It’s a Southern Wave!

Witness the electrifying gold rush going on now in the Southern Automotive Corridor and nowhere else.

Southern Business & Development has covered economic development in the 15 Southern states continuously for 30 years now. It has been interesting in those three decades to observe economic trends in the South, the third largest economy in the world behind only the United States and China based on GDP.

From the backwater days of low wages derived from sharecroppers post-Civil War to the basic industries captured post-World War II, the American South has positively transformed itself from a place that was dirt poor 150 years ago into the premiere North American address for hordes of domestic and foreign-owned corporations. In just three or four generations, the South has molded its economy into the economic engine of the United States and the world, and SB&D has been there to document it. To give a personal account of how far the South has come in just my lifetime, check this out. Much of my father and mother’s family came from Atlanta, Buckhead and Brookhaven to be specific. Before the I-285 perimeter was completed in Atlanta (it is still a perimeter, but is considered “in town” today), my uncle would drive me north to places like Sandy Springs (which is now a corporate headquarter magnet) to visit his friends. Prior to reaching Sandy Springs from Buckhead, you would see cows in pastures, right there on Roswell Read More

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