing operations, which will create 250 new, full-time jobs over the next five years in Iredell County.


Two PPE manufacturing facilities coming to Acadiana

Gov. Edwards joined officials from SafeSource Direct and Ochsner Health to announce the development of two manufacturing facilities for personal protective equipment (PPE). The Acadiana Region projects will create a combined 1,221 new direct jobs. Over $150 million will be invested in Lafayette Parish and St. Martin Parish to develop the facilities.


Mercedes suppliers foresee 3,200 new jobs for the Tuscaloosa area

Regarding potential job growth at Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, the automaker predicts its suppliers are looking to bring 3,200 jobs to the Tuscaloosa County, Ala., area within the next two to three years as it expands into the electric vehicle market.

May 2021

 $200 with a "B" — the economic effect on South Carolina's economy from manufacturing

The manufacturing sector in South Carolina has a $200 billion impact on the Palmetto State's economy according to the South Carolina Manufacturers Alliance. South Carolina is one of the South's most highly concentrated manufacturing states with the likes of BMW, Boeing, Michelin, Volvo and Mercedes-Benz leading the way. The study examined 127 specific manufacturing occupations to determine the industry’s footprint across the state and the economic stability it creates, according to a news release.


New $2.3 billion electric vehicle battery plant planned by General Motors in Tennessee

Michigan-based GM announced in April it will build a new 2.8 million-square-foot electric vehicle battery factory in Spring Hill, Tenn., next to its long-time assembly plant there. GM will partner with LG Energy Solutions to build the company's second Ultium Cells facility. The $2.3 billion, 1,300-employee plant is the largest single investment in the state's history according to Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee. Not only will GM produce electric vehicles at its Spring Hill plant, it will also assembly electric vehicles from other well-known automakers.


Big deal in North Central Mississippi

Milwaukee Tool announced in the spring it will build a facility in Grenada, Miss., that will house 800 workers. The company also will add another 400 at other plants it operates in the state. The company is investing another $60 million in the state. The Greater Grenada Partnership and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) also are assisting with the project. The Greater Grenada Partnership donated 40 acres in the Grenada County Business and Technology Park to help capture the deal.


Space centers in Louisiana and Mississippi to develop lands and more product

NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility in East New Orleans and the John C. Stennis Space Center just to the east in Hancock County, Miss., are planning on developing business parks on their grounds to lure suppliers and other space-related companies. The space centers are modeling the business parks one other successful projects at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla., and at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala.


New York City, a breeding ground for Southern deals, is experiencing an office space vacancy Armageddon

Vacant office space in New York City is at a point that it has not seen since 1994, following the recession of 1993. Work-from-home has created all kinds of sublease situations in the "city." Relocations of workers and companies have also contributed. According to Cushman & Wakefield, the vacancy rate in Manhattan reached 16.3 percent in the first quarter of 2021. This has driven rents down dramatically and there seems to be no end to the glut of office space in New York City at this point.


Source: Alabama "economic momentum" near the top in the U.S.

According to State Policy Reports, a Washington, D.C.-based publication has ranked Alabama No. 8 in its Index of State Economic Momentum for the first quarter of 2021. The state's score was 1.31 to a national average of zero.


Capitol of West Virginia announces worker relocation program

You -- yes, you! -- can move to Charleston, W.Va., and work remotely in selected industry sectors, and earn up to $10,000 by moving there. The program, called "The Charleston Roots Initiative, is designed to entice remote workers who have the ability to relocate anywhere while maintaining their current jobs, according to the program’s website.


Survey: Austin most vibrant U.S. tech city

A survey this spring by Blind, an online community that enables professionals to share their opinions anonymously, showed that Austin is the most dynamic tech city in the U.S. Ninety-two percent of tech execs in Austin believe the city fosters a vibrant environment for tech companies. San Francisco and Seattle came in second in the survey with 85 percent, and New York City with 83 percent. 


Amazon to build robotics fulfillment center in Richmond, Va.

Amazon announced in April it will build a robotics fulfillment center in Henrico County, Va. The facility will house 1,000 workers.


Manufacturer adding over 250 jobs in West Tennessee

Memphis Contract Packaging, a maker of beauty products, is expanding its facilities in Fayette County, Tenn. The company will invest $48 million and will add 261 jobs with the project.


Apple announces 20,000 new U.S. jobs, 3,000 in Research Triangle

In April, Apple announced it would add 20,000 new jobs in the U.S., and invest over $400 billion in new projects around the U.S. At the same announcement, Apple revealed plans for a new $1 billion, 3,000-employee campus between the cities of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill in the Research Triangle. The new campus will involve machine learning, artificial intelligence and software engineering. According to the Charlotte Observer, the incentives to Apple could reach $1 billion. If so, that would be the largest in North Carolina history.


Amazon adding hundreds of jobs in Memphis

Amazon announced a new facility in Memphis. The new facility will ship large items such as mattresses, grills and kayaks.


Wayfair picks Austin for tech hub

Boston-based home décor retailer Wayfair announced in the spring it will set up a tech hub in Austin. The deal will create 200 jobs.


FedEx to hire nearly 500 in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

FedEx will build a new sortation facility at Legacy Park in Port St. Lucie. The project will create 475 jobs.


Amazon to open new facility in Mississippi

Amazon plans to open a new fulfillment center in Byhalia, Miss. The company expects to hire 500 in the deal.


Agriculture equipment manufacturer expanding in Missouri

John Deere Reman is expanding its operations in Springfield, Mo. The company makes engines and other agriculture equipment and will now make drive trains. The project will create 130 new jobs.


California-based life sciences firm to bring jobs to North Carolina

San Francisco-based medical genetics testing company Invitae is opening a facility in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. The company is investing $114 million to open a test manufacturing lab in Morrisville. The deal will create 374 jobs.


Meat processor to create jobs in Missouri

Chicago-based Swift Prepared Foods, a maker of sausages and other meat products, is opening a new meat processing facility in Columbia, Mo. The bit $200 million development will create 251 jobs.


Not a done deal yet, but Oracle has its sights on Nashville and thousands of jobs

Oracle, which recently relocated its headquarters to Austin, is in negotiations to bring thousands of jobs to Nashville. Oracle has proposed to invest over $1 billion to open a new hub on the East Bank of the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville. The proposed project would generate as many as 8,500 jobs, topping the largest single announcement made by Amazon a couple of years ago when it announced a $230 million, 5,000 job deal also in downtown Nashville.


Biotech firm expanding in Richmond, Va.

Grenova Inc., a Virginia-based sustainable biotech firm, is expanding its operations in Richmond. The company will make devices that will wash and sterilize contaminated pipette tips for reuse used in COVID-19 testing. The $10 million project will create 250 new jobs.


Baton Rouge: Pay disparities among men and women highest in the nation

According to U.S. Census data, the difference in median salary among men and women in Baton Rouge, La., is the highest in the country. The city was described in the report as the “least equitable” city in the country for the gender pay gap since there’s a difference of 48.5 percent between salaries of men and women.


Impressive job-making deal in Missouri

Carlisle Construction Materials, a manufacturer of building products in the real estate markets, announced in April it is investing $62 million in a new deal in Sikeston, Mo. The project will create 100 new jobs.


Atlanta-based firm growing in West Virginia

Atlanta-based business-to-business firm N3, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve clients’ sales portfolios, is expanding in Charleston, W.Va. N3, a subsidiary of Accenture, will add 100 jobs in the deal.


Big hydroponic greenhouse to create over 100 jobs in Virginia

Sunny Farms will invest $59.6 million to establish a “state-of-the-art” facility at Taylor Farms in Virginia Beach. The deal will create 155 new jobs.


Texas med marijuana facility to create hundreds of jobs

A new medical marijuana facility in San Marcos, Texas, will create "hundreds of jobs" according to the local newspaper there. Atlanta-based cannabis operator Parallel announced the creation of a $25 million cannabis cultivation, production and retail facility in city of San Marcos.


Kentucky startup distillery to expand

Log Still Distillery, a startup in Nelson County, Ky., in the Bardstown area, is expanding its site with a $24 million investment. The project will create 126 jobs and will add all kinds of amenities, including a tasting room, restaurant, lodging and amphitheater.


Tofu maker announces bill Kentucky deal

House Foods, a maker of tofu, will locate its first Kentucky facility in Louisville. The company is investing $146 million and will create 109 full-time jobs.


Manufacturer adding 700 jobs in Kentucky

KCC Manufacturing, a manufacturer of commercial HVAC products, is expanding in Simpsonville, Ky. The company will invest $60 million and is adding 700 jobs.


Port of Virginia to be deepest on the East Coast

By 2024, the Port of Virginia will be the deepest port on the U.S. East Coast at 55 feet. At that time, the port will be able to accommodate two-way traffic for some of the world's largest maritime vessels. The port has invested over $1 billion in its facilities since 2015.


Real estate demand fuels Arkansas manufacturer's growth

Windsor Door is adding a third production line and second shift at its plant in Little Rock. The deal will create 42 new jobs.


Last decade: Second-lowest population growth in nation's history

The first results of the 2020 census are in this spring 2021 quarter, and the first results show that the 2010s saw the second lowest population growth in the nation's history. About 331.4 million residents were counted, a population increase of 7.4 percent since the count in 2010 of 308.7 million. The growth is roughly half that seen in the 1990s when the population grew by 13.2 percent.


Houston-based company spending $7 billion on new gasoline plant

Houston-based Nacero will establish a $7 billion lower carbon gasoline plant in Penwell, Texas. The gasoline produced at the plant will have no sulfur. The project will create 350 jobs.


Aerospace and defense manufacturer expanding in Arkansas

CoorsTek, a maker of ceramics used in the aerospace and defense industries, is expanding its facilities in Benton, Ark. The company is investing $9 million expansion will generate 50 new jobs.


Chicago company relocating HQ to Tampa

Signode Industrial Group, a maker of packaging tools and equipment, is relocating its headquarters from Chicago to Tampa. The deal will create 200 jobs.


Mexican company opening plant in South Georgia

Mexican multinational company Grupo Bimbo, a food processing company, is investing $25 million in a new plant in Valdosta, Ga. The company will bring 74 jobs with the announcement.


Volkswagen plant in Tennessee tops 4,000 workers

German automaker Volkswagen has steadily invested in its plant in Chattanooga since it announced in July of 2008. There are now multiple lines, including an electric line and a battery facility. In the spring, contractor Aerotek announced it will hire 150 production workers at the plant that will help on the line assembling the Passat sedan model. The new hires bring employment at the plant to over 4,000 for the first time.


German IT solutions firm to create 100 jobs in Atlanta

Göppingen, Germany-based IT firm TeamViewer is setting up a new Atlanta office that will house 100 workers. The remote desktop and access provider already has several clients in the Atlanta area.


North Carolina No. 1 in the nation for rural clean energy jobs

A new report from E2 showed that North Carolina ranks first in the nation for rural clean energy jobs. The report stated that over 25 percent of clean energy jobs are located in rural regions of the state.


Rubber glove manufacturing hiring 800 in Texas

Rhino Health announced in the spring quarter it will open a plant in Fort Worth. The U.S. subsidiary of a South Korean company says 800 jobs will be created in the nitrile rubber glove plant.


Big deal in Abilene

Ohio-based Great Lakes Cheese will invest $185 million in a new distribution and packaging facility in Abilene, Texas. The project will create 500 jobs.


Cummins adding jobs in North Carolina

Cummins, which makes mid-range diesel engines at its plant in Whitakers, N.C., is expanding its plant that houses 1,800 workers. The company is investing $42 million at its Rocky Mount Engine Plant.


British pharmaceutical manufacturer for new facility

Abzena, a British pharmaceutical manufacturer, will invest $213 million in Sanford, N.C., for a new plant that will house 325 workers.


LG expands Tennessee plant

LG Electronics USA announced in the spring it is expanding its laundry appliance plant in Clarksville, Tenn. The company is adding another shift, investing over $20 million and creating 334 new jobs in the deal.


Another deal for Clarendon County, S.C.

Clarendon County, S.C., continues its run of projects announced over the last year or two. This time, Palmetto Yacht Management, a marine transport firm for luxury and oversized yachts, announced plans to invest nearly $4 million to establish operations in Clarendon County, S.C. More than 200 jobs will be created.


Big distribution deal in Joplin, Mo.

This spring, Casey’s General Stores cut the ribbon on its new $62 million distribution center in Joplin, Mo. The state-of-the-art warehouse, logistics and distribution facility will add 125 jobs to the region.


Company expanding in Rockbridge County, Va.

A long-time employer is growing its footprint in Rockbridge County. Modine Manufacturing Company, which makes thermal management solutions for a variety of industries, will invest $7 million to establish a facility there.


South Carolina Ports expanding inland Port Greer

South Carolina Ports is expanding Inland Port Greer on the heels of sustained record activity at the rail-served inland port. The port, situated between Greenville and Charleston, offers a direct rail connection to the Port of Charleston.


Unifi goes on a hiring spree in Greensboro, N.C.

A Triad maker of yarns from recycled plastic bottles, Unifi, is riding the wave of the popularity of sustainable products. To meet growing demand, it’s looking to hire 70 manufacturing workers to make its REPREVE brand of recycled yarns.


T-Mobile hiring 2,500 in Louisiana

T-Mobile is looking to hire thousands of employees in Louisiana and across small towns in America as part of its commitment to Small Town USA. The company plans to hire 2,500 hometown experts who live in small towns in Louisiana for their Hometown Expert program.


Dajcor Aluminum expands with 50 new hires in Kentucky

Gov. Andy Beshear has awarded more than $2 million in grants for an expansion at Dajcor Aluminum, a Canadian manufacturer of aluminum products based at the Coalfields Industrial Park in Hazard, Ky. The funds will help Dajcor add an anodize line and hire 50 additional Kentuckians.


Amazon to fill 1,500 jobs in Little Rock

Amazon is ready to hire 1,500 people to work at two new facilities in Central Arkansas. Staffing the new fulfillment centers — one at the Port of Little Rock and the other in North Little Rock — is the largest single such effort that Jay Chesshir said he can remember in his time leading the Greater Little Rock Chamber of Commerce, and will elevate the online retail company to one of the top employers in Central Arkansas.


Amazon announces new facilities for Charlotte, N.C.

Amazon plans to open a new fulfillment center and two delivery stations that will bring hundreds of new jobs to the Charlotte area. The news comes after Amazon last fall announced the opening of new distribution centers in the Charlotte area that would create more than 1,000 jobs.


Amazon to open new delivery center in Blue Springs, Mo.

A new Amazon delivery center is planned for Blue Springs, which is about 20 miles outside of Kansas City. The delivery center will be located in the former Haldex facility, which has been empty since the end of 2019. No word yet on the exact number of hires.


Robinson Manufacturing plans $15 million expansion in Dayton, Tenn.

Robinson Manufacturing, a 94-year-old family-owned textile firm, is investing $15 million to expand in Rhea County. The company has added a new distribution center at its existing location in Dayton and has begun hiring the 91 workers it will need to staff its facilities.


Robot maker transforms Atlanta hub into global HQ

GreyOrange recently announced it will invest $1 million and hire 200 in Roswell, Ga., at a 110,000-square-foot office and fulfillment center for building and shipping its robots. Founded a decade ago in India, GreyOrange in 2018 put a regional U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, noting that it would also manufacture 20,000 robots nearby. Now, its Georgia outpost is becoming its global base of operations as the company ramps up production and sales of AI-enabled robots that pick and arrange online orders, supporting a growing logistics industry that faces a labor shortfall of warehouse workers.


More than 120 new jobs for Charleston County, S.C.

M.C. Dean, which began in 1949 as a small electrical firm, has announced plans to invest $7.3 million and create 126 new jobs to expand in Charleston County. The Virginia-based company is now a global cyber-physical systems integration and engineering company.


German VOCO expanding North American HQ in Lancaster County, S.C.

VOCO America has announced plans to expand its North American headquarters in Lancaster County. The $3 million investment to build a new facility will also result in 15 new jobs. VOCO is a Germany-based manufacturer of dental materials.


VW needs 150 in Chattanooga

Volkswagen is looking for another 150 production workers in Chattanooga. The auto maker needs machine operation, warehouse and logistics workers in the production of the Passat, Volkswagen Atlas and Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport at the Chattanooga plant.


Contact center to employ 200 workers in College Station, Texas

A Houston-based medical company is expanding by building a new contact center in College Station. Kelsey-Seybold Clinic characterizes itself as a health system without a hospital. The company employs over 500 physicians covering more than 55 different specialties. The new contact center they’re building will need 200 more to staff it.


City Furniture expected to bring 500 new jobs to Plant City, Fla.

A national furniture chain is opening an operation in Plant City, bringing in 500 new jobs. City Furniture’s new complex is a $125 million project that will include a warehouse and corporate offices.


ExxonMobil pitches $100 billion Houston carbon capture hub

ExxonMobil is seeking federal support to develop a facilty that could capture all of the CO2 emissions from refineries and industrial facilities along the Houston Ship Channel. The price tag? An estimated $100 billion or more.


Georgia tire plant plans $22 million expansion

Kumho Tire will spend $21.8 million to expand production in middle Georgia. The original $600 million plant opened in May 2016, hiring 400 people.


Metal fabricator to expand in Tazewell County, Va.

Lawrence Brothers, an industry leader in battery tray fabrication and transformer components, will invest $3.2 million to expand its operation in Tazewell County. The company will double production at its facility, creating 40 new jobs.


Textile-based engineering firm to expand in Staunton, Va.

Ryzing Technologies, a manufacturer of textile-based engineering solutions, will invest $149,000 to expand its facility in Staunton. The company serves the U.S. military, as well as commercial clients, specializing in engineered textiles, rigid inflatable structures and rapid prototyping. The project will create 31 new jobs.


New space media platform chooses Brownsville, Texas

Space Channel, a news, information and entertainment channel dedicated to all things space, will locate its new studio operations in Brownsville, moving from Los Angeles, Calif. The new studio will support Space Channel’s international network by focusing on Brownsville’s space-related infrastructure and its growing role in the greater space industry.


Insect-based animal feed company investing $9 million in Apex, N.C.

Insect protein company, EnviroFlight, has announced the development of a new R&D and corporate center in Wake County, close to the prestigious Research Triangle Park. EnviroFlight produces dried black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) for use as animal feed and petfood.


Imperial Dade facility bringing 55 new jobs to Loxley, Ala.

Imperial Dade, a distributor of food packaging and janitorial supplies, plans to break ground on a new 220,000-square-foot logistics hub along County Road 49. The new facility will bring more than $20 million in total investment to Baldwin County, with plans to create 55 new jobs.


Century Aluminum hiring 60 in Hawesville, Ky.

Century Aluminum of Kentucky will be adding approximately 60 new jobs at its smelter in Hawesville. The new jobs come as a result of a new, five-year agreement with United Steelworkers that covers approximately 350 hourly workers at the Hawesville smelter.


New $30 million health center coming to Panama City, Fla.

A new $30 million health center will meet the need of thousands of uninsured people by bringing primary and specialty medical services on an income-based sliding scale. Nonprofit healthcare organization PanCare of Florida will break ground within the next 45 days on the center that will create 100 new jobs after completed.


