Destroying COVID-19 & Healing Our Economy

Has there ever been a year like 2020 in our lifetimes? Because of a virus, 2020 was filled with a lifetime of events, all happening in one year. And many of the challenges we endured are ongoing as the year 2021 emerges. However, with vaccines on the way, there are hopes that the challenges of 2020 will soon be a memory. Most will say “good riddance” to a year that paralyzed almost the entire world and changed life as we know it to a life of cancellations and drastic adjustments. . .including our jobs, our families, and all the things we took for granted.


Q1 2020

COVID-19 emerges and the world isn’t the same

In December 2019, the novel coronavirus was detected in Wuhan, China. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized the mysterious virus on January 9, 2020, and deemed it a public health emergency, the highest level of alarm under international law. On January 11, Chinese officials shared news of the virus with governments around the world.

The WHO expected cases to emerge outside of China, which they did almost immediately. By January 13, 2020, the first case of what would eventually be called COVID-19 appeared in Thailand. Within days, the virus had circulated to Korea, Japan and Singapore.

In response, the WHO made its Read More

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