July 2020

U.S. economy officially entered recession in February

A group of economists declared in June that the U.S. economy entered recession territory in February. The recession ended the longest economic expansion in U.S. history — nearly 11 years. A committee within the National Bureau of Economic Research, a private nonprofit group, determines when recessions begin and end. The committee cited spending peaked in February, and then fell sharply in March as the coronavirus shut down businesses nationwide.


Congressional Budget Office says coronavirus to affect U.S. economy for years

The Congressional Budget Office said in the spring quarter that the pandemic would inflict a long-term blow to the U.S. economy. The office projected that the coronavirus will cost the U.S. economy $7.9 trillion over the next decade.


Dallas-Fort Worth wipes out two years of job gains

During the 12 months ending with April, Dallas-Fort Worth lost more than 280,000 jobs as the coronavirus pandemic spread. That figure wiped out job gains of the previous two years in which Dallas-Fort Worth was, at times, the largest job generating market in the country. Some lost jobs were regained in May. Dallas-Fort Worth didn’t even come close to New York's loss of 2 million jobs in the same time period.


U.S. sees largest monthly decreases on record for imports and exports

Both U.S. exports and imports logged their largest monthly decreases on record in April as the coronavirus pandemic raged. Imports fell 13.7 percent in April from March and exports were down 20.5 percent in April according to the Commerce Department. The declines are the largest since records were first started in 1992.


Nonresidential building starts collapse in Dallas-Fort Worth

Commercial real estate in Dallas-Fort Worth fell more than 40 percent in April 2020 compared to April 2019, according to Dodge Data. Nationwide commercial real estate fell by 24 percent in April.


U.S. manufacturing output fell by the most in 100 years

In April, as manufacturers were closed because of the coronavirus, manufacturing in the U.S. saw a 13.7 percent drop in output. It was the steepest decline in the 100-year history of the industrial production index. Manufacturing, according to the Institute for Supply Management, fell to a 41.5 percent index in April, and came back up to 43.1 in May. Anything below 50 signals that U.S. manufacturers are in retreat.

North Texas home sales fall 25 percent in May

The Dallas-Fort Worth region saw home sales fall by 25 percent in May, the largest decline in nine years. Condo and townhouse sales fell by almost 40 percent. The figures were tallied by the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University and the North Texas Real Estate Information Systems.


Atlanta airport sees drop of 95 percent in passengers in April

As the coronavirus essentially shut down airliner traffic, Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport saw a 95 percent decrease in traffic in April. Passenger traffic has improved since then, however, airport officials project a slow 5 percent increase in passenger counts monthly. Airport officials said it could take two to five years for a full recovery.


First A220 Airbus made in Mobile, Ala., takes maiden flight

In June, the first A220 produced at the Airbus plant in Mobile made its first test flight over the Gulf of Mexico. Airbus acquired a majority ownership in the A220 aircraft from Bombardier in 2018 and built a second assembly line at its facilities in Mobile, which also makes the A320 line of jetliners on a different assembly line.


U.S. might get to 90 percent renewable energy in 15 years

Experts on climate have maintained in the last few years that it wouldn't be possible to run the electric grid on 100 percent renewable energy until 2050. However, those same experts have now stated that because the cost of renewable energy from solar, wind and battery storage has fallen so quickly, the nation could be run on 90 percent carbon free energy by 2035.


Multi-billion dollar energy projects in Louisiana to slow

According to the LSU Center for Energy Studies, the amazing 10-year run of energy and petrochemical projects in Louisiana will slow until at least 2025. In recent years, multi-billion-dollar energy projects such as Cheniere's LNG export facility in Southwest Louisiana will slow until there is greater demand for crude oil and natural gas, or until there is a cure or treatment for the coronavirus.


Big deal in Tampa

Fisher Investments announced in June it plans to open a "major" office in Tampa's Westshore district. Fisher is headquartered in Carmas, Wash., near Portland. The office will the financial services first on the East Coast. The project will create 600 jobs.


Jobs being created in Charlotte MSA
Prime Beverage Group will create 231 new jobs in Cabarrus County, N.C. The company is a new contract beverage manufacturer and will invest $68 million to establish its first manufacturing facility.


Seasoning manufacturer to expand in South Carolina

McClancy Seasoning will invest nearly $10 million to expand its two production centers in Lancaster County, S.C. The expansion will increase capability and distribution to major fast food restaurants and its private label packaging. The deal will create 108 new jobs.


Associated Wholesale Grocers to build new facility in North Mississippi

Associated Wholesale Grocers announced in the spring quarter that it will invest $300 million in a new facility in Hernando, Miss. The company is relocating operations from Southhaven, Miss., and Memphis to a new 918,000-square-foot automated distribution facility it is building in Hernando. The new facility will house 590 employees with 79 new jobs. AWG is the nation’s largest cooperative food wholesaler to independently-owned supermarkets.