Central Kentucky community welcomes new jobs

Worldwide Technologies — a manufacturer of parts for various trucks, firearms and motors — announced it will open its newest plant in Greensburg, Ky. The expansion will include 25 jobs with a $1.42 million investment. Mayor John Shuffett says while 25 jobs might not sound like a huge amount, they'll be the first manufacturing jobs created in Green County in at least two decades.

Colonial Chemical launching $13.8 million expansion project in Tennessee

Surfactants and additives manufacturer Colonial Chemical will expand its New Hope, Tenn., production site with a $13.8 million investment and the addition of 44 new jobs. The specialty chemical firm will renovate an existing warehouse at the site and build a new R&D laboratory, tank farm and employee facility.


Manufacturer bringing 70 jobs to Aiken County, S.C.

A metal building components company will be establishing operations in Aiken County. The $13 million investment by Central States Manufacturing will create 70 jobs.


Company investing $61 million in Norfolk, Va., expansion

Katoen Natie Norfolk -- a plastics and polymers warehousing and distribution company -- will invest $61 million to expand its freight distribution center in Norfolk, Va.  The company is adding a warehouse, rail facility and 35 new jobs


Solar farm bringing 250 jobs Buchanan County, Va.

Buchanan County will soon be the home to the second largest solar farm in the U.S. Appalachian Mountain Range and the largest in Virginia’s coalfields. The 700-acre facility will be located near the town of Hurley, Va., close to the Kentucky and West Virginia border on a reclaimed coal mining surface operation. During its 10- to 14-month construction phase, the solar farm will create 250 jobs.

Metals recycling company bringing jobs to Macon, Ga.

Schnitzer Steel Industries’ new Advanced Aluminum Separation System is an $11 million investment that will also mean new jobs. “The aluminum will be molted into new engine blocks. Which will power our vehicles,” said Pedro Orbezo, VP for Metals Technology. The system will also help reduce the amount of material that ends up in landfills.


New manufacturer will bring 625 jobs to Orlinda, Tenn.

Puritan Medical Products, North America’s largest manufacturer of COVID-19 testing swabs, will establish new manufacturing and distribution operations in Orlinda, just south of Nashville. The project represents an investment of $220 million and the creation of 625 jobs over the next five years.


BP’s new offshore platform arrives in Texas

After a two-month, 16,000-mile trip, BP’s new Argos offshore platform arrived recently near Corpus Christi, bringing hundreds of jobs to the Gulf Coast offshore industry. The floating platform (which is as tall as a 27-story building and with a deck the size of a football field) is one of BP’s largest oil production platforms. It is the centerpiece of the British oil company’s $9 billion project to extract oil from the Mad Dog 2 field in 4,500 feet of water almost 200 miles south of New Orleans.


Company to locate in Hickory, N.C., creating more than 70 new jobs

Gusmer Enterprises, a manufacturer of filtration and fermentation products, will create 73 new jobs in Catawba County. The company will invest $26.5 million to build a production facility in Hickory.


Pressure pipe company expands to Columbus County, N.C.

A pressure pipe company will create 44 jobs at a new production facility in Columbus County. Pipeline Plastics Holdings, a manufacturer of industrial pipeline systems, will invest $4.6 million in the Fair Bluff facility.


Tyson Foods opens its $425 million Tennessee poultry complex

Tyson Foods has officially opened its new poultry complex in Humboldt, Tenn. The $425 million project, which includes a processing plant, feed mill and hatchery, represents Tyson’s biggest investment in Tennessee and the single largest corporate investment ever in Gibson County. The facility is expected to employ more than 1,500 team members by 2023.


Hyundai TRANSYS adds another $9 million and 150 jobs to major expansion

With a $9 million investment, Hyundai TRANSYS Georgia Seating System will expand its manufacturing operations in West Point, Ga., which is expected to add more than 150 jobs in Troup County. The Hyundai subsidiary makes seats and seat foam pads for several Hyundai vehicle lines and electric vehicle makers.


Headquarters for IT training school bringing 200 jobs to new Holly Springs, N.C., development

MyComputerCareer, a Raleigh-based IT career training school, is moving its headquarters to a new mixed-use development in Holly Springs — a move that’s expected to add more than 200 new jobs.

The Holly Springs Town Council recently approved plans for the 20-acre development.


Packaging firm plans $70 million investment in Johnston County, N.C.

Berry Global, a manufacturer of plastic packaging, plans an investment of more than $70 million and the creation of 63 new jobs in the Town of Benson.


STS Group establishing first U.S. location in Wythe County, Va., creating 120 jobs

STS Group AG, a supplier of interior and exterior parts for commercial vehicles, will invest $39 million to establish its first U.S. manufacturing operation in Wythe County’s Progress Park, creating 120 new jobs. The new facility will supply Volvo Trucks in Pulaski County and other truck and automotive facilities throughout the Midwest and Southeastern U.S. markets.


Camper company moving to Tennessee

Off-road and luxury camper manufacturer BRS Offroad North America will base its headquarters and manufacturing operations in Lewis County. The company will invest $1.7 million in Hohenwald with the expectation of creating 115 new jobs.


Fidelity Investments to hire hundreds at Westlake, Texas, Campus

Fidelity Investments will hire 475 new employees at its Westlake campus as part of a push to build out digital tools for investors and bolster client-facing positions.


Fidelity Investments to expand RTP Campus by 225 employees

Fidelity Investments is expanding its Research Triangle Park-based operations by 225 employees. The move is part of a nationwide hiring spree of 4,000 new employees, as the company adds workers to handle a surge in its online banking services.


Buncombe County, N.C., okays incentives for System Logistics expansion

New jobs and millions in investment are coming to Buncombe County, N.C. The Arden-based System Logistics Corp. is expanding its facility, creating 47 new jobs while investing $3 million in the process.


Lineage Logistics investing $42 million in New Orleans expansion

Michigan-based Lineage Logistics will build a $42 million expansion of its cold storage facility at Port of New Orleans. Lineage plans to create 50 new direct jobs there.


Logistics firm grows with Texas shipping hub

A Mississippi-based logistics company is expanding its local footprint with a new location in Dallas County. Gulf Relay, a third-party logistics provider which has a facility in Coppell, is taking a big block of warehouse space in DeSoto, which will more than double the company’s North Texas shipping facilities.


Telecommunications company to expand with 200 jobs in Prince William County, Va.

SES, a Luxembourg-based telecommunications company, will invest $17 million to merge its satellite and network operations at a new facility in Prince William County. The project will create up to 200 net new jobs by 2026.


Irmo, S.C., company investing $4.1 million, adding 31 jobs

A biotechnology company in Irmo, Integrated Micro-Chromatography Systems, has announced it will invest $4.1 million to expand operations and add 31 new jobs in Richland County.


DHL Supply Chain creating 249 jobs, investing $92 million at new South Carolina site

DHL Supply Chain announced plans to create 249 new jobs and invest $92 million at new facility in Cherokee County, S.C. The contract logistics company provides warehousing and transportation, and designs and manages supply chains.


Wayne County, N.C., gaining 96 new jobs from auto supplier

An automotive exhaust manufacturer will create 96 new jobs in Wayne County, N.C. AP Emissions Technologies will invest $400,000 to expand its e-commerce operations in Goldsboro.


Air purification company bringing 100 new jobs to Radford, Va.

Oransi, a North Carolina-based company that specializes in air purification products, is planning to invest $5.6 million to open a manufacturing facility in Radford. The company’s first manufacturing facility will create 101 new jobs.


Allegiant plans $75 million operations center at Austin Airport

Las Vegas-based Allegiant Travel will establish an operations center at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport that the airline says will result in an investment of $75 million and nearly 90 new jobs.


Auto parts manufacturer selects Stanly County, N.C.

American Racing Headers & Exhaust, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of stainless-steel headers and exhaust system components, will locate a new manufacturing facility in Stanly County. The company will invest $4.37 million and add 63 new jobs as it relocates its operations to the Charlotte region.


Miller Industries to expand Greene County, Tenn., operations

Miller Industries will repurpose a portion of its Greene County operations and create approximately 80 new jobs over the next five years.  The company will invest $15.4 million to renovate and upgrade an industrial site in Greeneville, Tenn., to fabricate towing and recovery equipment for customers around the world.


Global construction products tech company moving HQ to Atlanta

GCP Applied Technologies, which sells chemicals and materials used in construction, is moving its corporate headquarters to Atlanta from Boston. GCP said it expects to open its new headquarters by the fourth quarter of 2021, and will create 80 jobs in the metro Atlanta region.


Diamond Drinks bringing 50 manufacturing jobs to Indian River County, Fla.

A Pennsylvania fruit drink and bottle manufacturer, Diamond Drinks, has taken over ownership of the former Indian River Exchange Packers site in Vero Beach. Diamond Drinks will have a lemon orchard, will manufacture plastic bottles, and will mix and fill fruit flavored juices in the plastic bottles.  The new location will bring approximately 50 new jobs to the county.


Robinhood to create 400 new jobs in Mecklenburg County, N.C.

Robinhood Markets, a California-based financial services firm, will create nearly 400 jobs in Mecklenburg County. The company will invest $11.7 million to establish an office in Charlotte focused on customer experience roles.


J&J Truck Sales to expand and create 27 new jobs in Chatham, Va.

A purveyor of dump trucks is slated to break ground on a new facility adjacent to its current operation in Chatham. J&J Truck Sales is investing over $5 million to expand operations in Pittsylvania County, creating 27 new jobs for its automotive-based equipment repair, refurbishment and fabrication division.


Feit Electric bringing 120 new jobs to Henry County, Ga.

Feit Electric, a smart home and energy-efficient lighting brand, will invest more than $25 million to open a distribution center in Henry County. This will be the company’s first distribution center on the East Coast and will create 120 jobs in McDonough.

April 2021

Electric car manufacturer bringing 400 jobs to Memphis with $336 million investment

Electric vehicle manufacturer Mullen Technologies is looking to expand into Memphis, creating more than 400 jobs in the process. The California-based startup plans to spend more than $336 million setting up shop at the site, which was formerly inhabited by Nike but has been vacant for the past five years.


Red Land Cotton bringing 40 jobs to Tylertown, Miss.

Cotton producer Red Land Cotton, a manufacturer of high-end linens, has located sewing operations in Tylertown. The project is a $375,000 corporate investment and will create 40 jobs.


Robinhood creating 400 new jobs in Mecklenburg County, N.C.

Fintech company Robinhood will create nearly 400 new jobs in Mecklenburg County. The California-based financial services firm will invest $11.7 million to establish an office in Charlotte focused on customer experience roles.


Amazon adding 400 jobs in South Florida

Amazon says it hopes to create more than 400 jobs with the opening of four new delivery stations in Homestead, Kendall, Miramar and Fort Lauderdale. The new facilities are designed to ease same-day or even two-hour deliveries to residences in high-density neighborhoods.


Manufacturer bringing 50 jobs to Auburn, Ala.

After surviving Chapter 11 bankruptcy, an Auburn manufacturing company specializing in building engines is looking to add people to its team. Briggs & Stratton now has a new owner and a new CEO and is looking to fill 50 positions.


Tesla hiring hundreds in the Austin area

Electric-car and green-energy company Tesla recently posted 50 job openings for its new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. The job listings give some insight into just how aggressively Tesla is expanding its production capacity for both electric vehicle production and battery cell production.


ExxonMobil plans $334 million expansion at Baton Rouge chemical plant

ExxonMobil is planning to invest $334 million on an expansion and maintenance project at its chemical plant  in Baton Rouge, La. The project will create about 750 temporary construction jobs over the next two years, the company says in its filing with the state. Work at the chemical plant, which employs about 3,700 workers, has begun and is expected to complete by 2023.


Danimer Scientific planning $700 million, 400-job expansion in Georgia

Danimer Scientific, a developer and manufacturer of biodegradable materials, plans to invest $700 million in expanding its Bainbridge manufacturing operations, nearly quadrupling its workforce in Decatur County. In March, Danimer and Mars-Wrigley announced a partnership to develop an innovative home compostable packaging, with Skittles candy as the brand’s first product to use the new packaging.


Coil manufacturer springs for $9 million expansion in Chesterfield County, Va.

A Minnesota-based coil manufacturer plans to expand its Chesterfield County facility for the third time since it opened in 1980. Super Radiator Coils, which builds specialty cooling coils used by data centers, food processors, the military and other industries, is expected to spend $9 million to increase the size of its facility.


Auto supplier creating 200 jobs in Louisville, Ky., with new facility

Michigan-based Eberspaecher North America, a system developer and supplier of exhaust technology, thermal management systems and automotive electronics, is expected to create 214 job opportunities with a new facility in Louisville.


Three new companies coming to Thomasville, Ga.

Under the name “Imagine Thomasville,” the chamber and the payroll development authority has secured three new companies to build in Thomasville. Ashley Home Furniture, which is already based out of Thomasville, will add a distribution center. The new building will be the first to break ground at the Red Hills Business Park site. The $13 million investment will create 150 jobs. An Alabama-based trucking company -- Yellow Freight -- will also bring at least 40 new jobs. Also coming to the Red Hills Business Park is Concrete LLC, which is owned by country music star Luke Brian.


Miller Industries bringing 80 new jobs to Greene County, Tenn.

Miller Industries, a towing and recovery equipment company, will bring about 80 new jobs to Greene County.


Virginia truck firm expands

J&J Truck Sales in Chatham plans to invest $5.2 million to add a new facility next to its existing operation and add 27 jobs. The company sells and rents trucks and construction equipment.


Five hundred new jobs coming to North Carolina airport

Hundreds of new jobs are coming to Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro. “Two of our major tenants – FedEx and HAECO – are adding employees,” said Kevin Baker, the airport’s executive director. “These two companies already employ a significant number of people, and that number is growing.”


Manufacturer moving to Botetourt County, Va.

Munters Group, a Sweden-based manufacturer of air treatment and cooling systems for data centers, will invest $36 million to relocate its Buena Vista, Va., operations to nearby Botetourt County. The company says it will retain 200 employees and add to its workforce in the move.


Joplin manufacturer adds 60 jobs

Babcock Power makes heat transfer technology for power generation, as well as oil, gas and chemical industry equipment. Because of a rise in sales, the company is building a new facility in Joplin, Mo., and will need 60 more workers.


FiberPro plans $3 million expansion, 69 new jobs in Hot Springs, Ark.

FiberPro of Hot Springs announced plans to expand its manufacturing facility there, investing more than $3.1 million and creating 69 jobs over three years. FiberPro designs and builds log and lumber handling equipment.


TVA to build Kentucky’s largest solar site

The Tennessee Valley Authority has announced plans to build the largest solar-plus-storage project in its Kentucky service area, which will benefit two well-known companies. The new Logan County solar farm, part of the TVA’s Green Invest program, will provide Facebook’s regional data center operations with 145 megawatts of solar power and General Motors’ Corvette Plant in Bowling Green with 28 megawatts of solar power.


Amazon building new delivery station outside New Orleans

Amazon is expected to break ground on a new delivery station in Slidell, La., within the next few weeks. The facility is expected to create hundreds of new jobs in the New Orleans suburb, and will speed up delivery times around St. Tammany Parish.


Nucor adding a tube mill in Kentucky

Nucor Tubular Products, a division of steel products manufacturer Nucor Corp., plans to build a $164 million tube mill and create 72 full-time jobs in Gallatin County. With this investment, Nucor will add to its already significant presence there.


Global IT firm investing $27 million in Tennessee

Global IT consulting firm CGI will be bringing its new operations to Knoxville, representing a $27 million investment. The move is also expected to bring 300 new jobs to the area.


Pharmaceutical company creates 74 jobs in Western North Carolina

Raybow USA will expand its operations in Transylvania County. The company plans to add 74 jobs over the coming five years and will invest $15 million at its existing site in Brevard.


Fibertex is expanding in Laurens County, S.C.

Fibertex Nonwovens is expanding its operations in Laurens County and expects to bring 39 new jobs to the area with a $49.5 million investment. Fibertex is a manufacturing company specializing in spunlace products, mainly for the wipes industry. 


Paper plant coming to Tampa Bay

Port Tampa Bay has agreed to lease 37 acres to the Celadon Development Corporation to build and run a paper-fiber manufacturing plant. The plant will recycle paper products that would normally go to fields, but will now be processed and shipped in container loads primarily to Asia to be turned into paper products. The plant represents a $400 million investment and at least 100 jobs in in this first phase. 


Covestro plans $4.7 billion expansion near Houston

German chemical manufacturer Covestro AG wants to expand its plant in Baytown, Texas, with a $1.69 billion investment. The company will build new manufacturing units for polyurethane and polycarbonates at its existing manufacturing site near Houston.


Nacero plans $7 billion gas plant in Texas

The Odessa (Texas) Development Corporation and Nacero, a Houston-based company, have announced plans to build a $7 billion lower carbon gasoline manufacturing facility at a site in Penwell, Texas (near Odessa), in two phases. Construction of the Penwell facility will employ a peak of 3,500 workers during the four years of phase one construction. When fully operational, the plant will employ 350 operators and maintenance personnel with annual salaries of approximately $85,000 per person. Construction is slated to begin in Penwell before the end of this year. 


Google expands in South Carolina with a $500 million investment

Google is investing $7 billion nationwide and $500 million will go toward further expanding its Berkeley County, S.C., operations. With the expansion plans, the company anticipates creating 10,000 full-time jobs this year, though there are no specifics yet on how many of those positions could be in South Carolina.


Google bringing engineering hub and 1,000 jobs to North Carolina

Google is opening a new cloud engineering hub in Durham, the California-based tech giant announced recently. The company said the office could eventually support more than 1,000 jobs and grow into one of Google Cloud’s top five engineering hubs in the U.S. The company’s Google Cloud division will lease space in downtown Durham from Duke University initially and is “evaluating several locations” for a permanent home.


Gap distribution center expands in Gallatin, Tenn., creating 600 jobs

Gallatin’s Gap distribution center will expand operations with an $83 million investment and 600 new, full-time jobs. The company said that expansion is part of Gap Inc.’s long-term digital growth strategy.


New orthopedics and sports medicine facility for Northwest Arkansas

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is preparing for a new, world-class orthopedic and sports medicine facility in Northwest Arkansas. The University of Arkansas Board of Trustees approved the $85 million project, saying it will be great for the Northwest Arkansas community.


Coca-Cola UNITED announces $48 million expansion at Mobile, Ala., facility

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. UNITED plans to invest $48 million in its Mobile campus with a project to expand its existing warehouse, optimize distribution and install a state-of-the-art warehousing system. The company will also add to its existing roster of 300 employees.


Chart Industries plans Alabama expansion, creating 94 jobs

Georgia-based Chart Industries, a maker of equipment used in the clean energy and industrial gas markets, plans a $2.5 million investment in an expansion project that will create 94 jobs at its facility in Mobile, Ala. The project is expected to more than double the manufacturing capacity of hydrogen transport trailers at the Theodore facility and introduce the capability of producing hydrogen bulk storage tanks at the Mobile County site.


