DRA - Mississippi - Milwaukee Tool - Winter 2016

Power tool leader invests, again, in Greenwood, Mississippi

By Trisha Ostrowski

Employees in Greenwood celebrate Milwaukee Tool’s 2015 expansion as the company continues to thrive in the Mississippi Delta.In 2015, Milwaukee Tool, a Brookfield, Wis.-based subsidiary of Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd., made the strategic decision to continue growing in the Mississippi Delta.


The company announced in June of last year that it would expand its U.S. manufacturing operations in Greenwood. The latest expansion announcement, the company’s fourth in the community, brings its total investment in Mississippi to $35 million over the last four years. Along with Greenwood, the company has locations in Olive Branch and Jackson in the Magnolia State.


 “Milwaukee Tool is dedicated to driving growth and creating new jobs in the United States,” said Milwaukee Tool Group President Steve Richman. “In the last several years we have created nearly 900 new jobs across the country, more than 250 of which are in Mississippi.”


The new plant will be located next to an existing plant and represents a $16.8 million investment, creating 126 new jobs.


Since Milwaukee Tool began in 1924, it has been an industry leader in professional, heavy duty power tools and accessories. Milwaukee continues to revolutionize the power tool industry with a focus on providing innovative, trade-specific solutions. The company’s goal, in fact, is to solve problems in a way that’s never been done before.


That commitment to excellence and innovation has been well met in Mississippi. The result has been a happy marriage of quality workers, economic opportunity and excellent incentives.


And while some competitors may be moving jobs offshore, Milwaukee Tool remains committed to investing in manufacturing technology and talent in the U.S., and the Greenwood expansion is at the core of the company’s continuing growth. “We’re committed to expanding the Greenwood facility as a key part of our overall goal to serve customers, grow in a global marketplace, and give back to the community through job growth and skills development,” explained company spokesperson Heather Markovich.


In Greenwood and the Leflore County area, Milwaukee has found a transportation infrastructure allowing for easy accessibility with U.S. Highway 82 immediately accessible and Interstate 55 only 20 minutes away. In addition to critical site selection factors, the community has offered the company great housing, recreation, and healthcare options, which help Milwaukee attract and keep good people.


Markovich said that Delta Regional Authority and the City of Greenwood have provided tremendous support to Milwaukee Tool’s growth and have helped provide infrastructure for the expansion project. In the Greenwood community and the Delta Region as a whole, Milwaukee Tool has found a very strong commitment and the sharing of a common goal, growing the manufacturing base while improving the lives of people in the Mississippi Delta.


“In the last several years we have created nearly 900 new jobs across the country, more than 250 of which are in Mississippi,” said Milwaukee Tool Group President Steve Richman (pictured far right) with the company’s director of manufacturing Jack Bilotta (left) and Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant (center).“We have had strong involvement at all levels to help our company,” Markovich said. “The city council, economic development committee, the mayor’s office, numerous state officials, as well as Gov. Phil Bryant, have all demonstrated exceptional support and personal involvement to ensure that Milwaukee Tool and the Delta continue to grow together.”


For Milwaukee Tool’s leaders, that support has been a critical component of success.


“With our great partnership with the city and the state, it has made sense to continue to invest in local talent in the Mississippi Delta,” Markovich said. “We really believe that by investing in our people, we will continue to deliver ‘disruptive innovation’ and the highest quality products.”


For Milwaukee Tool’s expansion, the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA), the state’s economic development arm, provided infrastructure improvements for a new building, along with renovations to the existing plant. The company also received assistance from the City of Greenwood.


“The City of Greenwood has been very aggressive and responsive to Milwaukee’s growth in our community by purchasing and renovating an additional 200,000 square feet for the project,” said Angela Curry, executive director of the Greenwood-Leflore-Carole Economic Development Foundation. Curry added that, along with helping with infrastructure, the local government also has been committed to addressing Milwaukee’s workforce needs. Community leaders have been excited to be part of Milwaukee’s growth from 200 employees in 2002 to 600 today, with no signs of slowing down.


Delta Regional Authority (DRA) also played a key role in making the expansion happen, providing infrastructure support and a network of state, federal and local government agencies to further assist.


“The Greenwood operation is at the core of Milwaukee’s continued manufacturing expansion in Mississippi,” said Markovich. “And it provides the opportunity to add significant jobs. We’re committed to expanding the Greenwood facility as a key part of our overall goal to serve customers, grow in a global marketplace and give back to the community through job growth and skills development.” 

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