Industrial hemp products manufacturer adding jobs in rural Georgia

GAXtracts, a pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturer that processes industrial hemp, is investing $2 million in its facilities in Watkinsville, Ga. The project will create 30 jobs.


New copper smelter set for Shelby, N.C.

Ames Copper Group, a maker of copper products, will expand its manufacturing facility in Shelby, N.C. The company will build a new copper smelting plant by investing $50 million. The deal will create 46 jobs.


Auction company moving into new HQ in Dallas

Dallas-based Heritage Auctions is consolidating three locations into one at the Gateway Logistics Center in Dallas. The facility will house 450 employees.


Biotech startup to build new plant in Georgia

LanzaJet, a biotech startup that has developed a process to recycle plant and animal waste into ethanol, will build a $25 million plant in rural Soperton, Ga. The biorefinery will be able to produce 10 million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel per year.


Costco operations center to create 1,000 jobs in Oklahoma City

Costco purchased the former Hertz administration building in Oklahoma City in the spring quarter. Costco will turn the facility into a new operations center and hire 1,000.


Plastics-to-fuel manufacturer to build Virginia plant

Braven Environmental, a maker of fuel derived from plastic waste, is investing $31 million to build a plant in Cumberland County, Va. The new plant will help reduce plastic waste in landfills. The project calls for over 80 new jobs.


Concrete manufacturer expand in South Georgia

Bates Precast Concrete is investing $5 million to expand its facilities in Valdosta, Ga. There was no job figure announced in the statement.


China flooring manufacturer to establish first plant in Georgia

Huali Floors, a Chinese manufacturer of resilient flooring, will build its first plant and U.S. headquarters in Murray County, Ga. The company will invest $27 million and create at least 315 jobs.


Biotech startup to create almost 400 jobs in North Carolina

GRAIL, a startup that makes blood tests for cancer screening, is investing $103 million in new facilities in Durham, N.C. The company will hire 390 workers.


Toolmaker expands in Missouri

Tooling Tech, one of the largest tool manufacturers in the U.S., is expanding its operations in Washington, Mo. The company is investing $4.5 million and increasing employment by 25 workers.


Candy distributor opens Georgia plant

Ferrero USA, a distributor of candies such as Butterfinger and Baby Ruth, has opened a large distribution center in McDonough, Ga. The deal created 250 jobs.


India company locates facility in South Carolina

India-Based AXISCADES, an engineering firm that provides services in the automotive and aerospace industries among others, is opening a facility in Greenville, S.C.


Mercedes plans to make all factories carbon-neutral by 2022

Mercedes-Benz is opening its battery plant near its assembly facility in Tuscaloosa, Ala. There, it will build electric SUV vehicles. The goal was to make electric vehicles by 2022 in Europe, but the Alabama plant has been added to the mix.


Mercedes selling SUVs to China a hot commodity

Alabama's exports to China, even in the midst of trade tensions, grew by 26 percent in the first quarter of this year. One major player is the Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa, Ala. Auto exports to China were up 170 percent in the first quarter. . . the vast majority of that increase came from Alabama-made Mercedes SUV exports to China.


Global export hub to locate at Port of Charleston

One of the largest polyolefin and biopolymer producers in the world, Braskem, is locating a global export hub at the Port of Charleston in South Carolina. The facility will have the capacity to ship 450 million pounds of polypropylene worldwide. The construction of Braskem America's new hub in Charleston will lead to approximately 150 development and construction workers and 60 permanent employees employed by Frontier after startup, company officials said.  


Plastics company to open first U.S. operation in Erwin, Tenn.

A plastic injection molding company based in Mexico expects to create 115 jobs by 2025 at the former Regal Beloit factory in Erwin. PlastiExports will invest nearly $7 million in the facility, which was home to Morrill Motors. The Erwin plant will be the first U.S. location for the company. In a phone interview, JCEDB Executive Director Tyler Engle said the announcement was “great news among a lot of bad economic news.”


Unix Packaging eyes Morganton, N.C.

Unix Packaging, a California-based contract manufacturer of branded and private label beverages for well-known national retailers, will invest $19 million to locate its first East Coast manufacturing facility in Morganton. The company plans to create 226 new jobs in Burke County.


Aerospace manufacturer relocating from California to Little Rock

Arcturus Aerospace is relocating its operations to Little Rock, Ark. The company provides parts to aircraft manufacturers. The deal will create six jobs.


Georgia carpet maker to double its workforce

Try-Con Tufters is expanding its facility in Lyerly, Ga. The carpet maker will build a new 109,000-square-foot plant that is part of a $5 million building that will house 104 new workers.


Semiconductor industry in the U.S. wants federal money to reshore chip manufacturing

The U.S. semiconductor industry is lobbying the federal government to secure as much as $37 billion, according to the Semiconductor Industry Association for new chip plants. The association wants to reduce dependence on Asia, particularly from China, for chips used in all kinds of devices, including phones and computers.