Over 100 jobs coming to Bainbridge, Ga.

South Florida roofing company, A-1 Roof Trusses, is building its second location in Bainbridge and is looking to hire 130 new employees. State officials said this will be a $17 million-dollar investment.


Sailfish Boats “forced” to expand in Georgia

A rise in fishing and recreational boat demand has forced Sailfish Boats to expand operations in Georgia. Sailfish will invest more than $1 million and add 70 jobs in Cairo, Ga., to manufacture dual and center console boats built for offshore and inshore fishing.


Gov. Beshear announces projects in Eastern Kentucky

Governor Andy Beshear, Congressman Hal Rogers and local leaders held a news conference recently to announce Abandoned Mine Land projects in several Eastern Kentucky counties. The projects, funded by more than $14 million in grants, will take place in Floyd, Harlan, Laurel, Morgan and Perry counties. “These projects are creating good jobs and a healthier future for Eastern Kentuckians,” Gov. Beshear said. “These projects mean drinkable water and training and re-employment for those who have been laid off.”


John Deere Reman expands in Springfield, Mo., creating 130 new jobs

Deere & Company, a world leader in agriculture and construction, is expanding operations in Springfield, Mo. The remanufacturing division of Deere & Company -- John Deere Reman -- will add drivetrain and hydraulic remanufacturing operations to its existing facilities, creating 130 new jobs.


Biopharma company creating 725 new jobs in North Carolina

North Carolina’s largest biopharmaceutical manufacturing organization, FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies, plans to create 725 jobs and invest $2 billion in Wake County.  The subsidiary of Japanese conglomerate Fujifilm is building a new cell culture manufacturing facility in Holly Springs, N.C. The project was announced in January 2021, and the location finalized in March, with construction beginning immediately.


T-Mobile expanding in Charleston County, S.C.

Cell phone retailer T-Mobile announced in the winter quarter it is investing $10.2 million to expand its operations center in Charleston County. The project will create 540 jobs.


New business bringing 43 jobs to Lancaster County, S.C.

Studio Displays, a custom exhibit manufacturer, announced it will be establishing operations in Lancaster County. The $7.1 million investment will create 43 new jobs.


Tyson Foods reopening shuttered plant in Columbia, S.C.

Less than a year after shutting down its Richland County facility, Tyson Foods announced plans to return to Columbia with a multi-million-dollar investment to create hundreds of jobs. When the plant closed in August 2020, 146 people lost their jobs. But Tyson’s plan to invest $55 million at the Columbia operation will create 330 jobs.


PAC Worldwide investing $47 million in Fulton County, Ga., with 400 jobs

PAC Worldwide, a global manufacturer of custom packaging, will open its first location in Georgia with a $47 million investment in Fulton County. The company’s new advanced manufacturing facility in Union City is expected to open in summer 2021 and will create 400 jobs.


French pet food company to expand Tennessee facility

Royal Canin, a pet food company headquartered in France, will expand its Lebanon facility to support the company’s future growth. The company will expand its Wilson County operations, adding more than 90 jobs and investing more than $200 million. The facility expansion began in 2019 and is scheduled for completion in 2022.


NTT Data chooses Nashville for its digital innovation center

NTT Data Services, a global technology firm, says it will make Nashville, Tenn., the home of its new digital innovation center. The company, which has several offices across the U.S., will invest $9.9 million and create 350 jobs with a focus on healthcare and manufacturing technology.


Customer service company hiring in Rowan County, N.C.

FCR, an Oregon-based live agent call center, will expand into Rowan County to provide work-from-home career opportunities in the customer service sector. A news release stated the company will start by hiring 20 employees and plans on adding more than 400 jobs.


Alphatec to build Memphis facility, adding 95 jobs

Spine device maker Alphatec is seeking a tax abatement to build a distribution and repairs facility that will bring 95 jobs to Memphis, Tenn. The project will require a $3.5 million capital investment. The 95 jobs planned for the Memphis site include 70 distribution roles and 25 engineering and management roles positions.


Frozen treat maker expanding in West Virginia

The Ziegenfelder Company is immediately creating 40 jobs at its manufacturing plant in Wheeling, W.Va. The hiring need is fueled by the company’s expansion and the addition of a new frozen dessert line.


IMTT headquarters expands in New Orleans

International-Matex Tank Terminals (IMTT), a North American leader in bulk-liquids handling and storage, will expand its headquarters in New Orleans, La. IMTT will make a $1.3 million capital investment, and will create 42 new jobs with an average annual salary of $133,000.


Second Amazon facility to open in Appling, Ga.

Columbia County, Ga., recently announced a second Amazon facility will break ground in the area. This new sortation center will employ hundreds of full-time and part-time employees. It will be located in the same business park as an Amazon fulfillment center that promises 800 jobs and significant growth for the area.


Motion control manufacturer to expand in Virginia

A New York-based manufacturer of motion control products will expand its operations in Southwest Virginia. Moog, whose products control military and commercial aerospace vehicles as well as industrial machinery, marine systems and medical equipment, will invest more than $10 million to relocate operations from a facility in Blacksburg, Va., to a larger site in nearby Christiansburg.


AI company to establish HQ in Loudoun County, Va.

Zasti, an artificial intelligence (AI) tech company that develops risk screening primarily for the for the healthcare industry, will invest $5.9 million to establish its U.S. headquarters and operations in Loudoun County. Virginia successfully competed with Maryland for the project, which will create 60 new jobs.


Amazon opening fulfillment center in Amarillo, Texas

A new 1-million-square-foot Amazon warehouse is coming to Amarillo early next year. The $100 million facility will hire over 500 employees to pick, pack and ship larger items like outdoor furniture and workout equipment.


New London Technology Park brings jobs to Bedford County, Va.

Belvac, a can-forming and printing company, will be the owner of the brand new, state-of-the-art shell building in the New London Technology Park. The company will invest $3.5 million and add 50 new jobs.


Metalsa expanding again in Kentucky

Mexican automotive parts supplier Metalsa is expanding its existing facility in Hopkinsville, adding new equipment and 97 jobs. The company currently employs more than 600 people at its Christian County plant. Metalsa manufactures chassis structures for vehicles. It also has facilities in Elizabethtown and Owensboro.


Thermo Fisher adds 200 jobs in Asheville for COVID-19 vaccine freezers

For the second time since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic, Thermo Fisher Scientific in Asheville, N.C., is adding jobs to meet growing demand for low-temperature freezers. After hiring an additional 147 employees in 2020, the company is now looking to add 200 more employees at its Asheville site.


Amazon plans new delivery station in Cocoa, Fla.

Amazon has plans for a new 200,000-square-foot delivery station in Cocoa, which could mean hundreds of new jobs when the facility opens. Amazon has more than 150 delivery stations across the country. . .this will be its first in Brevard County.


New $800 million plant would extract rare earth materials in Louisiana

An $800 million facility that would extract rare earth elements from residue leftover at Noranda Alumina in St. James Parish is being considered by Noranda’s parent company and a Canadian green technology business. Florida-based DADA Holdings, which owns New Day Aluminum and runs the Gramercy plant, is partnering with Toronto-based Enervoxa in the joint venture known as ElementUS. The companies expect to make a final investment decision by the end of the year. The carbon-neutral project would result in 200 new jobs.


Minute Maid moving to Atlanta

Coca-Cola is moving its Texas-based Minute Maid operation to Atlanta. The decision will end a 57-year relationship Coke’s flagship juice brand has had with the Houston area. The Sugar Land-based offices house 120 employees who have been working remotely for the past year during the coronavirus pandemic. Some of them may stay in the Houston area, a company spokeswoman said. The Minute Maid employees who move to Atlanta will be integrated into the company’s main headquarters complex near Georgia Tech.   


BorgWarner announces big expansion plan for Arden, N.C.

The automotive supplier headquartered in Michigan, BorgWarner, plans to invest $62 million in its Arden production plant and technical center. Arden County commissioners approved incentives for the company recently, which will include about $460,000 in exchange for at least 100 new jobs.


Morgantown, Ky., manufacturer expanding with 135 new jobs

Stratus Plastics, a plastics manufacturing company located in Morgantown, Ky., has announced its latest expansion project. The facility will hire approximately 135 people to make essential plastic parts that will be used in automotive manufacturing and assembling processes.


Railroad equipment maker to expand in Chesapeake, Va.

Plasser American, a South Norfolk manufacturer of huge railroad repair machines, plans to significantly expand its operations and add 98 new jobs. The company announced the $52 million expansion project at a groundbreaking ceremony in March.


Pool maker to create 100 jobs in Picayune, Miss.

Leisure Pools, one of the world’s largest fiberglass swimming pool manufacturers, has finalized plans to establish manufacturing and distribution operations in Picayune. The project is a $3.25 million corporate investment and will create 100 jobs over the next three years.


Ceres Nanosciences expanding in Prince William, Va.

Ceres Nanosciences, a life sciences company based in Prince William County’s Innovation Park, has increased its manufacturing capacity to produce Nanotrap magnetic virus particles for COVID-19 tests. The project will create up to 50 new jobs


New Amazon facilities bringing hundreds of jobs to Raleigh and Garner, N.C.

Amazon Logistics, the company’s package delivery network, will open two new delivery stations in Raleigh and Garner that create hundreds of new jobs this year. Amazon hasn’t said exactly how many new jobs will be created at the new facilities, but a spokeswoman said there will be roughly 600 full-time jobs across existing facilities between Wake and Durham counties.


Business rebuilding after fire in Campbellsville, Ky.

Last winter, disaster struck Wholesale Hardwood Interiors in Campbellsville, when a fire broke out at the facility resulting in a near total loss. Gov. Andy Beshear announced recently the company plans to invest $7.1 million and create 100 full-time jobs, restoring the operation with additional space to accommodate future growth.


Anchor Packaging expanding in Paragould, Ark.

Anchor Packaging is expanding its Paragould manufacturing plant with a $21.5 million investment that will create up to 45 new jobs over the next 30 months. The company operates six facilities in northeast Arkansas that manufacture and distribute food-packing products made from recycled materials.


Polyplex plans $90 million expansion at Alabama facility

Polyplex has announced plans to invest more than $90 million to expand production of its specialized polyester film used in packaging, electrical and other industrial applications. One hundred new jobs will be added at the Decatur facility.


Packaging Corp. of America plans $440 million project at Alabama mill

Packaging Corp. of America (PCA) plans to launch a three-year, $440 million project to convert a paper machine at its mill in Clarke County to produce linerboard used for corrugated packaging. The Illinois-based company employs 500 at the Jackson, Ala., mill.


Two companies bringing manufacturing jobs to Sarasota County, Fla.

With one business expanding and another looking to build its headquarters locally, Sarasota County is poised to add 222 new employees to the area’s workforce. Indiana-based trailer manufacturer Rhino Trailers is opening a new location in Sarasota with 82 new jobs.  Commercial Residential Aluminum, a fabricated metal product manufacturer, wants to expand its Venice (Fla.) headquarters and add 140 jobs.


Sheetz to build distribution depot in Jefferson County, W.Va.

Convenience store chain Sheetz plans to build a $2 million distribution truck transfer station in Kearneysville. When completed, the station will employ 34 workers.


King Machine expanding in Sumter, S.C.

King Machine, a tire mold manufacturer, has announced plans to expand operations in Sumter County. The $2.6 million investment will create 30 new jobs. Located in the Black River Industrial Park in Sumter, King Machine’s expansion will include a 50,000-square-foot facility that will increase the company’s operating capacity.

March 2021

Winners and losers in a trade war


By Michael Randle


So, let’s take a look at U.S. trade policy that is currently in place. The new Biden administration finds itself in a situation not seen in decades. The U.S. has had minor trade wars in the past with Japan, Canada, Latin America and others. (Remember the trade war with Japan in the mid-1980s?) But trade wars of the past are nothing like those that the Biden administration is facing today. . .wars with China and other nations that were implemented during the last administration.


You have to go all the way back to 1930 to witness a trade war to equal what we have seen over the last four years. Now President Biden’s administration must decide what to do with the protectionist policies that remain in place. It will not be an easy task to restore supply chains.


The Smoot-Hawley Act of 1930 was passed by Congress during the early years of the Great Depression. The act took its name from Senator Reed Smoot of Utah and Representative Willis Hawley of Oregon. Sources say that over 1,000 economists in the U.S. urged President Herbert Hoover to veto the act that essentially placed tariffs on all kinds of imports — more industrial in nature as opposed to tariffs on agriculture. They were a “double down” by the U.S. in an attempt to put America’s economy on a more sure footing.


In what was already a depressed economy, the tariffs contributed to U.S. exports falling by 61 percent in 1933. Countered by other nations, they failed miserably, and Herbert Hoover lost the next election to Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 1934, Roosevelt’s Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act replaced the Smoot-Hawley tariffs. This legislation allowed the U.S. to re-negotiate tariff reductions. That’s kind of where the Biden administration finds itself now after a worldwide assault on free trade by the Trump administration.


Much like Herbert Hoover, instead of opening markets for trade, the Trump administration restricted market access, therefore reducing economic opportunities, not only in the U.S., but for most of the world. Most economists believe that opening markets creates higher living standards for all. President Trump believed free trade helps create higher living standards for all but Americans, even though most economists would disagree. So, how did that go, and what is President Biden’s administration going to do about it?


Well, if Biden is more free trade than not — and he is  — then he has an impressive list of tariffs to roll back. Trump’s tariffs — put in place by executive action, not by Congress — created severe retaliation from other nations. U.S. consumers and businesses — not the nations of origin — paid higher prices for many things, including foreign-made steel, solar panels, wine, cheese and aluminum to name a few. In addition, there were tariffs on thousands of Chinese-made items.


These protectionist policies create winners and losers. The losers are the companies that make and assemble things in the U.S. — American-made products — that are sourced from foreign made products, such as imported aluminum. The winners are those companies that make aluminum in the United States. Once the tariffs were put into place, both domestic and foreign-made aluminum went up in price by about 10 percent because of the lack of competition.


Let’s look at the job data regarding these tariffs: The Tax Foundation reported last fall that the Trump tariffs cost Americans $80 billion in the additional cost of goods. The same source claimed the tariffs lowered employment by 179,800 jobs. A study by the U.S.-China Business Council (USCBC) that came out in January 2021, claimed that former President Donald Trump’s trade policies, particularly with China, cost the U.S. 245,000 jobs during his term. In addition, the Congressional Research Service reported that $100 billion of U.S. exports had faced tariff restrictions.


Lost jobs, reduced sales and higher costs. . .that’s what tariffs do. Less is sold and what is sold costs more. This will continue until the Biden administration rolls back most, if not all, of these tariffs.


Arkansas-based Walmart to spend $350 billion on goods made, grown or assembled in the U.S.

Over the next 10 years, Walmart will spend about $350 billion on goods made or grown in the U.S. The purchases will help create 750,000 jobs, according to the company. The giant retailer made a similar commitment in 2013, when it said it would invest $250 billion in American-made goods.


GM looking to build second battery plant in Tennessee

Detroit-based General Motors is scouting sites in Tennessee, where it operates one of its largest assembly plants, to locate a second battery factory in the United States. A second battery plant would increase capacity for electric vehicles for the automaker. GM’s joint-venture partner is LG Chem. The two companies are building a $2.3 billion battery factory in Northeast Ohio.


Samsung files paperwork for $17 billion chip factory in Austin

South Korea-based Samsung filed paperwork with Texas officials in early March requesting an incentive package worth $1 billion to build a $17 billion chip factory in Austin. The company has operated another large chip plant in Austin for decades. The company says the factory could house as many as 1,800 workers.


ElementUS advances $800 million rare earth elements project in Louisiana

ElementUS, a joint venture of DADA and Enervoxa, will invest $800 million to extract rare earth elements at the Noranda Alumina site in Gramercy, La. The deal is up to a final decision next year.  “We’re proud to see the creation of this new facility that will create hundreds of high-demand, high-wage job opportunities for the people of St. James Parish, St. John the Baptist Parish and surrounding areas,” said President and CEO Michael Hecht of Greater New Orleans Inc. “This announcement further proves that global companies can not only thrive in Southeast Louisiana, but that the region’s strong workforce and logistical advantages can lead to future expansions, as evidenced by this joint venture.” DADA Holdings owns Gramercy-based Noranda Alumina and is partnering with green technology firm Enervoxa to separate rare earth elements and other valuable minerals from alumina byproducts. The Gramercy site has a 35 million dry-ton reserve of mineral-rich residual bauxite. The carbon-neutral project would result in 200 new direct jobs.


T-Mobile expanding in Charleston County, S.C.

Cell phone retailer T-Mobile announced in the winter quarter it is expanding its custom operations center in Charleston County. The project will create 540 jobs.


The U.S. economy is roaring back

Manufacturing growth data from the Institute for Supply Management in March showed that output to begin the year is far better than expected. The Atlanta Federal Reserve, which tracks data such as GDP growth, is indicating a 10 percent gain for the first quarter of the year. With a total of 60.8 percent in February, manufacturing growth saw a three-year high in February. The second round of PPP funding is now being paid, and in the first week of March, the U.S. Senate passed President Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus plan.


Packaging manufacturer is expanding in Northeast Arkansas

Anchor Packaging, which makes packaging materials from recycled materials, is expanding its Paragould manufacturing plant. The $21 million investment will create 45 jobs.


Life sciences has good year in North Carolina

Life sciences firms in North Carolina had an excellent year in 2020 as many are expanding their capacities to make pharmaceuticals and biological therapies in the state. Expansions in North Carolina in 2020 saw $2.3 billion in investment with about 2,800 new jobs created.


Life sciences firm expands in Virginia

Ceres Nanosciences, a life sciences company that makes innovative products to improve diagnostic testing, will expand its operation in Prince William County’s Innovation Park to increase the manufacturing capacity of its Nanotrap® Magnetic Virus Particles for COVID-19 tests.  “This expansion will enable Ceres Nanosciences to vastly increase production of its patented technology to support current and future COVID-19 testing needs both in the Commonwealth and around the country,” said Gov. Ralph Northam. The deal will create 50 jobs.


Tempur Sealy to expand in rural Virginia

Gov. Ralph Northam announced that Tempur Sealy International will invest $16.7 million to expand its manufacturing operation in Scott County. The company will increase production to meet growing demand for its proprietary foam mattress and pillow products. “As one of the largest employers in the area, this expansion will allow the company to increase production capacity to ensure the future viability of its Scott County plant, said Gov. Northam. The deal will create 25 new jobs.


BorgWarner announces expansion in North Carolina

Manufacturer BorgWarner announced a $62 million expansion of its facilities in Arden, N.C. The auto supplier’s project will include at least 100 new jobs.


Plastic manufacturer expands in Kentucky

Stratus Plastics, an automotive plastics manufacturing company located in Morgantown, Ky., is increasing capacity at its plant there. The expansion will create 135 jobs.


Business confidence is high in Montgomery, Ala.

The Alabama Business Confidence Index has Montgomery topping all other cities in the state in the first quarter of 2021. The index is done by the University of Alabama’s Center for Business and Economic Research. Montgomery led all cities in Alabama with score of 58.8 in the first quarter of 2021.