Software company to open new HQ in Florida

Forcura, a cloud-based software company in the healthcare industry using artificial intelligence, plans to open a new headquarters in Jacksonville, Fla. The deal will create 115 jobs.


Tennessee-based Nissan to slash production capacity

Japanese automaker Nissan, which operates its North American headquarters near Nashville, reported a $6.2 billion loss in its latest fiscal year. As a result, the company will close plants in Spain and Indonesia, reducing its models and cutting capacity in the U.S. and elsewhere. Nissan has a worldwide capacity to produce 7 million vehicles but sold only little more than 5 million last year.


Insurance company hiring 240 in Tampa

Tranzact, an insurance company, is expanding its workforce in Tampa. The firm, which currently employs about 250 there, will hire 240 new agents.


New personal care plant secured by North Carolina

Ontex Operations USA, will locate a new personal care and hygiene products plant in Rockingham County, N.C. The company is investing over $93 million in the facility and will hire 403 workers.


Unemployment rates set record high in 43 states

Unemployment rates set record highs in 43 states in April, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The data captured by the Bureau in April was likely flawed, meaning the unemployment rate for the nation was actually much higher than the 14.7 percent that was published. For one, the Census Bureau did not conduct in-person interviews as a result of the virus. Also, the Census closed two call centers because of the pandemic. Furthermore, the Bureau did not county several million of the 11.5 million people listed as employed, but were not working. Those people, according to the Bureau, should have been designated as "unemployed on temporary layoff." A prime example of the error is Connecticut; the Bureau said that state’s unemployment was 7.9 percent in April, the lowest in the country. Connecticut officials reported that the figure was "inaccurate" and that its employment was actually around 17.5 percent.


Large cities in the South growing faster than cities in other U.S. regions

The South leads all other U.S. regions in population growth, according to recent Census Bureau data. Ten of the top 15 fastest growing cities in the U.S. include South Atlanta, Charlotte, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin and others. In fact, last year, according to Census data, Charlotte passed San Francisco to become the nation's 15th-largest city. Populations in large Southern cities grew by an average of 11.8 percent between 2010 and 2019. Large cities in the West grew by 9.1 percent during those nine years, followed by the Northeast (3.1 percent) and the Midwest (1.5 percent).


What will the virus do to office space vacancies?

The coronavirus forced tens of millions of workers to shelter in place and work from home. This has had a tremendous impact on commercial real estate, as offices throughout the country suddenly emptied. In a study in the spring quarter, Houston-based NAI Partners found that many workers can be productive working from home. The study, which polled employers, found that 57 percent of respondents said they may execute longer-term work-from-home policies once the virus ebbs.


Coronavirus to help Mazda Toyota fill jobs in Northern Alabama

Mazda Toyota Manufacturing, which is finishing up its $1.6 billion, 4,000-employee plant in Huntsville, Ala., will benefit from jobs lost by the coronavirus. Mazda Toyota had a huge issue prior to the virus. . .it had a 4,000-employee plant that as of the end of 2019, was being built in a market that had no labor. Then came the virus and soaring unemployment. While it will be much easier now to fill those 4,000 positions, the plant has delayed opening as a result of the pandemic.


Texas manufacturing showed improvement in May

The manufacturing sector in Texas is still in decline because of the pandemic, however, it showed improvement in May. Manufacturing activity in Texas rebound 28 points, from -56 in April, when the bottom fell out, to -28 percent in May. The negative reading was the third month in a row that the sector declined. But the slower contraction in May shows that manufacturing is improving in the South's largest economy and state.


Will the coronavirus threaten shale boom

The shale and oil industries in the South are massive employers. The pandemic has slowed the demand for crude and natural gas dramatically. As a result, drillers have shut down wells en masse throughout the South. Last year, the U.S. was the world's top oil producer, producing 13 million barrels a day. It might be years before the U.S. again produces 13 million barrels a day, if ever, oil and natural gas executives said in April and May. According to research by Rystad Energy, oil and gas companies are expected to lose $1 trillion in revenues this year.


Texas Instruments moves ahead with $850 million Texas chip plant

Texas Instruments is moving ahead with its new semiconductor manufacturing plant in Richardson, Texas, in the midst of the epidemic. The plant represents an investment of $850 million.


Florida's Grayton Beach named No. 1 in the U.S.

Grayton Beach, located in the Panhandle east of Destin, has been named the No. 1 beach in the U.S. The sand is so white that in bright sunlight it is blinding. The designation was done by Stephen "Dr. Beach" Leatherman, a professor at Florida International University.


Atlanta airport named busiest in the world, again

Hartsfield-Jackson International was again named the world's busiest airport in 2019 by Airports Council International, prior to travel collapsing. Coming in No. 2 was Beijing Capital International Airport with 100 million passengers. At one point in the spring quarter, flights from Hartsfield-Jackson fell by 95 percent, forcing the airport to close several terminals.