Packaging manufacturer to invest $440 million at Alabama mill

Packaging Corp. Of America will invest $440 million at its paper mill in Jackson, Ala. The three-year project will permanently convert a paper machine at its mill in Clarke County to produce linerboard used to make corrugated packaging.


More venture capital funding flowed into Dallas-Fort Worth

In calendar year 2020, more venture capital flowed into D-FW than any other metro area in the U.S. Investments in D-FW companies grew by 66 percent from the previous year. The other four making up the top five in venture capital growth were Portland, Atlanta, Salt Lake City and San Diego.


Secretary of Commerce Yellen: Offshoring tax penalty will keep U.S. companies at home

Part of President Biden's “Made in All of America” plan is raising the corporate tax rate to 28 percent, but also imposing a 10 percent offshoring penalty tax on U.S. goods and services produced overseas. Janet Yellen said that the president's offshoring tax penalty would incentivize U.S. companies to "create and maintain jobs at home."


Port Laredo No. 1 in exports again

Laredo, Texas, again led all U.S. markets in exports, according to Census Bureau data analyzed by WorldCity. It is the second year Port Laredo finished on top. Some of the Port's exports include motor vehicle parts ($8.9 billion); engines ($3.4 billion) and gasoline $3.1 billion).


Alabama DOC launches “RurAL" campaign

The Alabama Department of Commerce rolled out a digital marketing campaign in the winter quarter to promote rural commerce in the state. Called "RurAL," the website campaign showcases the business advantages of the state’s rural communities and shares the success stories that energize their economies.


Texas, again, No. 1 export state

For the 19th consecutive year, Texas is the No. 1 exporting state for calendar year 2020. Texas exports totaled $279 billion, larger than the sum total of goods exported by the next three largest export states -- California ($156 billion); New York ($62 billion) and Louisiana ($59 billion).


Once again, BMW leads nation in exports by value

At $8.9 billion, BMW led all automaker exports by value of its units made in South Carolina, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. It is the seventh consecutive year BMW led all American-made vehicle exports by value. The top two export countries for the BMW vehicles made in Spartanburg County, S.C., in 2020 were China (23.3 percent of export volume) and Germany (12.9 percent).


Foreign direct investment cratered in 2020

Global foreign investment fell a remarkable 42 percent in calendar year 2020. It went from $1.5 trillion in 2019 to an estimated $859 billion last year, according to the UNCTAD Investment Trends Monitor published on January 24. These trade flows between nations are expected to remain weak due to the the COVID-19 virus. The trade numbers are 30 percent below the drop in trade during the Great Recession of 2007-2009.


Two-thirds of Kentucky jobs restored

According to the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce and the Center for Business and Economic Research at University of Kentucky, the state has recovered nearly two-thirds of the jobs lost during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kentucky’s gross domestic product increased at an annual rate of 41.2 percent in the third quarter of 2020. That outperformed the nation, which saw 33 percent growth, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. The state figure comes on the heels of a second quarter drop-off of 34.5 percent.


Atlanta to become one of Microsoft's largest hubs

Microsoft announced in the winter quarter that Atlanta will eventually become one of the largest hubs for the company worldwide. The company is planning new office space in Atlantic Yards with room for up to 2,500 employees. Microsoft is also building multiple data centers in the Atlanta area, for a new "East U.S. 3" cloud region.


Forbes: UAB is America's best large employer

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) was named "America's Best Large Employer" by Forbes magazine. UAB was picked ahead of other schools such as Yale University, as well as 500 public and private companies. UAB is Alabama's largest public employer and home of one of the region’s largest academic medical centers. UAB employs more than 23,000 people.


Texas No. 1 in the U.S. for commercial development

The pandemic did nothing to slow commercial real estate development in the state of Texas. Last year, real estate development contributed more than $65 billion to the Texas economy. That is $10 billion more than in 2019. Texas led all states in real estate development in 2020.


Franke Foodservice Systems to expand Lincoln County, Tenn., operations

Franke Foodservice Systems officials announced that the company will expand its Lincoln County operations and create at least 56 jobs. Franke is in the midst of a $1.3 million investment to expand and improve its operations in Fayetteville, where the company specializes in the design and manufacture of foodservice equipment for restaurant chains.


New lab space for pharmaceutical development company in Richmond, Va.

Richmond-based pharmaceutical development company Phlow Corp. has formed a partnership with United States Pharmacopeia that will involve opening new laboratory operations in the Virginia Bio+Tech Research Park in downtown Richmond. The lab is expected to employ about a dozen scientists.


Gap plans distribution center in Longview, Texas

Clothing company Gap will build a new $140 million distribution center that will create more than 500 full-time jobs in Longview by the end of 2023 and grow to more than 1,000 full-time jobs over the next five years.


Raleigh startup Pendo plans hiring spree of 400 new jobs

Raleigh software firm Pendo, one of the most valuable and promising startups in North Carolina, beat its own expectations during a pandemic-stricken year. The company said in its annual report that it plans to hire 400 more employees this year to fuel growth, as it invests heavily in its presence overseas and looks to nab more large customers to its platform.


Steel Technologies to expand in Smyrna, Tenn.

Steel Technologies recently obtained a revised property tax-break agreement that will result in 22 more jobs at its facility in Smyrna. The company processes flat-rolled steel for the automotive industry among others.


Georgia Ports promises jobs with new enhanced terminal operation

The Georgia Ports Authority recently cut the ribbon on a newly enhanced Ocean Terminal facility in Savannah. The $45 million project, which was approved in January 2020, is meant to improve container operations. Officials say it will create jobs while limiting the negative impact on local neighborhoods.


Cottrell to invest $125 million in Gainesville, Ga.

Cottrell, a manufacturer of over-the-road car haulers and equipment, will establish a second manufacturing facility in Gainesville. This will serve as the company’s North Campus, adjacent to their existing South Campus in Hall County. Cottrell will invest $125 million in the new 500,000-square-foot facility, which will also create new jobs.


Sumter County, Ga., to gain 1,000 jobs with new call center

A ribbon-cutting was recently hosted as TLC Associates opened its new call center facility in the Ted Baldwin Business and Technology Park Complex in Americus, Ga. The company will hire 1,000 staff members.


Finfrock expands in Palm Beach County, Fla.

Apopka, Fla.-based design-builder Finfrock is expanding into Palm Beach County with a 140,000-square-foot manufacturing facility on 94 acres in Belle Glade, Fla. The 200 jobs promised by the company are a huge win in Belle Glade, a city of 20,000 along the southeast bank of Lake Okeechobee.


Polyplex USA plans $90.6 million expansion in Decatur, Ala.

Polyplex USA has announced plans for a $90.6 million production expansion at its Decatur facility, with the additional hiring of 100 workers.. The expansion will increase the capacity to produce BOPET, a material used in packaging, electrical and industrial applications. It will also give Polyplex’s Decatur facility the largest capacity BOPET film line in the world.


Alabama’s Poarch Band of Creek Indians plans $541 million Virginia casino resort

Alabama’s Poarch Band of Creek Indians is planning a $541 million resort project in Virginia. Wind Creek Hospitality announced it has formally submitted a proposal to the City of Richmond to serve as its preferred casino gaming operator. On the drawing board is a two-phase project that will include 100,000 square feet of casino space, two hotel towers, seven restaurants, a spa, indoor pool, fitness center and a family-friendly entertainment center.


Omatic Software expanding in Charleston County, S.C.

Omatic Software, a company that provides data solutions for nonprofits, has announced plans to expand operations in Charleston County. The $450,000 investment will create approximately 100 new jobs.


Hankook Tire announces major expansion in Clarksville, Tenn.

Hankook Tire is embarking on the phase 2 expansion of the South Korean-owned Clarksville tire plant, bringing its total investment there to about $1 billion. Hankook Tire opened in Clarksville in 2017, and currently employs about 1,000 people.


Owens Corning plans expansion in Fort Smith, Ark.

Ohio-based Owens Corning is building a new 550,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Fort Smith that will replace the existing roofing materials plant the company built in 1984. The estimated $115 million project is expected to add five jobs to the current workforce of 79.


Sewing factory coming to Buchanan County, Va.

Sewing factory Maine Five will move into Buchanan County’s industrial park building in Council, Va. The $350,000 investment brings 12 new jobs to start, and up to 100 within five years.


Pall Corporation creating 400 jobs in Duncan, S.C.

The Pall Corporation, a company that specializes in filtration, separation and purification systems, will be investing $30.2 million into a new facility in Spartanburg County that will support the development and production of vaccines and therapeutics, including a COVID-19 vaccine. The project will create 425 new jobs.


Oven manufacturer adding jobs in North Carolina expansion

The North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority has approved a grant for the expansion of Unox Inc.’s North American headquarters in Lincoln County. The Italy-based oven manufacturer will invest $3.1 million and add 27 new jobs to the facility in the Charlotte region.


3D printer manufacturer investing $13 million in South Carolina HQ

3D Systems, which developed the Stereolithography 3D printing process in the mid-1980s, will invest $13 million to add a 100,000-square-foot building to its existing headquarters campus in Rock Hill, S.C. Fifty new jobs will also be created.


Window maker expands in Florida

SIW Solutions, a Delray Beach-based maker of windows and doors designed to withstand hurricanes, will open a new manufacturing facility in West Palm Beach. The company plans to add 100 new jobs there.


Power management company moving from California to Virginia

Power management company Eaton will invest $3.6 million to move production from California to its facility in Eastern Henrico. The move will create 80 new jobs with the expansion of production and the addition of new lines for electrical component manufacturing.


Toyota West Virginia expanding Buffalo facility

Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia (TMMWV) will invest $210 million to upgrade existing engine production and add 100 new jobs to increase capacity of its four-cylinder engine line. Once complete, TMMWV’s total investment will be more than $1.8 billion and total employment will exceed 2,000 at the Buffalo facility.


Brown-Forman confirms $95 million distillery expansion in Louisville, Ky.

Brown-Forman has now confirmed it will progress with the $95 million expansion of its Louisville site (located in Shively), which will double the capacity of the facility. One of the largest American-owned spirits and wine companies (and the maker of Old Forester and Jack Daniel’s, among others) first revealed it was considering an expansion of its Louisville distillery in November 2020.


Scentsy establishing operations in York County, S.C.

Scentsy, a distributor of scented products such as aromatic diffusers, has announced plans to establish operations in York County. The $6 million investment will create over 200 new jobs in the first year.


West Pharmaceutical creating jobs in Lenoir County, N.C.

West Pharmaceutical Services will invest $50 million to expand its manufacturing facility in Lenoir County. The company will receive $500,000 in grant support as the Kinston location is contributing components that are being used to fight against COVID-19.


Forklift manufacturer to create 130 new jobs in Lenoir County, N.C.

The Crown Equipment Corporation, a forklift manufacturer, is expanding its operations in Lenoir County and investing up to $13 million in the project. A performance-based grant of $400,000 from the One North Carolina Fund will help facilitate the expansion.


Airbnb tech hub bringing “hundreds” of jobs to Atlanta

San Francisco-based travel and vacation rental platform, Airbnb, is bringing its new technology hub to Atlanta with a plan to eventually host “hundreds” of jobs. An exact location there has not been announced.


Massive Lowe’s distribution center coming to Hanover County, Va.

A 1.1 million-square-foot distribution center for Lowe’s Home Improvement is in the works on a roughly 200-acre lot in Ashland, Va. The $50 million facility is expected to bring more than 100 new jobs to area.


Coca-Cola moving from Lakeland to Winter Haven, Fla.

Coca-Cola Beverages Florida is expanding and jumping about 16 miles from Lakeland to Winter Haven, adding 170 Polk County jobs. The Lakeland facility currently employs 182 people.


VW axle supplier adding 240 jobs in Tennessee

A Spanish supplier of Volkswagen components is expanding its presence in the United States, adding a large new factory in Chattanooga. Sesé Industrial Services will build a new 300,000-square-foot facility, complementing the company’s existing Sesé Logistics operations in the city. With an investment of $42 million, the new plant will produce axle components for VW’s electric vehicle line. The company plans to employ 240 people at the factory.


Charlottesville-based maker of indoor farming systems moving HQ to Richmond, Va.

A Charlottesville-based startup company that makes indoor hydroponic farming systems is moving its headquarters to Richmond with plans to hire about 24 people over the next few years. Babylon Micro-Farms will occupy a facility in Richmond, which will serve as its headquarters and as a research and development facility.


Grant for Cullman, Ala., manufacturer could mean 125 new jobs

A grant to the REHAU facility in Cullman, Ala., will allow the company to expand and hire 125 new employees. REHAU produces plastic-injection products that are used in the manufacturing of Alabama-built vehicles, including Mercedes.


New project at Missouri airport will bring more Jobs

In a partnership with American Airlines, the Springfield-Branson National Airport is building a new airline maintenance base. The $11 million project will allow the facility to hang onto at least 80 good-paying jobs, and add more in the future.


New jobs coming to Henderson County, N.C.

A high-tech agri-business has transformed an empty field in Hendersonville to a futuristic model of sustainable agriculture, and is now preparing to hire over 55 new employees. BrightFarms broke ground on what will be a 280,000-square-foot hydroponic greenhouse in Henderson County back in June 2020.


Nippon Express completes Huntsville Logistics Center

Nippon Express, based in Tokyo, has completed construction of its Huntsville Logistics Center in Huntsville, Ala. The Center will handle distribution for Mazda parts manufactured by Mazda Toyota Manufacturing.


Charlottesville-based pharmaceutical company expanding in Virginia

Afton Scientific, which supports the life sciences industry, will invest $500,000 to expand its operation in Albemarle County. The company will add 20 new jobs and 8,000 square feet to its facility just outside of Charlottesville.

February 2021

The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) recommends these actions from President Biden

To support manufacturing in the United States, NAM advocated these policies during President Biden's first term:


1. NAM supported actions by Biden that have already been implemented, including reversing the ban on immigrants from certain Muslim-majority countries. NAM also supported recognizing and paving a way for citizenship under the DACA program. Biden also reversed the ban on diversity training that Trump put in place.


2. NAM would also support Biden in other programs, such as increasing the number of refugees that are currently capped and reversing the Trump administration’s restrictions on non-immigrant visas.


Alabama's auto industry will have some legs this year and next

As many as 6,000 jobs are expected to be created in 2021 in Alabama's auto industry, and Alabama's automotive industry is assured of a fantastic 2021 and 2022. Here are some of the reasons why:


1. The new $2.3 billion, 4,000-employee Mazda Toyota plant in Huntsville is expected to open this year or early 2022.


2. Mercedes-Benz is closer to starting electric vehicle manufacturing at its assembly plant in Tuscaloosa and Bibb counties in Alabama.


3. Alabama made 11 different vehicle models in 2020. That will increase to 15 this year, including two new vehicles at Hyundai's plant in Montgomery, Ala.


Job market news: Almost 90 percent of private companies will hire this year

According to the J.Thelander Consulting-PitchBook survey of 200 owners of private companies, there will be a hiring spree by the end of this year. Almost 90 percent of those surveyed said that they will be hiring in 2021 and that they would consider flexibility when it comes to work-from-home.


The U.S. loses its title as the world's top destination for new foreign direct investment

China topped the U.S. as the No. 1 destination for new foreign direct investment in calendar year 2020, a spot that been held by the U.S. for decades. But, FDI in 2020 fell by 40 percent, according to United Nations data. So, China’s ranking is really a result of the crater in FDI in the U.S. more than a large increase in companies investing in China. Foreign company investments in China only rose 4 percent in 2020. FDI in the U.S. totaled just $134 billion in 2020. . it peaked in 2015 at $440 billion, with more than 10 percent of that total coming from China. In 2020, China saw a total of $163 million in foreign investment inflows, topping the U.S. for the first time ever. Experts say that the pandemic and former President Trump's go-it-alone tariffs were the main contributors to the FDI collapse in the U.S. last year.


At the end of 2020, job growth was exclusive to the South

As last year ended, the South led all U.S. regions in job recovery as it created hundreds of thousands of jobs. Texas gained the most jobs in December with 64,200. Georgia placed second with 44,700. In comparison, job growth in the Northeast, Midwest and West was nonexistent.


Economy of 2020 decreased most since 1946

The U.S. economy shrank by 3.5 percent in calendar year 2020, the worst performance since the year after World War II. The economy did grow by 4 percent in the fourth quarter, but that was not enough to counter the losses in quarters 1, 2 and 3, according to the Commerce Department. 


West Virginia vaccine system is the best we have seen

If you live in West Virginia and want the COVID vaccine, you simply sign up on a new platform that came out in January. But, the West Virginia system takes it a step further. If you do not show up for your vaccine appointment, or if pharmacists end up with extra doses, the new platform can instantly contact the next eligible person on the appointment list.


Source: Trump's' tariffs cost America jobs

A study by the U.S.-China Business Council (USCBC) that came out in January 2021, claimed that former President Donald Trump's trade policies, particularly with China, cost the U.S. 245,000 jobs. The source said that the trade policies during the Trump administration cost jobs because the policies were based on antiquated ideas about how trade actually works.


Union participation down; percentage of decline in wage and salary workers high for nonunion workers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of union members in the U.S. was 14.3 million at the end of 2020. That is down by 321,000, or 2.2 percent, from 2019. From 2019 to the end of 2020, the number of wage and salary workers was down by 9.6 million. This increased union membership by 0.5 percent, meaning union membership overall rose to 10.8 percent. In 1983, the first year union membership was documented, union participation was 20.1 percent.


Is Samsung poised to build multi-billion-dollar advanced chip plant in Austin?

Korean conglomerate Samsung, which has operated a somewhat dated computer chip plant in Austin, Texas, since 1997, may be considering opening an advanced logic chip-making plant next to its existing facility in the Texas capital city. The plant, according to reports, could represent an investment of at least $17 billion. In October, the company purchased land next to its existing Austin campus that is large enough for the expansion. That land was also rezoned industrial. Other reports as of February 1, cited multiple possible sites for the new plant. According to The Wall Street Journal, possible sites include the one near its current Austin facility, another site in Central Texas near Taylor (just north of Austin), and sites in New York and Arizona. 


Virus and a struggling economy create the worst poverty rate since the 1960s

According to a report from the University of Chicago and University of Notre Dame, 8 million Americans were added to the government's definition of poverty during the year 2020. It is the largest spike in poverty since the 1960s. At the end of December 2020, the overall poverty rate in the U.S. rose to 11.8 percent.


Corps approves money to deepen Mississippi River Channel

In the winter quarter, the Army Corps of Engineers will spend $45.7 million to finish deepening the Mississippi River -- from Baton Rouge to the mouth of the river at the Gulf of Mexico -- to 50 feet. The depth will allow larger Panama ships to navigate the river.


Mississippi Development Authority officially names director

The Mississippi Development Authority, the state's primary economic development agency, has named John Rounsaville as its permanent director. Rounsaville had been the interim director after the retirement of Glenn McCullough. Mississippi’s Gov. Tate Reeves named Rounsaville as permanent director after Mississippi captured several high-profile projects in the tough economic environment of 2020.


Dallas leads U.S. in commercial property transactions

Many major and mega-markets in the U.S. saw commercial property transactions cancelled or delayed in 2020. Not so much in the Dallas area, where almost $20 billion in real estate transactions took place, catapulting Dallas to the top ranking, leading second-place Los Angeles by about $1 billion. The report by Real Capital Analytics showed that Dallas ranked third in the country in 2018 and 2019.


Reshoring is coming true this time

As a result of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and a trade war with China, U.S. companies are rethinking the strategy that has been prevalent for years; outsourcing manufacturing to low-cost labor markets in Asia. A winter quarter survey by New York-based Thomas, an industrial sourcing firm, showed that 69 percent of businesses are "likely" or "very likely" to reshore or nearshore operations to secure their supply chains. That is up from 54 percent in the same month last year.


U.S. Space Command HQ to be located in Huntsville, Ala.

Its official. We reported last month that Huntsville, Ala., was the likely location for the U.S. Space Command headquarters. And now, Gov. Kay Ivey says that she has been informed of the decision that Huntsville’s Redstone Region is set to house the headquarters. The Space Command conducts operations such as enabling satellite-based navigation and troop communication and providing warning of missile launches, which is different from the Space Force, which is a distinct military service like the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.


Cardinal Foods doubles workforce in Pender County, N.C.

Cardinal Foods, an agribusiness company that provides products and services across the eastern U.S., will create 48 new jobs as it launches a $15.5 million expansion at its Pender County operations.


BCBS of South Carolina to add 700 jobs

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina plans to add 702 jobs in Columbia, S.C., over the next five years. The job creation is paired with a $60 million-plus investment in the city.


Integrated Fiber Solutions to expand plant in Rome, Ga.

Integrated Fiber Solutions announced a $30.2 million, three-phase expansion of its plant in Rome, including the addition of approximately 40 employees over the course of the next five years. The company manufactures synthetic yarns for the carpet, rug and automotive industries.


SGL Carbon expands Arkansas operations to produce components for EV batteries

A manufacturer of graphite and composite materials is expanding its operations in Arkadelphia, Ark., to produce components for electric vehicle battery enclosures. said the $4.5 million expansion will create 35 new jobs over the next three years.


Virginia manufacturer announces $10.7 million expansion

Motion control product manufacturer Moog will invest $10.7 million to transfer existing jobs and equipment from its Blacksburg, Va., facilities to a larger building in Montgomery County, Va. The investment will also create 75 jobs.


New aviation company bringing jet traffic and jobs to Selma, Ala.

A new aviation company is bringing more jet plane traffic and 30 new jobs to Craig Field in Selma. City Jet/Turbine Worx is opening a dispatch facility and aircraft maintenance operation on the flight line at Craig Field.


New facility in Greer, S.C., will create 100 new jobs

More than 100 new jobs will soon be open in Spartanburg County. TTI Floor Care North America, a floor care company, has announced plans to establish a new distribution center in Spartanburg County. The company will invest $93 million and create 134 new jobs.


Chemical company creating 40 jobs in Louisiana

A new specialty chemical company planning operations at the Central Louisiana Regional Port will bring 40 new jobs to the Alexandria area. Avant Organics’ products include flavor and fragrance enhancers for foods and beverages. The company is making a $4 million capital investment and will create 40 new jobs through the project.


Modine expansion creating 45 new jobs in Lawrence County, Tenn.

The Modine Manufacturing Company, a thermal management company, has announced plans to expand its operation, bringing 45 new jobs to its facility in Lawrence County, Tenn. A $1.2 million investment, the project includes the relocation of three product lines from operations in Missouri and Rhode Island to the company’s Lawrenceburg facility.


Electronic components maker expanding in Lowndes County, Miss.

Electronic components manufacturer East Systems is expanding in Columbus, Miss., to accommodate an increase in demand. The project is an $890,100 corporate investment and will create 12 jobs.


Marzetti expansion grows in Hart County, Ky.

T. Marzetti Company is increasing its expansion project announced a year ago. Rather than adding 140 jobs with a $93 million investment, 220 full-time jobs will be added with a $133 million investment. The Marzetti operation in Horse Cave manufactures salad dressings, sauces and other foods for retail and foodservice markets. It currently employs over 500 people.


Furniture maker opening a distribution center in North Jax

Loctek Ergonomic, which makes ergonomic office furniture like height-adjustable desks and desk bikes, plans to build a new distribution center in North Jacksonville, Fla. The company, which is based in China and maintains a U.S. headquarters in California, says it is expanding into Jacksonville “for e-commerce fulfillment purposes to utilize the Jacksonville ocean port.” The facility will house 20 to 30 employees.


Wood pellet mill to open in Arkansas, 50 to100 new jobs

Dansons USA will open “the country’s largest barbecue wood pellet mill and distribution center” in Hope, Ark. The facility is expected to create 50 to 100 new jobs over the next three years.


Alabama auto supplier adding 162 jobs

An auto supplier facilitating Mercedes-Benz’s plan to produce electric vehicles is expanding in Tuscaloosa County. Schnellecke Logistics Alabama will move to a new building near the Mercedes-Benz U.S. International automobile plant in Vance, Ala., and plans to add 162 jobs.


ALDI breaks ground on HQ in Baldwin County, Ala.

Grocery store giant Aldi recently held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new regional headquarters and distribution center. The new facility will also create more than 200 new jobs in Loxley.


Freshly grows Southeast operations with new Georgia facility

Freshly, a prepared meal delivery service, will expand its assembly and distribution operations by opening a new facility in Austell, Ga. Centrally located in the Southeast, the distribution center will bring more than 150 jobs to the greater Atlanta area.


PPE manufacturer to locate in Harrisonburg, Va.

Valley Guard Supply, a veteran-owned company that produces disposable masks, will invest $1 million to establish a personal protective equipment manufacturing facility in Harrisonburg. The project will create 45 new jobs.


Printing firm fulfillment center brings 100 jobs to North Texas

North Carolina-based online printing firm Printful is expanding to North Texas with a new fulfillment center. The fast-growing company is hiring 100 people for the new facility in Coppell. The company plans to invest $15 million in the new operation.


Microsoft plans significant Atlanta expansion

Microsoft President Brad Smith said the company plans to make metro Atlanta a major hub as it embarks on a significant expansion. The tech giant is adding two regional data centers and could bring thousands of jobs to 90 acres of land it bought in recent months at the stalled Quarry Yards development on the city’s Westside.


Gilead Sciences will create 275 jobs in the Research Triangle region

Gilead Sciences, a leading biopharmaceutical company, has selected North Carolina’s Research Triangle region as the location for a major business services and information technology hub, creating 275 jobs. The company will invest up to $5 million in Wake County.


NUPI Americas expanding operations in Hampton County, S.C.

NUPI Americas recently announced plans to expand operations in Hampton County. The $4.3 million investment will create 28 new jobs. Founded in 2001, NUPI Americas is a plastic fabrication company specializing in pipe and fitting systems for the distribution of hot and cold water in plumbing and air conditioning systems; gasoline and diesel in service stations; and water and natural gas underground.


Generac establishing 450-job operations in Edgefield County, S.C.

Generac Power Systems announced plans to open a new manufacturing, assembly and distribution operation in Trenton, S.C. The facility will support increased demand for home standby generators and associated energy technologies, and serve as a distribution center to customers in the southeast part of the United States, creating approximately 450 new jobs over the next two years.


EV battery maker to build plant in Tennessee, add 287 jobs

An electric car battery manufacturing company is planning to invest $220 million in a new Tennessee plant that is expected to create 287 new jobs. Microvast plans to renovate and expand a Clarksville facility to build battery cells, modules and packs.


Vytal Studios’ new HQ in Richmond, Va., creating 155 new jobs

Vytal Studios, a technology-based education and training content developer and producer, will invest $6.8 million to relocate its corporate headquarters from Austin, Texas, to Richmond. The company will renovate a facility to include studio and office space. Virginia successfully competed with Florida and North Carolina for the project, which will create 155 new jobs. 


Israeli manufacturer to build $2 million facility, create 55 jobs in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

JANSTEEL, an Israeli heavy-equipment manufacturing company, will spend $2 million to expand its operations in Port St. Lucie. The company was founded in 2004, and specializes in the design and manufacture of transport products such truck bodies.


Locker manufacturer to open plant in Batesville, Tenn., create 60 jobs

Lockers Manufacturing announced that it will open a manufacturing operation in Batesville. The project is a $5.35 million corporate investment and will create 60 jobs. The company is based in Piperton, Tenn., near Memphis, and produces storage systems.


Peabody Engineering & Supply expands with new South Carolina plant

A California-based manufacturer of storage tanks, telecommunications-disguising equipment and other plastic products is expanding with a new production facility in Liberty, S.C. Peabody Engineering & Supply — a 69-year-old supplier with headquarters in Corona, Calif. — will create 35 jobs over the next five years.


Finnish tire maker adding 400 jobs in Tennessee

Tire manufacturer Nokian plans to nearly double the workforce at its facility in East Tennessee in coming months, part of a plan to add more than a hundred new jobs and significantly increase production. The company expects to add 150 positions that will allow the company to go from two shifts to four as demand for tires increases in the North American market.


Manufacturer bringing $45 million, 205 jobs to Georgia

Spring Mountain Center will invest $45 million in opening a manufacturing and distribution headquarters in Barrow County, delivering 205 jobs. Spring Mountain Center is a manufacturer of plumbing fixtures, home furniture and more.


Copper company plans North American HQ in Louisville, Ky.

Wieland North America, a producer of copper and copper alloy products, is planning to locate its new North American headquarters in Louisville, bringing an $8.8 million investment and 75 jobs with it.


New distillery to open in South Carolina

Under construction since May 2019, the Burnt Church Distillery will open its doors in March. The site will create more than 40 full-time and 20 part-time jobs, and is projected to attract 150,000 tourists to the area in its first year alone.


QuaLex Manufacturing to create 60 new jobs in South Carolina

QuaLex Manufacturing, a sheet metal fabrication company, announced plans to expand operations in Fairfield County, S.C. The $2 million investment will create 60 new jobs.


Tech company bringing 100 jobs to Northwest Arkansas

Loanpal, a financial technology company, will open a new operating center and bring more than 100 new jobs to Bentonville, Ark.


Healthcare laundry operations creating 75 jobs in Mississippi

Healthcare laundry company Westport Linen Services is locating operations in Greenville, Miss. The project is a $5.8 million corporate investment and will create 75 new jobs and retain 75 existing jobs.


Biotech firm investing $5 million in Alabama growth plans

Birmingham-based molecular diagnostics company BioGX plans to expand its R&D and manufacturing at a new corporate headquarters. BioGX has purchased a building in Shelby County, Ala., for the move from its current location at a business incubator in downtown Birmingham. The company is investing $5 million, which will allow it to add 30 new employees to its roster of 80.


Tennessee lands eighth Amazon fulfillment center

A new 634,000-square-foot fulfillment center using Amazon Robotics Technology will create 800 new jobs in East Tennessee. The internet retailer is investing at least $200 million to build a warehouse fulfillment center in Alcoa.


Shipping company keeping headquarters in Norfolk, Va., adding 400 jobs

International shipping company CMA CGM will keep its North American headquarters in Norfolk and expand its operations, adding 400 new jobs in the Commonwealth. Norfolk was chosen after a “competitive site-selection search” that included many other North American port cities.


Auto supplier bringing 240 jobs to Chattanooga

Enterprise South Industrial Park in Chattanooga will become home to a new auto manufacturing plant in the summer of 2021. Sesé Industrial Services, a Spanish manufacturer, announced that it would begin new operations in the park, create 240 new jobs, and invest $42 million by 2022. The new plant will assemble axle components for Volkswagen Chattanooga’s first electric Atlas SUV.


Amazon to open six more DFW delivery centers

Amazon, which already occupies more North Texas warehouse space than any other company, is announcing six more Dallas-Fort Worth delivery stations. These shipping hubs, which average between 150,000 and 250,000 square feet, are smaller than the huge regional distribution systems and are part of what the company calls its “last mile of Amazon’s order process.”


CARTI building surgery site in Little Rock

Cancer-care provider CARTI plans to break ground this summer on a 35,000-square-foot surgery center next to its campus in Little Rock, Ark. The $25 million facility is projected to create up to 75 new jobs when completed in 2022.


Rockline’s $18 million expansion will add 100 jobs at Arkansas plants

Rockline Industries of Sheboygan, Wisc., said that it will spend more than $18 million this year to add production lines at its three Arkansas wet wipes plants. The company, which has facilities in Springdale, Russellville and Booneville, said it will add 100 jobs to meet demand spurred by the coronavirus pandemic.


Horton opens new facility in Oconee County, S.C., with 125 jobs

Oconee County leaders gathered recently for the grand opening of a new business focused on engine cooling solutions for on- and off-highway vehicles. Horton’s manufacturing facility will be adding 125 jobs to the area.


Kreative Technologies expansion to add 296 in Northern Virginia

Kreative Technologies, an IT company focusing on the federal healthcare industry, will be investing $1.5 million to expand its operation in Fairfax County. This expansion will allow the company to quadruple its current workforce of 67 to create 296 additional jobs.


Auto supplier plant bringing hundreds of jobs to Meriwether County, Ga.

KB Autosys is set to bring a multi-million-dollar manufacturing project to Georgia. The brake pad supplier will spend $38 million to build its first U.S. advanced manufacturing facility in Meriwether County. The project will create around 180 jobs.


EV charging network for Tennessee

The Tennessee Valley Authority and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation announced a partnership that will create a statewide charging network for electric vehicles. There are currently 24 charging stations for electric vehicle across the state. The new agreement will add 50 new locations -- or one station every 50 miles -- along Tennessee’s interstates and highways.


United Community Bank chooses Greenville County, S.C., for HQ

United Community Bank has announced plans to expand operations and locate its new corporate headquarters in Greenville County, S.C. The $24.8 million investment will create 227 new jobs.


Spirit Airlines moving jobs to Orlando

Spirit Airlines plans to increase its operations at Orlando International Airport and create more local jobs. The airline will move part of its operational control center, which helps it track flights, from South Florida to Orlando. That means 75 to 100 positions will move to Central Florida.


Pasco County, Fla., gains two new employers

Ensurem, an insurance broker and technology provider for retirement-age clients, is investing $500,000 to upgrade existing retail space that will be home to 200 employees. Santander, a consumer finance company focused on vehicle financing and third-party servicing, is investing a minimum of $12 million and will create 875 new jobs.


Fifty new jobs for York County, S.C.

3D Systems announced plans to expand operations in York County, S.C. The $13 million investment will create 50 new jobs. Founded in 1986, 3D Systems brought the innovation of three-dimensional (3D) printing to the manufacturing industry through the invention of Stereolithography.


Swiss biotech company expanding in South Carolina

A Greenwood company is expanding operations by making a $53.7 million investment and creating 30 new jobs. Lonza, a supplier to the pharmaceutical, biotech and nutrition markets, announced its plans to expand operations at its Greenwood facility.


New manufacturer for Southwest Virginia

A manufacturer of wood products will establish a new production facility in Southwest Virginia. Rambler Wood Products will invest $7.6 million in a former furniture factory in Saint Paul, Va., to house its new operations. The project is expected to create 73 new jobs.


Home Depot bringing 1,500 new jobs to Dallas-Fort Worth

The Home Depot has opened a new distribution center in Dallas to fulfill online and store orders. The 1.5 million-square-foot distribution center will house 1,500 employees.


Amazon will bring 230 new jobs to Lubbock with two facilities

Amazon will be building a $24 million sortation facility in the Lubbock Business Park. Two hundred full-time workers will be hired, and 100 to 150 part-time jobs. In addition, a delivery station will be located in northeast Lubbock. That facility will provide 30 full-time positions and 70 to 90 part-time positions. Amazon has leased a space in that area.


AdventHealth plans new Florida hospital

AdventHealth will construct a new 100-bed hospital in Palm Coast. The $100 million project will encompass 10 acres, allowing for expansion in the years ahead.


Material Handling Systems creating 200 jobs in Bowling Green, Ky.

Material Handling Systems, a Kentucky-based manufacturer of conveyor and sortation equipment headquartered in Mt. Washington, plans to create 200 full-time jobs with a $7.6 million investment in a new facility in Bowling Green.


Logistics company establishing operations in Charleston County, S.C.

Ray-Mont Logistics plans to establish operations in Charleston County. The $16 million investment will create 85 new jobs for the Canadian global logistics company.


OldCastle creating 50 jobs in Floyd County, Ga.

Irish building materials giant Oldcastle APG’s lawn and garden division is putting a new facility in Rome, Ga., an investment that will employ up to 50 people after it begins production in the spring of 2022. The capital investment was not disclosed.


Eastman going green in Kingsport, Tenn.

A global leader in plastics, chemicals and fibers, Eastman will build one of the world’s largest methanolysis facilities at its site in Kingsport, Tenn. Eastman will invest approximately $250 million in the facility over the next two years. Through methanolysis, the new facility will convert polyester waste that often ends up in landfills and waterways into durable products.


Call center to hire 110 Buchanan County, Va.

Up to 110 new jobs will be coming to the Southern Gap area of Buchanan County as the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC) relocates and expands its customer service call center. The VEC requires additional employees to respond to needs created by the COVID-19 pandemic.


New Amazon delivery station in Bartow, Ga.

One of four new Amazon delivery stations in Georgia will be located in Bartow County. The new stations will power Amazon’s last-mile delivery capabilities to speed up deliveries for customers in the metro-Atlanta area. The Bartow facility will require “hundreds” of new hires.


Amazon hub to deliver hundreds of jobs to La Marque, Texas

E-commerce giant Amazon Logistics plans to build a 180,000-square-foot warehouse that will create hundreds of jobs in La Marque. The facility will be the first delivery station in Galveston County. Amazon in September announced plans to open 1,000 delivery hubs in cities and suburbs across the country, which is part of an effort to compete with Walmart and to fulfill a goal of providing same-day delivery to customers who subscribe to the company’s Prime service.


Shintech expands Iberville and West Baton Rouge operations

Shintech Louisiana, the world’s leading manufacturer of polyvinyl chloride resins or PVC, will invest $1.3 billion to expand its facilities in Iberville and West Baton Rouge parishes in Louisiana. The company is also making a $1.25 billion investment to expand its manufacturing facility in Plaquemine, which was announced in 2018 and is expected to be completed this year. Shintech is also expanding its PVC packaging and warehouse operation in Addis.


Largest initial capital investment ever for Henry County, Va.

Crown Holdings, a metal packaging technology company, is investing $145 million to open a new 355,000-square-foot aluminum can production facility at the Commonwealth Crossing Business Centre and will create 126 new jobs. This is the largest initial capital investment a company has ever made in Henry County, according to Jim Adams, chairman of the Henry County Board of Supervisors.


Moffitt Cancer Center to begin 775-acre campus in Florida

Moffitt Cancer Center will create 1.4 million square feet of research, manufacturing and clinical building space on a 775-acre campus in Pasco County, Fla. The expanded facilities will accommodate Moffitt’s growth in the Tampa Bay region and is estimated to support more than 14,500 additional jobs in the area.