Nashville sees largest drop in spending in U.S.

Since the onset of the coronavirus, consumer spending in Nashville has dropped more so than any major U.S. metropolitan area. The data was published in the spring by researchers at Brown and Harvard Universities. Spending fell 46.3 percent in the Nashville metro from January to April 30. That is more than double the decline of the U.S. average of consumer spending.


Birthrates in the U.S. fall to another record low

The U.S. saw record-low birthrates in 2019. Around 3.7 million babies were born in the U.S. last year, down 1 percent from 2018, which was previously the low mark. The fertility rate fell 2 percent to only 58 births per 1,000 women aged 15 to 44. That is the lowest level since data tracking began in 1909. Economists say that Millennials have been slower to start families than previous generations because they believe they cannot afford children.


Port of Corpus Christi sees record profits in the first quarter

While oil and gas has slowed dramatically in the spring as a result of the coronavirus, the Port of Corpus Christi saw record profits in the first quarter of 2020. The port, the largest oil export facility in the U.S., saw a profit of over $32 million in the first quarter, while it also saw record amounts of crude exports.


Again, Texas was the No. 1 destination for corporate moves in 2019

According to Allied Van Lines and its Magnet States Report that came out in the spring, Texas was the top destination for people and companies moving from other parts of the country last year. Houston was the top destination for corporate moves and Austin was the No. 1 location for consumer moves. California, Florida and North Carolina in the South also made the top five.


GM's Tennessee plant to be run by the sun in less than two years

General Motors' Spring Hill, Tenn., plant will be run completely by solar energy in 2022. The solar energy will be provided by TVA and one of its solar farms in Lowndes County, Miss., which is currently being built.


In a landmark period in this nation's history, renewable power is poised to top coal-generated power this year

The U.S. is nearing the point where renewable energy will surpass that of coal generation for the first time in over 120 years. Ten years ago, coal-generated electricity provided nearly 50 percent of the nation's power to homes and businesses.


U.S. service sector craters into contraction for the first time in more than a decade

The Institute for Supply Management announced in May that the U.S. service sector fell into contraction for the first time since December 2009. The report said that the service sector index fell to 41.8 percent in April. Any reading below 50 shows a contraction. The contraction, which takes into effect restaurants and retail that were closed in April, had a 112-month-straight record of positive readings.


Supersonic aircraft company to create campus on Florida's Space Coast

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that Aerion Supersonic, an aerospace manufacturer of high-speed flight, will build a new campus in Melbourne, Fla. The facilities will be home to the assembly of Aerion's AS2 supersonic business jet that will fly at speeds of up to 1,000 miles per hour. The $300 million project will create 675 jobs.


Montgomery, Ala. officially home to F-35 fighter wing

In the spring quarter, the Secretary of the Air Force officially selected the 187th Fighter Wing at Dannelly Field in Montgomery as the Air National Guard's 6th operational location for F-35s made in Fort Worth, Texas. In addition to Montgomery, the Air Force chose the 115th Fighter Wing at Traux Field in Wisconsin for the second home of F-35s.


Airbus and Boeing, two major employers in the South, are struggling

Airbus, with its full assembly plant in Mobile, Ala., and Boeing, with its full assembly plant in North Charleston, S.C., are major employers in the South. Amid the coronavirus and a collapse in air travel, they are laying off workers. Airbus is laying off over 12,000 employees in Europe, but its Alabama plant has only seen a handful of workers that have been dismissed as of June. Boeing has cut nearly 7,000 workers and over 5,000 have taken voluntary separations. Jetliner orders for both companies have been cut sharply. Airbus has sold 299 planes as of the end of June compared to 768 in 2019. Boeing has sold a negative 264 planes (58 sold and 322 cancellations).


Pipe manufacturer to expand in Missouri

Tyler Pipe, a manufacturer of pipe and fittings that serves the plumbing industry, is investing $4.9 million to expand its plant in Marshfield, Mo. The deal will create 75 jobs.


School district in Austin dangles $68 million in incentives for Tesla

The Del Valle school district in Austin is considering an incentive package to help lure Tesla to Austin. The $68 million comes in the form of a reduction of property taxes over a 10-year period. Tesla is considering Austin to build a 4 million- to 5 million-square foot facility at a site in Southeast Austin. The electric car plant could house 5,000 or more workers.


Google to move into Houston

Google announced in June it will open its first sales office in Houston. The office will house Google's regional Cloud Enterprise Sales team. No job totals were given.


Electric motor company to hire 1,200 in Texas

Linear Labs will build a 500,000-square-foot facility in Fort Worth. The company makes electric motors. The deal is expected to create 1,200 jobs.


Ship repair company to hire 332 in Virginia

Maritime and ship repair company S23 Holdings will invest over $64 million to establish an industrial campus for ship repair in Newport News, Va. The project will create 332 jobs.