Hargett Materials plans Milan, Tenn., production center

Hargett Materials, a construction materials manufacturing company, will invest $2.2 million to build a new facility and expand operations in Milan, Tenn. The company plans to hire 50 associates during the next five years.


Valmont Industries expands Tennessee manufacturing complex

Valmont Industries will expand its operations by investing $15 million to $20 million to increase the size of its manufacturing facility in Jasper, Tenn. The company plans to create 65 new jobs over the next five years in Marion County. The location supplies steel poles and structures to utility and transportation markets nationwide.


Documotion Research establishes Tennessee manufacturing facility

Documotion Research, a company that manufactures labels for various business sectors, will invest $9.3 million to establish new manufacturing operations in Maury County, Tenn. The project is expected to create 80 jobs.


PennyMac Financial Services establishes Cary, N.C., mortgage fulfillment center

PennyMac will invest $4.3 million into PennyMac Loan Services, its mortgage lending subsidiary, to establish a mortgage fulfillment production center in Wake County. The company plans to create 300 jobs there.


German auto supplier hiring in Franklin, Ky.

German-owned Fritz Winter North America announced it is adding a third shift and about 50 jobs to its manufacturing plant in Franklin. The 340,000-square-foot plant, which now operates two shifts and has a workforce of about 280, opened in June 2017, making disc brake rotors for the automotive industry.


Auto parts supplier Valeo expanding to Bessemer, Ala., with $5 million facility

Valeo North America, a top-10 auto parts supplier in the world, announced plans to expand into Bessemer with a $5 million facility that is expected to create 70 jobs. Valeo will be occupying an existing facility in Bessemer and is expected to be at full production by June.


Britain-based Arq eyes St. Rose, La., industrial plant

Arq, an environmental technology company, plans to establish operations in St. Rose, La. The $40 million investment is expected to create 12 new jobs in St. Charles Parish. The facility will produce the company’s proprietary Arq Fuel product.


Civica to create 186 jobs with new New Virginia pharmaceutical facility

Pharmaceutical manufacturer Civica will invest $124.5 million to establish its first in-house pharmaceutical manufacturing operation in Petersburg, Va. The project will create 186 new jobs. Civica is a nonprofit generic drug company launched in 2018.


German manufacturer plans Waco, Texas, manufacturing center

A Germany-based, family-owned floor products company will be spending over $31 million dollars on a facility in Waco that will provide at least 42 jobs to manufacture flooring installation products such as grout for tile installation under the Uzin brand.


Tabet Manufacturing Company expands Virginia operations

Tabet Manufacturing Company, a manufacturer of large suite communications equipment and custom solutions for military and industrial customers, will invest $6.5 million to expand its operation in Norfolk, Va. The company is expected to create 68 new jobs.


Diamond Drinks establishes operations in Indian River County, Fla.

Diamond Drinks, a Pennsylvania-based contract beverage manufacturer, is expanding its operations into Indian River County, Fla. The company anticipates 25 new jobs to start, eventually ramping up to 40 to 50 employees.


UPS buys land for Mebane, N.C., distribution center

United Parcel Service now owns about 185 acres in Mebane’s North Carolina Commerce Park. The company plans to build a $262 million distribution center with 451 full-time jobs.


Ruiz Foods Florence expands operations in South Carolina

Ruiz Foods Florence plans to hire over 100 new employees as part of its expansion efforts, which were first announced last November. Ruiz Foods established a manufacturing facility and distribution warehouse in Florence County in 2014 and began manufacturing product in January 2016.


International Paper plans investment in Bogalusa, La.

The International Paper mill in Bogalusa plans will get a $52.2 million makeover to modernize its manufacturing site, which is the largest employer in Washington Parish. The company will retain 492 jobs.


CRST Flatbed Solutions establishes Alabama HQ

Flatbed transportation company CRST Flatbed Solutions plans to open a new 23,361- square-foot divisional headquarters in Birmingham. The $5.14 million project will house the company’s 42 divisional headquarters employees, with room for another 10 new employees.


AeroClean Technologies establishes Florida HQ

AeroClean Technologies, a company focused on developing a full line of air purification, sterilization and disinfection devices, has established its new headquarters in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla. The company projects the creation of at least 100 new jobs with an average salary of over $100,000 per year.


Designer Construction Corporation establishes manufacturing plant in Pageland, S.C.

Designer Construction Corporation, a subsidiary of Axhoj Enterprises, plans to establish operations in Pageland, S.C. The $4.6 million investment will create 37 new jobs in Chesterfield County. The company is currently developing efficient building systems that are being rolled out in the Charlotte area. As Sears Homes revolutionized the home construction market in 1908, selling over 70,000 home kits, this new building system is a 21st century answer to affordable housing.


E-commerce company unveils plan for 3,500-job facility in Tennessee

E-commerce order company Red Stag Fulfillment is planning a 420-acre, $300 million distribution center in Sweetwater that could include 3,500 jobs. Red Stag, based in Knoxville, stores, packages and ships products that range from furniture to pet food to electronics.


Tesla hiring 500 in Florida

Tesla is hiring 500 positions in Florida. CareerSource Tampa Bay partnered with Tesla to host a virtual hiring event on January 27, in hopes of filling openings for both Tesla’s solar and automotive positions.


ICON Clinical Research expands Brentwood, Tenn., operations

ICON Clinical Research will expand its research operations in Brentwood. The project will create 85 new, high-paying jobs in Davidson County over the next five years.


LamTech plans $4 million expansion in Virginia

Ohio-based Laminate Technologies (LamTech), one of the largest privately held custom laminators in the United States, will invest $4 million to expand its manufacturing facility in Henry County, Va. The company will install a new automated hardwood plywood press line to serve its East Coast market. The expansion will create 42 jobs.


Amazon to open new sort center in Berkeley, Mo.

Amazon announced it is opening a new sort center in Berkeley and will need hundreds of employees for the new facility. Packages come to the sort centers to be organized by zip codes before being transported to delivery stations or last-mile delivery partners.


New hotel in Greenville, S.C.

The AC Hotel in downtown Greenville is almost ready to open its doors. The hotel is looking to fill 175 positions ranging from management to hospitality.


Intertape Polymer Group adding 50 jobs in Pittsylvania County, Va.

Intertape Polymer Group will bring 50 new jobs to its Pittsylvania County manufacturing facility as the company looks to increase production of several of its packaging products. The expansion calls for 30,000 square feet to be added to the facility, part of a $45 million investment to increase production, operations and capacity.


Koch Foods expansion bringing 135 jobs to East Alabama

Koch Foods announced an expansion in Gadsden, Ala., that will make it Etowah County’s second-largest business employer. The company is investing $15.9 million to expand the production line at its Gadsden poultry processing facility. The project is expected to bring 135 jobs over the next three years.


Georgia-Pacific moving all Dixie cup production to Kentucky

Georgia-Pacific says it plans to expand its Dixie cup manufacturing operation in Lexington, Ky., while closing a facility in Pennsylvania by the end of the year. The expansion will create about 50 jobs. Georgia-Pacific also has a plant in Bowling Green that makes plates and bowls. A recent expansion there created more than 70 jobs.


Ametrine locates HQ in Round Rock, Texas

Ametrine, a manufacturer of camouflage systems, will locate its new U.S. headquarters and manufacturing operations in Round Rock. The company plans to invest approximately $8.6 million and create 140 new jobs earning an average wage of approximately $75,000.


West Tennessee manufacturer plans expansion with 150 new jobs

ERMCO — a subsidiary of Arkansas Electric Cooperatives to manufacture transformers and components — will build a 200,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Dyersburg, Tenn., in the former Caterpillar plant. The project is set to create up to 150 manufacturing jobs over the next five years.


Tex-Isle headed for Robstown, Texas

Tex-Isle, a provider of Oil Country Tubular Goods and associated services, plans to open a new steel tubular mill located in Robstown, Texas. The project will bring the company’s total capital investment in the region to nearly $100 million.


Honda Aircraft opens new addition to Greensboro complex

Honda Aircraft Company has begun operations at its newly opened Wing Production and Service Parts Facility, located at the company’s world headquarters at the Piedmont Triad International Airport in Greensboro, N.C. The new 83,100-square-foot facility is the latest addition to the 133-acre Honda Aircraft Company campus, and represents an additional investment of $24.3 million, bringing the total capital investment in its North Carolina facilities to more than $245 million.


Scoop: GM will build electric crossovers for Honda and Acura in Tennessee

GM will apparently build two battery-electric crossovers — one sold as a Honda and another sold as an Acura — within the next four years. According to two anonymous people “familiar with the plans,” Honda’s GM-built EV will be assembled at the American automaker’s plant in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, the same factory that puts the Chevy Blazer and Equinox together. That crossover will reportedly enter production in 2023. Meanwhile, the Acura will reportedly be built in Spring Hill, Tenn., alongside the Cadillac Lyriq, starting in 2024.


Trex brings additional U.S. manufacturing online in Virginia

Composite decking manufacturer Trex opened 200,000 square feet of manufacturing and support facilities next to its headquarters in Winchester, Va., capping off a $200 million expansion program that increased capacity by 70 percent in about 18 months.


Amazon may be headed to Spanish Fort, Ala.

Amazon’s newest distribution center in Alabama could be in Spanish Fort, according to city officials. Spanish Fort Mayor Mike McMillan said the center would be a $45 million facility on 24 acres, and could bring more than 100 jobs to the city and surrounding areas.


OPSWAT relocates corporate HQ to Tampa

OPSWAT, a leader in critical infrastructure protection, has relocated its corporate headquarters and operations from San Francisco to Tampa, Fla. Over the next three years, the company plans to hire 100 employees to add to its current 350-person global workforce.

January 2021

Rejoining the Paris Agreement to boost automotive industry

Former President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Agreement, more commonly called the Paris Climate Accord. President Biden has now rejoined the Climate Accord and it will be a boost to the automotive industry, specifically electric vehicles.


Lars Carlstrom, founder of Britishvolt, a U.K. manufacturer of lithium ion batteries, said to Southern Business & Development and about the effect of the U.S. rejoining the Paris accord will have on the automotive industry: “Now that the US is returning to the Paris Climate agreement, the future of the automotive industry has received a huge boost. The U.S. has the second-highest consumption of vehicles in the world per 1,000 people and re-signing the Paris Climate agreement is only going to increase the demand for electric vehicles, gigafactories and boost the production of batteries,” Carlstrom said.


Sources predict job gains in 2021 will set record

Several sources are predicting that calendar year 2021 will be the biggest job generating year since records began in 1939. The data firm, IHS Market, predicted in January that non-farm payrolls will increase by 6.7 million this year. Oxford Economics estimates that 5.8 million jobs will be created in the U.S. in 2021, and the University of Michigan reported 5.3 million. All totals would surpass the current record of 4.3 million jobs created in 1946 at the end of World War II.


Huntsville, Ala., preferred choice for new Space Command

In January, the Air Force announced that Huntsville, Ala., (home of the Redstone Arsenal, NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and the United States Army Aviation and Missile Command) is the preferred choice for the headquarters of the new Space Command. The decision, which isn't official, was made based on a variety of factors, including room to grow. The headquarters is expected to create thousands of jobs.


Nearly 500,000 clean energy jobs lost in 2020

The virus has done a number on all kinds of industries and clean energy was no exception. According to the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), the pandemic snuffed out 429,000 clean energy jobs. It was the first year that the U.S. renewable energy industry lost jobs.


Automotive EV deals keep popping up in the South

Hitachi Automotive, a well-known Kentucky employer, has announced its Automotive Electric Motor Systems America division will establish a new plant in Berea, Ky. The facility will make motors for electric vehicles, many of which will be made in Kentucky. The deal is expected to create 200 jobs in Berea, locate in the Eastern part of the state in the mountains of Appalachia.


South Carolina ports are dealing

The Port of Charleston, which is a major vehicle export facility because of the BMW plant in South Carolina, capped its 2020 year with its strongest December in history. Vehicle volumes were up almost 30 percent from last year. The port handled 135,000 vehicles and 1.2 million containers units in the 2020 fiscal year.


Job postings drop more than 10 percent at the end of 2020

Remember when more than 7 million jobs were available in the U.S. prior to the pandemic, and just about 130,000 were being filled each month? Well, that 7 million is now 6 million jobs available in the U.S. as postings fell 10.6 percent in December 2020 compared to December 2019.


Oracle to relocate HQ from Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas

In the winter quarter, tech giant Oracle announced it was relocating its world headquarters from California to Austin, Texas. Oracle already has a major presence in Austin. The relocation follows a slew of others moving from California to Texas. Elon Musk has relocated to Austin and is building a major vehicle and battery factory there. Nearly 700,000 Californians have moved to Texas in the last 10 years.


Peloton to add 1,600 employees in Plano, Texas

Fitness equipment company Peloton announced a large expansion of its facilities in Plano, Texas. The New York-based company will hire up to 1,600 workers in Plano.


Mercedes to build electric SUVs at Alabama plant starting in 2022

In the winter quarter, Mercedes-Benz officials announced the German automaker will begin assembly of electric SUVs in 2022. Mercedes announced it will launch six electric versions of its vehicles in 2022, including the EQE SUV and EQS SUV to be assembled at its Vance, Ala., plant. Batteries made in Bibb County, Ala., will be used on those electric SUVs.


Virginia-North Carolina offshore wind project to create 600 jobs

The Kitty Hawk Offshore Wind project that is being built on 122,405 acres in the Atlantic Ocean off the shores of Virginia and North Carolina will create about 600 jobs. According to Connecticut-based Avangrid Renewables, the project will generate $2 billion in economic impact over a 10-year period.


Tier 1 auto parts supplier expanding in Elizabethtown, Ky.

Mexican automotive parts supplier Metalsa is expanding its truck vehicle frame plant in Elizabethtown, Ky. The plant is the largest for the company in the U.S. with over 1,800 workers. The new expansion will add 300 jobs.


Amazon to build Arkansas fulfillment center

In the winter quarter, Amazon announced it will build a new fulfillment center in North Little Rock, Ark. The deal will create 500 jobs. It will be North Little Rock’s second Amazon facility. (A distribution center opened in the city in 2018.)


Mississippi lumber mill to create over 100 jobs

A new sawmill is coming to Winona, Miss. The 150-job deal by Biewer Lumber will generate an investment of $130 million.


Mars Petcare invests in Arkansas facility again

Mars Petcare is once again expanding its Fort Smith, Ark., facilities. The company has already invested $420 million in its plant there. This latest expansion calls for an investment of $145 million and 120 new full-time jobs.


Boat manufacturer to build new plant in South Georgia

Correct Craft announced in the winter it is opening a new boat plant in Valdosta, Ga. The $1.7 million deal will create 90 jobs.


Bamboo manufacturer to open Alabama plant

Resource Fiber, a maker of commercial bamboo products like laminated timbers, is opening a plant in Lamar County, Ala. The project will create more than 100 jobs.


Turkey processor adding gobs of jobs in Arkansas

Butterball announced in January it is expanding two turkey plants in Northwest Arkansas, creating 360 new jobs. The company is investing over $8 million in its plants in Ozark and Huntsville, Ark.


Distribution center expands in Georgia

Bluestem Brands, an e-commerce retail brand, is investing in its distribution center in Putnam County, Ga. The project will create 130 jobs.


Flooring manufacturer expands in rural Virginia

Mohawk Industries, a well-known flooring manufacturer, is spending over $22 million on its facilities in Carroll County, Va. About 35 jobs are expected to be created.


Italian company expands in Asheville, N.C.

Italy-based System Logistics, a material handling solutions provider, is investing in its operations in Asheville, N.C. The $3 million deal will create 47 jobs.


Dole opens frozen fruit plant in Georgia

In the winter quarter, Dole Packaged Foods opened a new frozen fruit facility just south of Atlanta in McDonough, Ga. The project will house 100 workers.


Tyson expands Texas bacon plant

Arkansas-based Tyson Foods is expanding its bacon plant in Vernon, Texas. The $25 million project will add 32 jobs to the 800 that are currently housed at the plant.


Dallas-Fort Worth led country in industrial building in 2020, but office leasing down dramatically

According to Cushman & Wakefield, Dallas-Fort Worth led all other markets in industrial building in 2020. Almost 27 million square feet of industrial space was under construction in the D-FW metro at the end of last year. Chicago was second with 20.7 million square feet of construction. The office real estate sector in Dallas-Fort Worth did not fare as well. A large decline in office space occupancy in the fourth quarter of 2020 saw net leasing drop nearly 4 million square feet in 2020 in D-FW.


Kentucky-based manufacturer picks North Carolina for new operation

Bardstown, Ky.-based American Fuji Seal, a maker of packaging, is investing $52 million in a new plant in Hickory, N.C. The deal will create over 100 jobs.


Defense contractor adding jobs in Oklahoma

North Star Scientific is establishing an aerospace manufacturing facility in Oklahoma City. The company plans to hire 40 in the deal.


Manufacturer landing in Fort Smith, Ark.

Jonesboro, Ark.-based Hytrol Conveyor has chosen Fort Smith, Ark., for a new manufacturing plant. The facility will house 250 workers.


Auto parts manufacturer to locate facility in West Virginia

Speedway Motors, a maker of auto parts, is opening a new distribution center in Kearneysville, W.Va. The deal will create 25 jobs.


California gene therapy manufacturer picks Durham County, N.C.

Adverum Biotechnologies, a gene therapy manufacturer, is investing $82 million in a facility in Durham County, N.C. The company plans to hire 200 workers.


Amazon to invest $2 billion in affordable housing at three U.S. cities

Amazon is investing $2 billion in affordable housing at its three U.S. headquarter operations in Nashville, Seattle and Arlington, Va.


Tennessee sees largest one-way moves in the nation

According to U-Haul's annual report of one-way moves, Tennessee saw the largest net gain in new residents in 2020. Tennessee saw a 12 percent jump in new arrivals, topping Texas and Florida. According to the report, Knoxville saw a 23 percent increase in new one-way arrivals.


Briggs & Stratton expands in Alabama

Briggs & Stratton is investing nearly $10 million in its plant in Auburn, Ala. The Widsconsin-based maker of gasoline engines and other products is adding 35 workers to its large plant in Auburn.


German company that serves the auto industry locates Alabama plant

Heiche Surface Technologies, a German manufacturer of advanced metal coatings used in the automotive industry, is setting up a new facility in Jasper, Ala. The company will occupy a speculative building in the Jasper Industrial Park. The deal will create 73 jobs.


Tesla to locate solar energy division in Palm Beach County

The electric vehicle company Tesla is opening a new solar energy division in Palm Beach County. The company will hire 130 in the deal.


Ball to open new plant in Kentucky

Ball Corporation, the world’s largest maker of recyclable aluminum beverage containers, is opening a new plant in Bowling Green, Ky. The facility will house 200 workers.


Costco opens new operations center in Oklahoma City

Costco has opened a back-office operations center in Oklahoma City. The project is expected to result in 1,500 new jobs.