Healthcare firm to create over 400 jobs in Nashville

QTC Management, a disability and occupational health examiner for veterans, will invest $5 million to open a location in Nashville. The deal will create 410 jobs.


UPS adding jobs in North Carolina

UPS is expected to expand its facilities in Greensboro, N.C. The $54 million deal will create 141 jobs.


Another new facility for Amazon; this one in North Carolina

Seattle-based Amazon is opening another new facility in the South. The company will open a delivery station that supports last mile deliveries in Cary, N.C. The deal will create hundreds of jobs.


Huge deal for South Carolina

Electrolux is expanding its plant in Anderson, S.C. The appliance maker is adding a third shift, and hiring is already underway. The company will add 800 jobs for that third shift. Electrolux invested $250 million in equipment and added lines at the plant.


Insurance firm adding jobs in Charlotte

Chime Solutions, an Atlanta-based customer service company that deals in insurance, is adding jobs in Charlotte. The project will create 250 jobs.


Packaging manufacturer to establish operations in North Carolina

Italy-based Serioplast US has chosen Robeson County, N.C., for a plant. The $9 million investment will create 46 jobs.


Cyber firm will bring jobs to August, Ga.

Perspecta, a cyberspace firm, will locate its regional headquarters at Fort Gordon and its Georgia Cyber Center in Augusta. The project will create 178 jobs. As part of opening the regional office in Augusta, Perspecta is expected to assist the Richmond County School System in an initiative to ensure all students have home internet.


Clorox invests in West Virginia

The Clorox Company is investing big in Berkeley County, W.Va. The company will build its newest manufacturing facility in the state and will invest $190 million in the deal. The project is expected to create 100 new jobs.


IT company to relocate its HQ to Richmond, Va., MSA

ASGN, a California-based IT firm, is relocating its headquarters to the Richmond MSA. The company will invest $12 million to move its headquarters, but it will also create 700 jobs in several cities in Virginia. Virginia Beach will benefit from that with 147 new jobs in the city.


Amazon to open new fulfillment center in Houston MSA

Amazon announced in the spring it will build an 850,000-square-foot fulfillment center in the Houston MSA in Fort Bend County. The project will create 1,000 new jobs.


Ross Stores to expand distribution center in South Carolina

Ross Stores will invest $68 million to expand its distribution operations in York County, S.C. The deal will create 700 new jobs.


Dallas Fed: Unemployment will remain high through 2020

Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan said on CBS's Face the Nation that the jobless rate will settle around 8 percent by the end of the year. Kaplan said jobs will be created at a slow rate for the rest of this year.


Ruiz Foods expands Florence, S.C., plant

Ruiz Foods is expanding its plant in Florence, S.C., by opening an additional production line. The new line will manufacture a variety of El Monterey products. The project will create 200 new jobs.


Flooring company to expand in northwest Georgia

Wellmade Flooring will build a $35 million, 328,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Cartersville. The project will create 240 new jobs. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Wellmade makes hardwood, vinyl and tile products for Home Depot, Costco, Floor & Décor and other retailers.


Amazon is building a new warehouse in Tampa

A new Amazon warehouse is slated for Tampa Bay. The online retailer signed a $26.4 million deal to purchase just over 82 acres of land in Hillsborough County.


Marine audio company relocating to Rosenberg, Texas

Wet Sounds, a maker of high-performance marine and powersports audio systems, will bring up to 50 jobs to Rosenberg with its relocation to a new facility to Fort Bend County.  The 27-acre facility will contain warehouse, fabrication and office space.


Aerospace firm bringing 120 jobs to Oklahoma

Skydweller Aero, which develops defense and commercial aircraft using renewable power, will locate its headquarters in Oklahoma City and expand with a facility in Ardmore for testing and integration, according to a news release touting 120 aerospace engineering and field technician jobs in Oklahoma by 2024.


Health insurance giant adding thousands of jobs in new Charlotte operation

St. Louis-based Centene Corp. announced it would spend $1 billion to establish an East Coast headquarters in Charlotte, N.C. The project, which is the largest in recent memory, means 3,200 new jobs for the area.


Hershey to add more than 100 jobs in Augusta County, Va.

The Hershey Company will be investing millions of dollars to add 110 new jobs to its plant in Stuarts Draft, Va. The chocolate company will be investing $135 million to increase its production capacity at its existing facility by 90,000 square feet.


Cybersecurity firm relocates HQ to Orlando

International cybersecurity firm GLESEC is moving its headquarters from New Jersey to Orlando, Fla. The new facility will be home to the GLESEC Secured Operations Center and Cyber Range Training Facilities in addition to administration and sales. The company plans to hire 26.


Electronics manufacturer relocates HQ and expands in Asheville, N.C.

An electronics manufacturer with specialized expertise in circuit boards and associated electronic components, Charles Edward Industries, plans to invest $1.5 million in a new manufacturing operation in Asheville. The facility will create 60 new jobs.