Record lows in U.S. population growth

In the winter quarter, the Census Bureau released estimates that from July 1, 2019, to July 1, 2020, the nation's population grew by just .35 percent. The figure represents the lowest annual population growth since records began in 1900. Census also estimated that population growth in the decade of 2010 to 2020 was the lowest of any decade in the nation's history.


Westinghouse to locate new plant in Clarendon County, S.C.

Westinghouse Electric, which provides a variety of products and services to nuclear plants, is locating a new plant in Clarendon County, S.C. The $24 million facility, which will expand the company's welding and machining capacity, will house 44 workers.


Louisiana lands first Amazon facility

Louisiana's first Amazon fulfillment center is being built in Lafayette Parish. Amazon will create 500 direct jobs with an annual payroll of about $16 million in the $100 million project.


Blackstone to open new Miami office

Blackstone, a global investment firm, is opening a technology office in downtown Miami. The project calls for 200 tech jobs, but investment professionals may also be added in 2022.


Nestlé USA to invest $100 million in Arkansas

Nestlé USA is investing $100 million in an expansion of its food processing facility in Jonesboro, Ark. The company is adding a Hot Pockets sandwich line that will call for 100 new employees.


Carvana opens distribution center in Arkansas

E-commerce car sales company Carvana has opened a $40 million vehicle inspection and distribution center in West Memphis, Ark. The project will create 400 jobs.


Record 12,200 stores close in U.S. in 2020

According to commercial real estate firm CoStar Group, a record 12,200 stores of all sizes closed in calendar year 2020. The closures emptied 159 million square feet of retail space.


Kimberly-Clark expands in Northeast Mississippi

Kimberly-Clark, a manufacturer of brands such as Huggies, Kleenex and Cottonelle, is investing $140 million to increase capacity at its plant in Corinth, Miss. The deal will create 33 jobs.


Craft supply company to create 300 jobs in Mississippi

IG Design Group Americas, a party and craft supply company, is investing $57 million to expand its operations in Marshall County, Miss. The company will hire 300 in the deal.


Danish manufacturer expands in Tallahassee

Danfoss Turbocor, a manufacturer of magnetic technologies, is adding a 90,000-square-foot facility at its site in Tallahassee, Fla. The project is expected to create 200 new jobs.


Nestlé Purina investing $550 million in Georgia

Nestlé Purina PetCare is investing big in its pet food factory in Hartwell, Ga. The $550 million investment will add 130 jobs.


Epic Games to take over mall; turn it into global HQ in Cary. N.C.

Epic Games, the North Carolina company known for its popular Fortnite game, announced in the winter it is converting the Cary Towne Center mall into it new campus. No word yet on how many jobs will be created by moving into the nearly 1-million-square-foot facility.


Big lumber deal in Alabama

Jasper Lumber Company has formed a new partnership with Canada-based Tolko Industries that will result in a $45 million expansion of its sawmill in Walker County, Ala. The deal will result in 60 new jobs.


Furniture manufacturing, once thought lost, continues on in the South

North Carolina-based Ison Furniture is opening a new factory in a vacant facility in Axton, Va. The company makes upholstered furniture and other furnishings. The $3.5 million deal will create nearly 200 jobs. Also, Ison supplier Dogwood Global will occupy a vacant building on the same property to produce wood tables and custom furniture frames that will be upholstered by Ison.


Self-driving firm adding jobs in Southwest Virginia

Torc Robotics, a Virginia-based company, is expanding in Blacksburg, Va., at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center. The company that develops self-driving systems, is expected to create 350 jobs.


Canadian manufacturer creating jobs in rural Tennessee

Direct Coil, a manufacturer of industrial heating and cooling, is opening its first plant outside of Canada in Lincoln County, Tenn. The deal will create 75 jobs.


Germany-based distribution giant to create lots of jobs in Virginia

Bonn, Germany-based DHL Supply Chain is expected to invest $72 million to locate a major distribution center in Stafford County, Va. The center will serve the Mid-Atlantic region. The deal will create 577 jobs.


Florida-based Jabil to open plant in Western N.C.

St. Petersburg-based Jabil Healthcare announced in the winter it will build a plant in East Flat Rock, N.C. The healthcare components maker will invest $38 million and hire 150 in the deal.


Volkswagen building battery lab in Chattanooga

German automaker VW broke ground on a new battery engineering lab at its assembly plant site in Chattanooga, Tenn., in the winter quarter. VW has commenced construction on large facilities at its plant in Chattanooga, including a 564,000-square-foot electric vehicle line and a 198,000-square-foot battery pack manufacturing facility. The $22 million battery lab will test vehicle batteries made on site.


Amazon goes big in San Antonio

Amazon, the most active company in economic development history in the South, is planning two new fulfillment centers in San Antonio as well as a new local delivery station. The three projects will create 1,500 jobs.


Mortgage lender to add 500 jobs in Charlotte

Intercontinental Capital Group, a mortgage lender for single-family homes, is adding 500 jobs in Charlotte. The project represents an investment of over $5 million.


Call center deal in North Tennessee

CBE Group announced a large call center deal in Clarksville, Tenn. The company will hire 500 and invest $1.2 million.


Biotech firm to relocate from California to Nashville

Revance Therapeutics is relocating its headquarters from Silicon Valley to Nashville. The company will invest $10 million and hire 150 in the move.


Electric vehicle startup picks Charlotte for HQ

U.K. electric vehicle startup Arrival has chosen Charlotte for its North American headquarters. The London company that will develop lightweight commercial vehicles, is investing $3 million and hiring 150 as it starts up.


Another big sawmill captured by Mississippi

Idaho Forest Group (IFG) announced in the winter it will build a new $120 million sawmill in Lumberton, Miss. The project is one of a series of new sawmills opening in the Magnolia State. The deal will create 135 jobs.


Huge steel deal in South Alabama

Luxembourg-based ArcelorMittal SA and Japan-based Nippon Steel are investing $775 million to expand their joint venture plant in Calvert, Ala., just North of Mobile. The plant, first started and occupied by ThyssenKrupp, was initially a $4 billion investment. The joint venture will build an electric arc furnace that will be producing steel by 2023. The new furnace will be able to produce a capacity of 1.5 million metric tons of steel each year.


Vials of vaccines needed; operation opens in Auburn, Ala.

SiO2 Materials Science Manufacturing has quickly opened a new facility in Auburn, Ala. The plant will produce vials for the Moderna vaccine. The $163 million facility to increase vial capacity is part of a federal government project.


Boeing to expand MRO operations in JAX

Chicago-based Boeing announced this winter that it will expand its maintenance, repair and overhaul operations at Cecil Field in Jacksonville, Fla. Boeing has a 25-year lease agreement with the Jacksonville Aviation Authority at the former Air Force base. The deal calls for 400 new jobs.


Nice deal in Kansas City

Melaleuca, an online wellness shopping club, is investing $36 million in its Kansas City facility. The company is building a 500,000-square-foot facility and will hire 200 in the deal.


ByoPlanet expanding in Athens, Ga.

ByoPlanet International is investing its plant in Athens, Ga., that makes electrostatic sprays. The $7 million deal will create 250 jobs. ByoPlanet’s technology used in its disinfectant systems is based on research originally conducted at the University of Georgia. As the world continues to fight COVID-19, demand for the disinfectant systems has grown beyond North America.


Electric auto battery companies continue to make deals in the South

Some lithium-ion battery makers like SK, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Nissan have already spent billions to set up their fuel for the cars they build. However, smaller companies are joining the electric battery fray, including Amperex Technology Kentucky. That company is setting up shop in Glasgow, Ky., in what is a $8.5 million deal. That deal will create 350 jobs.


GE opens new line in Louisville

GE Appliances (not a Haier company) has operated its massive Appliance Park in Louisville. Ky., for years. The Chinese company just recently opened a new $80 million dishwasher line that house 280 workers.


Columbus, Ga., lands nice deal

Path-Tec, a provider of healthcare logistics services, is investing $5 million to expand its operations in Columbus, Ga. The project will create 350 jobs.   


One thousand jobs announced in Texas

TaskUs, a New Braunfels-based tech company, announced in the winter quarter it will open a new location on the U.S.-Mexican border in Rio Grande Valley, Texas. The company offers multiple tech solutions such as AI and CX. The deal is expected to result in 1,000 jobs.


Northeast Mississippi flexes, lands another furniture deal

To meet an increase in consumer demand, upholstered furniture manufacturer Fusion Furniture, which is owned by Pontotoc-based Southern Motion, is expanding in New Albany, Miss. The roughly $2 million project is expected to create 125 jobs.


Amazon creating 200 more jobs in Hampton Roads, Va.

Amazon will open two additional delivery stations in Hampton Roads in 2021, creating more than 200 full- and part-time jobs. The ecommerce giant announced in March it would build two operations facilities in Hampton Roads (in Suffolk and Chesapeake), creating an expected 1,500 jobs.


Amazon planning another delivery facility near Memphis fulfillment center

Preliminary work has begun for Amazon’s third delivery station in Memphis, this one adjacent to the online retail giant’s newly constructed fulfillment center in the Frayser / Raleigh area of the city.


Amazon investing in Birmingham, Ala.

More than 1,000 jobs are coming to a new Amazon distribution center to be built at the old Century Plaza mall in Birmingham. Site work and demolition are already underway, and the facility should up and running by the end of next summer. In addition, Amazon Logistics will open two new delivery stations in Birmingham. The project will include a 112,000-square-foot delivery station in Bessemer, creating 80 full-time jobs and representing a capital investment of approximately $25 million.


Up to 140 new Amazon jobs coming to Richardson, Texas

Richardson City Council has approved a zoning permit for an Amazon distribution and fulfillment center. It will provide 120-140 full-time jobs, and is estimated to cost $45 million.


Amazon to open third Mississippi center, bringing 1,000 jobs

Amazon is opening a third facility in Mississippi for sorting and processing customer orders. The new fulfillment center in Canton will be the first to feature Amazon’s robotics technology. It will create more than 1,000 full-time jobs


Franklin Pallet expanding in Kentucky

By eliminating waste, Simpson County’s Franklin Pallet is creating a new business model and adding jobs at its plant in Franklin, Ky. The company has invested about $3 million in a 12,000-square-foot plant expansion and equipment that will turn its scrap wood into a marketable product -- wood pellets for the growing pellet stove market.


AeroDynamic Aviation builds new shop in Georgia

AeroDynamic Aviation is moving from leased space in Rincon, Ga., to its own building in Springfield, Ga., quadrupling its size and eventually adding more than 30 new employees. The company makes sheet metal parts, primarily interior parts for a regional luxury aircraft manufacturer.


DDS Glass Doors completes Kentucky expansion

Freezer and cooler door manufacturer DDS Glass Doors is relocating to a larger facility in Elkton, Ky., a $1.6 million expansion expected to create 50 full-time jobs in the years ahead.


Texas county hiring 174 jailers

Bowie County will take control of its correctional system in February from LaSalle Corrections, the private company running the jails. The county now needs to hire 174 jailers to man the facilities.


Durham-based Adwerx plans hiring

Adwerx, which sells custom automated advertising services, will ramp up hiring in the new year thanks to a strong 79 percent growth in Q3 and Q4 despite the economic volatility. The company also announced plans to move to a flexible work arrangement for employees moving forward, so they can be based anywhere within the United States.


Tech company announces move to Nashville

A Silicon Valley tech company announced its move to middle Tennessee, and now its CEO is predicting he won’t be alone. Yoshi CEO Bryan Frist said he’ll begin his company’s transition from Silicon Valley to Nashville. The Yoshi app allows users to have gas, auto maintenance and car washes delivered to them, and the company’s move will deliver 100 jobs to the mid-state.


Amazon plans Amarillo warehouse

Amazon Services has filed an application for a tax abatement for a facility in Amarillo, Texas, estimated to cost about $100 million. Amazon will make $70 million in improvements that will include a warehouse and $30 million worth of equipment to go into that building. The facility will be a 1,000,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center.


RMC Events adding 100 jobs in Richmond, Va.

RMC Events announced plans to hire 100 full and part-time employees in the first part of 2021. The company, based in Richmond, provides event staffing and support services to colleges and universities, sporting and entertainment venues, fairs and festivals across Central Virginia.


Pure Shenandoah establishing in Elkton, Va.

Pure Shenandoah will invest nearly $3.3 million to establish an industrial hemp fiber processing and cannabidiol oil extraction facility in the historic Casey Jones building in Elkton. The company will create 24 new jobs and has committed to purchasing 100 percent of its industrial hemp from Virginia growers.


New manufacturing facility creating 75 jobs in Lincoln County, Tenn.

Direct Coil, which specializes in industrial heating and cooling, plans to invest $14.4 million and create 75 jobs in Fayetteville, Tenn. This will be the company’s first facility outside of its headquarters in Canada.


Arkansas furniture maker expands to North Carolina

An Arkansas manufacturer of furniture and home furnishings is planning a $15 million expansion to central North Carolina. Riverside Furniture will invest $5.4 million in a new distribution hub in Caswell County that is expected to create 50 jobs.


Center for Manufacturing Advancement coming to Danville, Va.

The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research has broken ground on a new Center for Manufacturing Advancement in Danville. The 51,250-square-foot CMA will offer a platform for manufacturing companies establishing or expanding their presence in Southern Virginia. It’s a $25.5 million project being funded by the Commonwealth and the Danville Regional Foundation.


Japan-based Taica Cubic Printing expands Clark County, Ky., manufacturing plant

Japan-based Taica Cubic Printing, which provides printing and paint application for automotive suppliers, plans to expand its manufacturing plant in Clark County. The $4.4 million investment is expected to create 20 new jobs.


CN, Alabama Export Railroad and Ray-Mont Logistics partner on Alabama logistics hub

CN, a Canadian transportation company, is collaborating with Alabama Export Railroad and Ray-Mont Logistics to launch the first phase of a high-tech logistics park in Mobile, Ala. The $16 million project is expected to create up to 50 jobs.


Huntsville lands $20 million Buffalo Rock plant

Buffalo Rock Company has agreed to build a $20 million facility in west Huntsville, Ala., that will provide at least 130 jobs. Buffalo Rock, based in Birmingham, is the largest single family-owned Pepsi bottler in the country.


Missouri company announces expansion

PlayPower has announced plans to expand its facility in Monett, Mo., which represents a $2 million investment and is expected to create 82 new jobs. Monett is the manufacturing home for many of PlayPower’s premier brands including Little Tikes Commercial playground equipment.


Home Depot hiring 700 at new Metro Atlanta distribution center

A new Home Depot distribution center is now open in Henry County and the Atlanta-based company is hiring 700 positions. The 657,600-square-foot center in Locust Grove is part of Home Depot’s $1.2 billion investment in its distribution and delivery services.


Louisiana Pepper Exchange expands New Orleans manufacturing center

Louisiana Pepper Exchange, a trading company based in New Orleans that provides pepper mash to the hot sauce industry, has received financing from Jefferson Capital Partners (JCP), which will allow Louisiana Pepper Exchange to make a significant investment into its facility and bring on essential new personnel. This is the third Opportunity Zone (OZ) operating company investment for JCP.


Ocean Insight expands Orlando HQ

Optical sensor manufacturer Ocean Insight is expanding at Central Florida Research Park in Orlando, Fla. The company will invest $4 million in its new facility with plans to create 100 new jobs.


Mexico-based Envases Group plans facility in Texas

Envases Group, a Mexico-based producer of packaging solutions, plans to open its first aluminum can production center in Waco, Texas. The $100 million project is expected to create 120 new jobs.


Low Impact Technologies locates manufacturing plant in Fletcher, N.C.

A manufacturer of renewable energy equipment, Low Impact Technologies (LIT), will be locating its first manufacturing facility in Henderson County, N.C. The company is expected to create 60 new jobs and invest $5 million in an existing 30,000-square-foot building in Fletcher. LIT designs and produces equipment to reprocess, recycle, and distill water for a variety of industries, as well as to provide potable water in developing nations.


Durham lands another gene therapy project

Taysha Gene Therapies will open a manufacturing facility in Durham after landing an incentive worth more than $5 million from North Carolina. The Taysha facility is expected to create 200 jobs over the next two years.


Allied Air Enterprises investing $35 million in South Carolina expansion

Allied Air Enterprises will invest more than $35.7 million to expand its operations in Orangeburg County, S.C. The expansion project will create 20 new jobs. Allied Air Enterprises manufactures HVAC products.


Santander bringing 875 jobs to Florida

Santander Consumer USA will invest approximately $22 million to upgrade and convert existing retail space to a customer contact operations in Pasco County, Fla. The financial services company will create 875 new jobs over the next five years.


Span Tech expands manufacturing facility in Barren County, Ky.

Span Tech, which designs and produces plastic chain conveyor systems for manufacturers, plans to expand in Barren County. The company will invest $13.2 million and create 40 full-time jobs over the next 10 years.


Joint venture Iwis-Daido locates manufacturing in Murray, Ky.

Iwis-Daido, a new joint venture between Iwis Engine Systems and Daido Corp. of America, will invest $2.7 million and produce automotive engine chains in Murray, Ky. The project is expected to create 37 jobs.


SteelFab plans Alabama expansion

A fabricator of structural steel, SteelFab, plans to expand its facility with a $23.6 million project in Roanoke, Ala. The project will create 32 jobs.


Belk expands South Carolina distribution hub

Belk, the nation’s largest private department store chain, will invest $2.5 million to make improvements to its distribution center in Richland County, S.C. The facility supports Belk’s network of 300 stores in 15 states.


Peabody Engineering & Supply expands in Liberty, S.C.

Peabody Engineering & Supply, a manufacturer of industrial polyethylene storage tanks, plans to establish operations in Liberty, S.C. The $5.6 million investment will create 35 new jobs in Pickens County.


Window maker bringing 100 jobs to Emanuel County, Ga.

Wincore Window Company, a manufacturer of vinyl windows and fiberglass doors, is expanding its Swainsboro operations, which will create an additional 100 jobs in Emanuel County.


Port Everglades gets $120 million upgrade

As people begin receiving the first round of the COVID-19 vaccines in South Florida, the cruise industry is preparing to welcome travelers once again. One of South Florida’s busy ports -- Port Everglades -- is getting a $120 million makeover.


New diaper plant coming to Waco, Texas

Hello Bello, the Los Angeles-based diaper company started by actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, is investing $31 million and creating 110 jobs in Waco. The company will make “premium diapers and other related childcare products” at the former Domtar facility there.


Agritech company announces Kentucky expansion

EnviroFlight recently announced the company’s plans to add 40 jobs in Maysville, Ky., with a $20 million expansion. EnviroFlight produces black soldier fly larvae which is used as a protein source for animal feeds.


Peabody Engineering to open in Pickens County, S.C.

Peabody Engineering & Supply announced plans to establish operations in Pickens County. The $5.6 million investment is expected to create 35 new jobs over the next five years. Peabody Engineering produces storage tanks and various other plastic products that service a wide range of industrial markets.