Tech company bringing 465 jobs to Atlanta

A female-owned technology services company is bringing its offshore operations to Fulton County and creating 465 jobs. Milletech Systems plans to recruit 100 Georgia college students every year for full-time jobs in emerging cloud technologies at the new software development center. Students will be recruited from the city’s workforce development agency, historically Black colleges and universities and the University System of Georgia.


Growing Georgia company chooses Florida for new manufacturing facility

A Georgia-based company that manufactures products for the heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry is coming to Lake County, Fla. DiversiTech Corp. of Duluth, Ga., will open a new facility in Leesburg after its sales demonstrated consistent growth in Florida.


Manufacturer announces new Texas production and delivery hub

Illinois gas producer Diversified CPC International recently announced plans for a new multi-million dollar manufacturing and distribution facility in Beaumont, Texas. The new plant will be the company’s second major U.S. production facility and join its four regional sites in California, Florida, Mississippi and New Jersey. The project is expected to create more than 30 new jobs. CPC produces aerosol propellants, hydrocarbon refrigerants and specialty fluids, and provides solvent extraction and process and supply chain services.


Green energy company brings 150 new jobs to West Memphis, Ark.

West Memphis is reportedly welcoming more than 150 high-paying, green-energy jobs. Glanris is a water filtration company based in Memphis, Tenn., with ties to Riceland Foods.


La-Z-Boy moves production jobs to Arkansas plant

Michigan-based furniture manufacturer La-Z-Boy recently laid off about 850 employees, or nearly 10 percent of its global workforce, and closed a manufacturing plant in Newton, Miss., amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Production at the shuttered upholstery plant will be shifted to three company plants, including one in Siloam Springs, Ark.


Flooring manufacturer brings 300 jobs to Northwest Georgia

Creative Flooring Solutions, a manufacturer of laminate, wood and luxury vinyl tile, will create 300 jobs and invest more than $70 million in a new manufacturing facility in Georgia’s flooring and carpet corridor along I-75 north of Atlanta. The company, founded in China by European owners, will locate in a newly constructed 252,000-square-foot facility in Calhoun, with plans to build another 250,000 square feet in the near future.


South Carolina manufacturer relocating to Grayson County, Va.

Metalworx Inc., a manufacturer of highly-engineered and precision-manufactured components, assemblies and products for industrial uses, is investing $7.6 million to relocate its headquarters and manufacturing operations from South Carolina to Grayson County, Va. The company will return a vacant facility to productive use while creating 59 jobs in Southwest Virginia. Founded in Summerville, S.C., in 1997, Metalworx manufactures products for use in industries including medicine, defense, aerospace, power generation, transportation, communications and wind energy.


Navistar holds virtual groundbreaking on $250 million Texas manufacturing facility

On June 25, Navistar joined the City of San Antonio, Bexar County and the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation in a virtual groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate construction of Navistar’s new manufacturing facility in San Antonio.


Calgon Carbon Corporation plans $185 million expansion at Mississippi plant

Calgon Carbon Corporation, a subsidiary of Japan-based Kuraray Co., a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of coal-, wood- and coconut-based activated carbon products, will invest $185 million to expand at its Port Bienville Industrial Park plant in Pearlington, Miss.

Calgon Carbon provides purification solutions for more than 700 applications, including drinking water and a variety of industrial and commercial manufacturing processes.


DHL Express to add 150 jobs in Kentucky

Global delivery and logistics provider DHL Express recently announced it plans to add around 400 new United States-based jobs at airport gateways and hubs. Company officials attributed significant DHL Express volume gains in recent months to a spike in online shopping, led by consumers quarantined because of COVID-19.


Kentucky meat processor adding 83 jobs

Porter Road Butcher Meat Co., a meat processor based in Princeton, Ky., plans to relocate and expand within Caldwell County with a $1.5 million investment expected to create 83 full-time jobs.


Etheredge Industrial Services plans complex in Lake Charles, La.

Shreveport-based Etheredge Industrial Services is creating a new machine maintenance, repair and overhaul facility near Lake Charles. The company is making a $433,000 capital investment, transferring two jobs from its Texas location, and creating three new direct jobs in Calcasieu Parish.


Power Pool Plus opening South Carolina facility

Power Pool Plus, an industrial generator manufacturer and contract steel fabricator, will open a facility in Greenwood County, S.C., and create 21 new jobs as part of a $1.5 million investment.


Holy City Linen to expand in Charleston, S.C., adding 254 new jobs

Holy City Linen announced plans to open a second facility in Charleston County with a $12.4 million investment that will create 254 new jobs. The Mount Pleasant-based commercial laundry service company said in a press release that the new facility will help meet growing demand in the medical and hospitality industries.


Port City Logistics announces expansion, 200 new jobs in Chatham County, Ga.

Port City Logistics will invest $80 million for the construction of a new headquarters and warehouse in Port Wentworth.The project will create 200 new jobs. With the expansion, Port City Logistics expects to handle an additional 50,000 shipping containers through the Port of Savannah annually.


FileTrail moves HQ to Austin

FileTrail, a California software company specializing in information governance and records management for law firms, has been in the process of relocating to Austin from San Jose since April. The new 2,860-square-feet headquarters is larger than its previous office to accommodate the company’s growing workforce. “San Jose is just an expensive place to live,” said Darrell Mervau, CEO of FileTrail. “It was really important for us in our last office move that our employees are in a place they’re comfortable with and like the area.” He also mentioned the attractive labor pool in Austin as a reason for moving.


ShopHQ hiring in Bowling Green, Ky.

While traditional brick-and-mortar stores have taken a hit from the virus, the massive ShopHQ warehouse and call center in Bowling Green is thriving. The Minnesota-based shop-at-home television network and online retailer has scheduled two “drive-through” job fairs for its Bowling Green location, aiming to fill 60 full-time and 20 part-time positions.


Manufacturer to hire 150 in Johnson City, Tenn.

Leisure Products International has announced it will add a second shift at its facility in Johnson City, hiring between 100 and 150 new employees within the next few weeks. The company, which makes hot tubs and tanning beds, currently employs almost 270 people at its facility there.


Ramsey Solutions expands in Franklin, Tenn.

Dave Ramsey’s company Ramsey Solutions is growing. The company is spending $52 million and adding 600 jobs to expand its corporate headquarters in Franklin, Tenn. The biblical-based financial advisor plans to create 600 jobs. This is part of Ramsey Solutions’ continued expansion, which started in 2015 when the company purchased 47 acres of land in the Berry Farms development.


Drake Extrusion plans $6.9 million expansion in Henry County, Va.

Sweden-based Drake Extrusion, a manufacturer of colored filament yarn and staple fiber, will invest $6.9 million and more 30 new employees to expand its operation in Henry County. The company will establish an additional manufacturing facility in a vacant 120,000-square-foot building there. Drake Extrusion employs more than 187 workers in Henry County, where the company has been operating since 1995.


Western wear company plans hundreds of jobs for Fort Worth

Western apparel maker Ariat International will move into the AllianceTexas corridor, and Fort Worth may provide incentives worth about $2 million. Ariat will add 75 corporate jobs to an 800,000-square-foot site and ramp up to about 450 total jobs in the distribution center by 2024. When finalized, Fort Worth will serve as the company’s western distribution hub and regional headquarters.


Texas winery hiring 100

Texas-based winery and production company Messina Hof is looking to fill up to 100 positions for its new location in west Houston that the company says will become the largest winery in the Houston area and southeast Texas. Located in the sustainable master-planned community Harvest Green in Richmond, the new winery will offer hyper-local vineyard cuisine with produce that is grown on-site.


Accenture to add 1,400 jobs in St. Louis County, Mo.

Accenture, a global technology and consulting company, is set to add more than 1,000 new jobs in St. Louis County. According to Accenture Federal Services, the company plans to open an Advanced Technology Center near Maryville University later this year that will focus on providing U.S. federal agencies with digital, cloud, automation, artificial intelligence and cyber solutions. The center is expected to bring up to 1,400 jobs to the area.


Charleston County potato chip maker expanding

Lowcountry Kettle, a producer of kettle-style potato chips, has announced plans to expand its operations in Charleston County, S.C. The project will create 24 new jobs.


Lubbock, Texas, announces more than 400 jobs, $103 million in capital investment

The Lubbock Economic Development Alliance (LEDA) recently announced the expansion of three businesses, adding $103.1 million in capital investment, 404 additional jobs and retaining 86 jobs in the Lubbock community. General Advanced Foods, a tortilla and cornflour producer, will create 125 new jobs and invest $87.1 million to renovate its current facility as well as expanding into a new corn milling plant. TBC Enterprises, a distributor of hair and beauty products, is expanding into the recently acquired Lubbock Logistics Center, which will result in 86 retained jobs and 39 new primary jobs and a total capital investment of $16 million. AT&T is creating an additional 240 jobs at its call center in Lubbock.


Hemp processing plant planned for Halifax County, Va.

Blue Ribbon Extraction will invest $3.26 million to establish the state’s first large-scale industrial hemp processing and cannabidiol (CBD) oil extraction facility in the Town of South Boston, Va.

The project will create 22 new jobs and the company has committed to sourcing over 90 percent of hemp purchases from Virginia growers, most of whom are current or former tobacco farmers


Homtex adding 175 jobs in Cullman, Ala.

This summer, textile company Homtex went from making bed linens to making face masks, and now it’s not only making PPE, it’s also creating jobs in Alabama. Homtex needs 175 people to expand its new automatic surgical face mask production lines, which began in July.