Tata Consultancy Services expands in Austin, Texas

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a global IT consulting organization, will hire an additional 130 new employees and invest more than $100 million in Austin, adding to the plans to hire 1,000 new employees across Texas. TCS is part of the Tata Group, India’s largest multinational business group.


Northern Ireland-based tech company opens hub in Buckhead

Kainos, a tech company, will invest $1.2 million in opening a North American sales and IT hub in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. The project is expected to bring 137 jobs to Fulton County.


Canada-based auto components maker expands Tennessee factory

Windsor Mold, parent company of Canada-based Tenneplas, will invest $3.5 million in a 37,500-square-foot expansion of its operations complex in Giles County, Tenn. The company plans to create 40 jobs.


Mitsubishi Chemical eyes Geismar, La., plant

Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. (MCC) is studying the feasibility of building a $1 billion methyl methacrylate manufacturing complex in Geismar. A final investment decision by MCC on the greenfield project is expected by mid-2022.


Protective Life relocates core site to Covington, Ky.

Birmingham, Ala.-based Protective Life Corporation is relocating its core site to Covington, Ky. The insurance company will invest $17.1 million with plans to create roughly 100 jobs there.


EHealth Technologies plans Virginia center

EHealth Technologies, a provider of medical record services, will invest $375,000 to establish a new customer support center in Scott County, Va. The project will create 160 new jobs.


Silent Falcon UAS Technologies locates HQ in Warren County, Va.

Silent Falcon UAS Technologies, an unmanned aircraft systems manufacturer, will invest $6 million to locate its new East Coast headquarters for research, development and manufacturing in Warren County, Va. The company plans to create 249 jobs.


Highland Pellets expanding in Pine Bluff, Ark.

Highland Pellets has reached a $135 million capital partnership with Orion Energy Partners LP to fund the expansion and upgrade of its wood pellet facility in Pine Bluff. Completed in 2017, the plant currently has more than 90 full-time employees.


Harrah’s to become Caesars New Orleans

Harrah’s New Orleans is set to undergo a $325 million renovation that will turn the building into a casino-hotel renamed Caesars New Orleans. The project will create 600 construction jobs in addition to the 500 full-time jobs the company has already pledged to create.


French tech company locates hub in Marshall County, Miss.

France-based communications software and technology company Quadient is locating its North American distribution operations in Marshall County, Miss. The project represents an $11 million investment.


Tech company expanding in Salisbury, N.C.

Integro Technologies, an industrial automation company, will create 30 new jobs in Rowan County with a $2.67 million investment.


Amazon opening delivery station in Waynesboro, Ga.

Amazon confirmed that it has leased a former Kmart building in Waynesboro to operate as a last-mile delivery station slated to open sometime in 2021. Job numbers will be announced later.


Construction starts on Lancaster, Texas, shipping hub

A New Jersey-based logistics firm, DSV International, has broken ground on a huge shipping hub in Lancaster. The project will cost more than $65 million.


Auto parts retailer locates distribution hub in Jax

1A Auto, an online-only aftermarket auto parts retailer, will locate its Southeast U.S. distribution operations in Jacksonville, Fla. The Massachusetts-based company plans to create 30 new jobs initially, and hopes to grow to 100 jobs within the first couple of years.


Firearms manufacturer brings 60 new jobs to North Carolina

Sturm, Ruger & Company will grow its North Carolina workforce with an expansion at its Rockingham County production facility. The manufacturer of firearms plans to add roughly 60 jobs and invest $10 million at its site in Mayodan.


Walmart distribution center adding 1,000 jobs in South Carolina

Walmart is opening a new distribution center in South Carolina that officials say will create about 1,000 full-time jobs. The center will be located on the Ridgeville Industrial Campus in Dorchester County and is part of a $220 million investment in the state.


Henrico County, Va., endorses GreenCity development

Henrico County officials are endorsing a developer’s vision for GreenCity, a $2.3 billion private, mixed-use “ecodistrict” development that would promote economic development and environmental sustainability, and will include a 17,000-seat arena for concerts, sporting events and other entertainment.


Grayson Natural Farms expands in Virginia

Grayson Natural Farms, a producer of the Landcrafted Food organic meat snacks, will invest $1.5 million to expand its operation in Independence, Va. The expansion will create 40 new jobs.


IT Supply Solutions expands Kentucky operations

IT Supply Solutions, a company that refurbishes and remarkets computer equipment to businesses and school systems, plans a $1.9 million expansion at its complex in Kenton County, Ky. The project is expected to create 15 full-time jobs.


Cognate Bioservices to add 500 employees in Memphis

A bioscience company with facilities in Memphis is looking to create 561 new jobs in the area. The EDGE awarded Cognate Bioservices a 15-year jobs PILOT to create those jobs and triple its current Memphis employee base. As part of this first phase, Cognate is also investing more than $212 million to renovate its current and new properties.


Nine new solar projects bringing jobs to Virginia

Dominion Energy Virginia announced the addition of nine new solar projects throughout Virginia. This is their largest project yet, and will support about 750 jobs. “This is the first of much more renewable energy to come. We’re focused on adding significant renewable energy resources such as solar and offshore wind over the next 15 years while ensuring that we keep customer reliability high and raise affordable,” said spokesperson Samantha Moore.


Dynamic Aviation to expand with 207 jobs in Rockingham County, Va.

Dynamic Aviation will invest $47.9 million to expand its operation in Rockingham County, creating 207 new jobs. The company, which is among Rockingham’s top employers, is a provider of special-mission aviation solutions for government and commercial organizations worldwide.


Fibervisions expands Georgia plant

A sharp increase in demand for hygiene products such as face masks and baby wipes is prompting FiberVisions to invest $48 million to expand its polyolefin fiber manufacturing operations in Newton County. Once renovations are complete, FiberVisions will be hiring for 21 positions in advanced manufacturing.


Shenandoah Valley Organic expands in Virginia

Shenandoah Valley Organic, a family-owned organic chicken company, will establish a second facility in Harrisonburg, Va. The project will create 110 new jobs.


Forty-one manufacturing jobs coming to Horry County, S.C.

Office cubicle and furniture maker Skutchi Designs will be hiring 41 new jobs at a new Horry County facility. Skutchi will invest $3.5 million.


Tracker Boats to double footprint in Missouri

Bass Pro Shops and White River Marine Group are expanding their Tracker Boats plant in Bolivar, Mo., doubling the square footage and adding 300 manufacturing jobs.


Clorox bringing 158 new jobs to North Carolina

The Clorox Company is going to create 158 new jobs in Durham, N.C., in its vitamins and supplements division. The company will invest $7.5 million to bring the division’s headquarters to Durham and expand existing operations in the city.


Commercial Filter relocating to Piperton, Tenn.

Commercial Filter, a manufacturer of air filters currently located in Memphis, will invest $8.9 million to expand its operations by building a new facility in Piperton, Tenn. The company plans to create 30 jobs in Fayette County.


Carver Maritime plans expansion at North Charleston port

Carver Maritime, an industrial port known for its shipping and warehousing storage operations, plans to invest more than $27.8 million to expand its existing operations in North Charleston, S.C. The project is expected to create 50 jobs.


Maritime tech company relocates from Netherlands to West Palm Beach, Fla.

V2Techs, a maritime technology company competing in the electric ships market, is relocating from the Netherlands to West Palm Beach. It will employ up to 30 people by 2022.


New manufacturing training center “will change Southwest Missouri”

Ozarks Technical Community College (OTC) broke ground recently on the first project of its kind in southwest Missouri. The new Center for Advanced Manufacturing, to be built on the Springfield campus, is a $40 million project -- the largest capital project in the history of OTC.


Apiject Systems plans vaccine gigafactory in RTP

ApiJect Systems, a medical technology company, has been approved by the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation for a $590 million loan to construct a 1 million-square-foot facility in Research Triangle Park, N.C. The gigafactory will enable the U.S. to more quickly package high volumes of injectable medicines and vaccines in the event of a national emergency, beginning with COVID-19.


North Carolina is fighting cancer and creating jobs

North Carolina has allocated a Job Development Investment Grant to a company that is developing a blood test that can screen for more than 50 cancers simultaneously. The California-based healthcare company, GRAIL, is building a $100 million laboratory that will employ nearly 400 people in Raleigh-Durham.


Oklahoma aerospace company announces 80 new jobs

Broken Arrow-based aerospace company CymSTAR will hire 80-plus new employees over the next three years with engineering salaries of $60,000 to more than $100,000 per year. “CymSTAR offers engineers the opportunity to work with cutting-edge simulation technologies as we focus on upgrading and building training systems in support of our armed forces,” said Dan Marticello, CymSTAR president and CEO. to hire 1,000 in Northern Virginia

Digital identity management company says it will hire more than 1,000 new employees in Northern Virginia by the end of 2021. The fast-growing McLean, Va.-based company provides identity authentication technology to both government and business customers.


August Bioservices investing $64 million in Tennessee expansion

August Bioservices plans to create 180 jobs and invest $64 million in Davidson County. Headquartered in Nashville, the company provides drug discovery, development and manufacturing.


Sasol wraps up $12.8 billion project in Lake Charles, La.

After several years of construction and weathering two hurricanes, South Africa-based energy and chemical company Sasol has completed its $12.8 billion petrochemical complex in Lake Charles. The unit achieved “beneficial” operations on November 15, about two months after initially projected as the region had two hurricanes make landfall this year. It can produce up to 420,000 tons of polyethylene each year using technology developed by Exxon Mobil. The raw material is used in manufacturing plastic bags, shrink wrap and stretchy film, in addition to paper cup or carton coatings and squeezable plastic bottles.


MasterBrand Cabinets locates complex in Jackson, Ga.

MasterBrand Cabinets will open a Southeastern U.S. manufacturing and distribution hub near Jackson, Ga. The project is expected to create nearly 400 jobs in Butts County.


Medline upgrades Georgia plant to manufacture face masks

Medline plans to manufacture face masks in North America for the first time at its modified plant in Lithia Springs, Ga. Currently, it produces personal care products there and will continue to do so after the upcoming expansion. The plant employs 420 team members and will add 40 more employees to work on the new face mask lines.


HVAC supplier bringing 40 jobs to Hall County, Ga.

A supplier of HVAC ducts will open a $700,000 manufacturing facility and sales office in Hall County. Dongwon Tech Corporation will also bring 40 jobs to Gainesville.


Progressive Pipe Fabricators opens Alabama facility

Progressive Pipe Fabricators recently celebrated the grand opening of its new production facility in Trinity, Ala. The 82,000-square-foot facility in Lawrence County will make sprinklers and sprinkler pipe.


Restaurant supply facility bringing 100 new jobs to East Tennessee

KaTom Restaurant Supply in Sevier County has opened its latest expansion. The new 50,000-square-foot warehouse will hire 100 new jobs.


Klöckner Pentaplast to expand Virginia operations with $68 million investment

Germany-Based Klöckner Pentaplast Group, a global leader in recycled products and packaging, will invest a total of $68 million to expand its facilities in Louisa County and Wythe County. The projects are expected to create 54 jobs.


Michelin planning $175 million investment in South Carolina

Michelin North America is planning to invest up to $175 million in equipment and machinery in Spartanburg and Greenville counties. Headquartered in Greenville, the tire maker is seeking to update its 25-year tax break agreements with both counties, which date back to 1996. Michelin says it is committed to investing $75 million in its Spartanburg County facilities and $100 million in its Greenville County facilities.


Santa Cruz Nutritionals expanding Sumter, S.C., operations

Santa Cruz Nutritionals, a manufacturer of food supplements, is investing $84 million in an expansion of its Sumter County operations, which is also expected to create 164 jobs.


Georgia-Pacific cuts ribbon on Bowling Green, Ky., facility

Georgia-Pacific recently opened its $100 million expansion in Bowling Green, a project that created 70-plus full-time jobs. The 80,000-square-foot expansion of its plant in the South Central Kentucky Industrial Park increases production capacity for Dixie plates and bowls.


Stanley Engineered Fastening plans expansion and 49 new jobs in Kentucky

One of Hopkinsville’s oldest industrial companies will create 49 jobs paying an average of $34 an hour after it completes a $6 million expansion. Stanley Engineered Fastening is a division of Stanley Black and Decker. It produces fasteners and other components used in assembly for several industries, including automotive and general manufacturing.


VIP Luxury Seating restarting in New Albany, Miss., creating 100 jobs

VIP Cinema Seating started in New Albany in 2012 with 30 employees and grew to employ more than 500 workers. The company was then sold to a private equity group, which subsequently filed for bankruptcy in February. The original founders, along with two additional investors, purchased the majority of the assets to rebuild the company and bring jobs back online. This project will create 100 new jobs and is a $180,000 corporate investment.


Insurance broker expands Chattanooga HQ

Reliance Partners, a company that provides insurance brokerage and advisory services, will invest $1.3 million to expand its headquarters and operations complex in Chattanooga, Tenn. The investment will create more than 100 new jobs in Hamilton County.


Japanese tech company bringing jobs to Austin, Texas

Japan-based tech company CKD Corporation will establish its first U.S. production site in Austin. The company will invest $13 million in the production site and will create up to 70 new jobs. The Austin facility will make fluid control components for the semiconductor industry.


Salmon company bringing 200 jobs to Southwest Virginia

Pure Salmon, along with Tazewell, Russell and Buchanan Counties issued a joint press release announcing one of the largest private investments ever in the area -- the world’s largest vertically integrated indoor aquaculture facility.  Located in Southwest Virginia, the facility will employ over 200 whose individual median wage will equal or exceed the total median family income of families in all of the three counties.


Logistics company opens new Georgia campus, bringing 200 jobs

A Chicago-based logistics company has opened a new facility in Austell, Ga., that brings about 200 jobs to Cobb County. OSM’s new 95,000-square-foot facility is the company’s second major expansion this year. The building is an $800 thousand investment.


Wolf and Flow X-Ray relocates to Rocky Mount, N.C.

Wolf and Flow X-Ray, a medical imaging manufacturer, will create 68 new jobs in Rocky Mount, N.C. The company will invest more than $4.5 million to relocate their headquarters and manufacturing operations to Edgecombe County.


Medical manufacturer to create hundreds of jobs in Lincoln County, N.C.

Taiji Medical Supplies will invest more than $12.2 million in Lincolnton, N.C., to convert a vacant building for the production of N95 respirators. The project will create 79 new jobs.


Georgia boating company announces expansion, new advanced factory

A marine and power sports equipment company is planning a $22 million expansion at its Georgia headquarters. Outdoor Network, a dealer and distributor of equipment and parts that operates e-commerce sites,, and, will expand a distribution center and build a new advanced manufacturing facility in Albany, Ga. The company expects to add 40 new jobs at the manufacturing facility and 52 positions at the distribution hub.


Germany-Based startup plans electric flying taxi hub in Orlando

The first hub location for a high-speed, electric air mobility network in America will be launched by Germany-based Lilium in Lake Nona in Orlando, Fla. According to Positively Osceola, the aviation company developing an all-electric, vertical take-off and landing jet aircraft, Tavistock Development Company, announced the country’s first urban and regional air mobility network as well as Lilium’s first U.S. network location. The project will create more than 100 high-wage jobs.


Golden Boy Foods plans $13 million expansion in Troy, Ala.

Golden Boy Foods is expanding its peanut butter production in Troy as part of a $13 million project that will create 67 full-time jobs. Troy’s Industrial Development Board is investing $12.5 million to purchase land and erect the building.


Virginia Voters approve casino referendum

Virginia will move forward with the development of four casinos across its state, and one of them will border North Carolina. Voters in the city of Danville, Va., just north of the Piedmont Triad, passed the casino referendum in November. Caesar’s will move forward with the casino, 300-room hotel, and entertainment venue. The project will bring more than 1,200 jobs to the region.


Manufacturer to bring 100 jobs to Washington County, Va.

A guardrail manufacturing company, SPIG Industry, is expected to bring more 113 jobs to Washington County. SPIG will invest $7.9 million to build three large production plants and a welding shop, as well as a new rail spur line to serve the facility.


Setterstix eyes manufacturing complex in South Carolina

Setterstix Corporation, a paper stick manufacturer, will invest more than $11.7 million to establish a manufacturing center in Fountain Inn, S.C. The company plans to create 80 jobs in Laurens County.


FedEx hiring 1,200 for new Southern Dallas hub

FedEx is hiring 1,200 workers for its new shipping hub in southern Dallas County. The shipping giant leased 778,000 square feet of warehouse space earlier this year for the FedEx Ground package handling center.


Ardagh Group expands manufacturing at Olive Branch, Miss., factory

Ardagh Group, a supplier of metal and glass packaging, is expanding operations at its beverage can manufacturing facility in Olive Branch. The expansion is part of a multi-year $1.8 billion investment plan by Ardagh, and includes the addition of 80 new jobs at the plant.


Turkish auto supplier plans HQ in Georgia

Teklas, a manufacturer of electric vehicle parts based in Turkey, will invest $6.5 million to open its first North American facility and headquarters in Calhoun, Ga. The project is expected to create 120 jobs in Gordon County.


White Claw to invest $400 million, create 300 jobs in Richland County, S.C.

Mark Anthony Brewing, which makes White Claw Hard Seltzer, plans to build a $400 million facility in Richland County, one the largest economic investments in Richland County history that state officials say will create 300 new jobs.


Simmons Pet Foods announces Arkansas expansion

Simmons Pet Foods announced plans to expand its canned pet food operation in Siloam Springs, Ark. The first phase is set to come online in July 2021 and will create up to 100 new jobs.


Grön Fuels announces potential $9.2 billion renewable fuel complex in Louisiana

Grön Fuels is studying the feasibility of a renewable fuel complex at the Port of Greater Baton Rouge. With expansions and associated projects, the complex could involve up to $9.2 billion of total investment over several phases. A final investment decision is expected in 2021. The complex would create an estimated 1,025 new direct jobs.


American Wood Fibers building plant in North Carolina

American Wood Fibers, a specialty forest products supplier, has selected Laurinburg for a new manufacturing site. The company plans to create 51 jobs in Scotland County, and will invest $19.5 million to produce wood pellets.


Auto supplier Mobis bringing 120 jobs to Birmingham area

Auto supplier Mobis Alabama announced it is expanding into the Birmingham metro area with a $15.8 million new facility that is expected to support 120 jobs. The company, a subsidiary of Hyundai Mobis, announced plans to open its second Alabama facility at the Jefferson County Metropolitan Industrial Park in McCalla. Mobis currently operates a facility in Montgomery County that supplies the Hyundai plant in Montgomery and Kia plant in West Point, Ga.


FNS Group building hub in Clarksville, Tenn.

South Korea-based transportation and logistics provider, FNS Group, will invest $33.4 million to build a warehouse and distribution center on a greenfield site in Clarksville. Pantos USA, a subsidiary of FNS Group, currently has 18 employees in Clarksville and will be expanding its footprint in the area while creating an additional 62 jobs.


HANDLE expands in Jefferson County, Ky.

Healthcare Asset Network, doing business as HANDLE Global, which develops, sells and implements technology in support of the healthcare equipment supply chain, is expanding in Jefferson County, Ky. The company will invest $7.8 million and hire 80 associates across its distribution and headquarters network.