China-based company chooses Kentucky for first U.S. facility

PRCO America, a division of China-based Puyang Refractories Group and manufacturer of specialty refractory brick for the steel industry, plans to invest $5.5 million to open its first U.S. production facility next year in Graves County, Ky. The operation will produce custom-sized resin-bonded magnesia graphite refractory brick, which steel mills use to line their furnaces and transfer ladles.


VELUX Greenwood expands in South Carolina

VELUX Greenwood, which manufacturers skylights, will invest $26 million to expand its operations in Greenwood, S.C.


Alabama Power $1.1 billion expansion approved

The Alabama Public Service Commission has voted to approve almost all of a proposed $1.1 billion expansion for Alabama Power, paving the way for the state’s largest utility to build a new natural gas unit at one plant and buy an existing natural gas power plant from another utility. Alabama Power petitioned the PSC last year for authorization to add about 2,200 megawatts of power capacity in its system in order to prevent blackouts on cold winter mornings, which is when the company experiences its highest demand.


Eaton expands operations with plant in Greenwood County, S.C.

Eaton will consolidate one of its product line operations to a new facility in Hodges, S.C. Eaton’s Greenwood County operations include electrical distribution equipment, power reliability equipment and pumps and motors used primarily in hydraulics applications. The project will create 30 new jobs.


Digital billboard company adding jobs in Elizabethtown, N.C.

A digital billboard company in Elizabethtown is planning to expand, bringing 17 additional jobs to the Bladen County community. Anthem Displays will invest $3.6 million as it consolidates and relocates operations from Boulder, Colo., to Elizabethtown. Anthem currently employs 9 people in Bladen County to design and manufacture display frames.


Comcast expands Georgia network with $9 million investment

Internet provider Comcast said it’s started work to “enhance and expand” the reach of its network in rural Georgia as part of a nearly $9 million investment. The company said the expansion for communities located about 50 miles west of Atlanta provides internet opportunities for almost 8,000 previously unserved homes and businesses in the region.


Company expands to make PPE at plant in Cullman, Ala.

JELCO, a manufacturer of fall-protection gear for utility workers (such as harnesses), is expanding its workforce and adding equipment to produce personal protective equipment for healthcare workers. The company has invested more than $100,000 to install new sewing machines at the Cullman facility, where it also added an automated fabric-cutting machine to speed up production. The plant, which opened in 2019, had only a handful of employees in March. Today, employment is approaching 25 and growing.


Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA plans distribution hub in Suffolk, Va.

Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA, one of the largest coffee companies in North America, plans to open a new 355,933-square-foot state-of-the-art distribution center in the Virginia Port Logistics Park in Suffolk. This new facility will support its corporate headquarters and main roasting operations also located in Suffolk. Massimo Zanetti produces iconic brands such as Chock full o’Nuts and Hills Bros.


Ferratex Solutions expands manufacturing in Henry County, Va.

FerraTex Solutions, a provider of cured-in-place-pipe, will expand operations with the purchase of the former Compton Wood Products facility in Henry County. The company will invest approximately $1.95 million to renovate and expand the facility, and will add 15 new jobs at the site.


Relativity Space expands at Stennis Space Center in Hancock County, Miss.

Relativity Space, the first and only company to 3D print entire rockets, continues to grow with a $2.42 million investment in its operations and the addition of 12 jobs in Hancock County. The project will support the expansion of its rocket vehicle and engine testing capabilities at NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center.


New rice facility for South Louisiana

The South Louisiana Rail Facility will develop a new rice mill in Jefferson Davis Parish. The $11.6 million rice mill is expected create seven new direct jobs.


Diversitech opens manufacturing plant in Leesburg, Fla.

DiversiTech Corporation a company that manufactures products for the heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration industry, will open its latest production center in Leesburg. The company will create a minimum of 25 jobs and invest more than $2 million in capital improvements.


Grifols adds $350 million investment, 300 jobs in North Carolina

A Spanish pharmaceutical giant with a growing presence in Johnston County has announced another $350 million investment that is projected to bring 300 jobs to the region. Grifols plans to expand its Clayton campus by constructing a specialized blood-plasma facility and logistics center.


Rajant expands manufacturing in Rowan County, Ky.

Rajant Corp., a provider of wireless telecommunication equipment, plans a $2 million relocation and expansion in Rowan County, Ky. The project is expected to create 26 full-time jobs.


Cut-and-sew expands to Sanford, N.C.

Through6, a tech-enabled manufacturing solution that allows brands and merchants to have access to cut-and-sew apparel on an on-demand basis, is expanding its business to Sanford, N.C. Ramping up this summer, the new Through6 office and manufacturing facility will support the growth of 100 new jobs. Recently, the company said it pivoted its production to produce and fulfill face masks and other PPE coverings, enabling its customer/merchants to not only survive, but to achieve the strongest sales volumes in the company's history.

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